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Date: 12.02.2018

A New York Knight (1958)

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Americas first satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral. This was also the year of the Munich air disaster on in which 7 Manchester United Players died.

More Information for Explorer 1 The U. Explorer 1 was first the satellite to be launched by the United States. The satellite successfully orbited Earth over 58, times before it re-entered the atmosphere in The success of the Explorer 1 satellite was an important milestone in the earliest years of the space race between the United States and Soviet Union. Syria and Egypt become politically unified with the creation of the United Arab Republic.

Both countries held referendums that month, allowing citizens in Syria and Egypt to vote on the matter.

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There were overwhelming majorities in both nations voting in favor of the creation of the United Arab Republic. The United Arab Republic was dissolved in September of when Syria declared itself independent after a military coup.

The satellite carried twelve experiments into space and its mission was to study the composition of the atmosphere and cosmic rays while orbiting the Earth. At the time, Sputnik 3 was the largest satellite ever launched and it weighed nearly pounds.

What Happened in 1958 including Pop Culture, Significant Events, Key Technology and Inventions

The submarine was captained by Commander William R. Anderson and carried 4 civilian scientists and officers and crew.

The submarine began its journey at Point Barrow, Alaska and traveled under the Arctic ice cap at a depth of about feet for over 1, miles.

After making it to the North Pole, the Nautilus kept traveling until it reached the Atlantic Ocean, stopping near Iceland.

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Expo 58 takes place in Brussels, Belgium. The site chosen for Expo 58 spanned about acres and was the same site of the Brussels International Expo. It featured several pavilions that showcased science, arts, architecture, engineering, and various countries along with their cultures and accomplishments.

The main attraction of the fair was the unusually shaped "Atomium" building. The flight was carrying 44 people when it crashed soon after take-off. Many of those on board were sports journalists and members of the Manchester United football team who were on their way home after having qualified for the semifinals in the European Cup. A total of 23 people died as a result of the crash, 8 of them were members of the Manchester United team.

The pilot of the flight survived and was later charged with negligence as it was originally believe that a build-up of ice on the planes wings had caused the crash. While there was some ice found on the wings it was determined that a build-up of slush on the runway was the major contributing factor in the crash as it stopped the plane from gaining enough speed for a proper take-off.

The crash was a tragedy, especially for sports fans, as the loss of several very young and talented players was devastating. It took Manchester United nearly 10 years to rebuild the team and in they went on to win the European Cup. The Hope Diamond is donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

More Information for the Hope Diamond 1. It remained in the hands of French rulers until the late s when it was stolen. It eventually ended up with the family of Henry Philip Hope until the early s. Pierre Cartier then acquired it, re-set it and sold it to U.

McLean kept it until her death in , after which Harry Winston purchased it. Winston showed the diamond at exhibits and events until he donated it to the Smithsonian where it has remained ever since. The integrated circuit, an essential piece of technology used in modern electronics, was created during September by Jack Kilby. Kilby, a newly-hired engineer at Texas Instruments, came up with the idea to miniaturize all of the parts of an entire transistor circuit and connect them all together, creating a smaller and easy to produce unit called an integrated circuit.

While Kilby was not the only person credited with the idea of an integrated circuit, he was the first to create a working model and file a patent for the technology. The creation of the integrated circuit led to much of the technology our modern computers and electronics are based on today.