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Date: 26.01.2018

The Giants (1969)

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Brooklyn won the game , but New York won the series 6 games to 3. Game 1 of the series may have also witnessed the first ever seventh inning stretch. They won at home, The Giants, located in Manhattan, and their fans would come to represent wealth and success, while the Dodgers and their faithful were synonymous with the underdogs of the working class. The cultural differences between the respective supporters fueled much of the passion in the stands during the inter-city games.

League owners intervened and the issue was eventually resolved. He allowed a single in the 10th and lost the game in the 13th, Devlin was arrested and later paroled. New York won, Prior to becoming Brooklyn Manager, "Uncle Robbie" had been a Giants coach but was fired by "Little Napoleon", ending a year friendship. One example of their bitterness came in when McGraw left mid-game during a Robins victory on October 3rd that clinched the pennant.

McGraw said his players were laying down for Brooklyn while Robinson thought McGraw was jealous of his success. Robinson said that by leaving early, "He pissed on my pennant.

This race was the first truly great duel, lasting until the second-to-last day of the season. The Robins were to play the Giants at Ebbets Field that day to begin a 3-game series. Are they still in the league? After being told that Brooklyn may never be good again, a drunk and enraged Joyce left the bar, gathered two guns, and returned to kill the bartender William Diamond and customer Frank Harvey Krug. It was the first of two known incidents where homicide can be partly blamed on the rivalry.

The choice to use the airwaves to reach fans was the first of many innovations by Brooklyn executive Larry MacPhail that would soon shift the balance of power in the rivalry back to the Dodgers after years of Giants dominance. After being told by a reporter to "be nice" he responded with, "Nice guy?

Who wants to be a nice guy? Look over there at the Giant bench. Where would you find a nicer guy than Mel Ott? And where are they?

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In reality, he had chosen to retire prior to the trade, yet the story has nonetheless perpetuated ever since. On August 19, , the Giants announced they were moving to San Francisco. The Dodgers announced their move to Los Angeles on October 8th. LA embodied the Hollywood image - and all that comes along with that - while SF strove to be the progressive capital of the West. Both cities still compete for the economic and cultural crown of California.

The Dodgers swept all three in San Francisco to take over first place, where they finished. On October 3rd the Giants won game three, , after coming back from a deficit entering the ninth. The go ahead run came across on a bases-loaded walk to Jim Davenport by Stan Williams. The Dodgers clinched on the second-to-last day of the season.

Following a game on May 26th, Dodgers outfielder Reggie Smith went into the stands after a fan that had been throwing objects onto the field. Smith would again fight a Giants fan in the stands in , this time during the game. Smith was ejected and the instigator, Michael Dooley, was arrested. This loss dropped the Dodgers 3 games behind the Astros and cost them the chance to win the Division outright when they swept Houston in the final 3 games of the year. Instead, they were forced to play the Astros in a one game playoff, which they lost.

The Dodgers eliminated the Giants on the second-to-last day of the season, San Francisco did it again in with a win on the next-to-last day of the season, San Francisco was eliminated from the playoffs, despite winning games that season. The Giants then rode that momentum into the playoffs. It was in the first game of this series that Barry Bonds hit his record 71st home run of the season off Dodgers pitcher Chan Ho Park. This was the 2nd known murder due to the Dodgers-Giants rivalry, and hopefully the last.

The rally was capped by a walk-off grand slam by Steve Finley. The Giants finished second and were eliminated from the Wild Card the following day.

This incident brought more attention to safety at rivalry games than ever before, appalling the fans in both cities and it became a national media story.

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The following week, when Los Angeles began a three-game series in San Francisco, both teams joined together on the field in an unprecedented call for peace and civility from the fans. The Dodgers still had a chance at a Wild Card spot until the Giants spoiled their hopes with a win at Dodger Stadium on the second-to-last day of the season. SF won the Wild Card, marking the first time both the Dodgers and the Giants made it to the postseason in the same year.