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Tender Is the Night (1985)

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Plot summary[ edit ] Dick and Nicole Diver are a glamorous couple who take a villa in the South of France and surround themselves with a circle of friends, mainly Americans. Also staying at the resort are Rosemary Hoyt, a young actress, and her mother. Rosemary becomes infatuated with Dick and becomes close to Nicole.

Dick toys with the idea of having an affair with Rosemary. Rosemary senses something is wrong with the couple, which is brought to light when one of the guests at a party reports having seen something strange in the bathroom.

Tommy Barban, another guest, comes loyally to the defense of the Divers. The action involves various other friends, including the Norths, where a frequent occurrence is the drunken behavior of Abe North.

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Dick moves the blood-soaked body to cover up any implied relationship between Rosemary and Peterson. It is revealed that when a promising young doctor and psychiatrist, Dick had taken on a patient with an especially complex case of neuroses.

This patient was Nicole, whose complicated relationship with her father is suggested as the cause of her breakdown. As her treatments progress, she becomes infatuated with Dick, who in turn develops Florence Nightingale syndrome. He eventually determines to marry Nicole, in part, as a means of providing her with lasting emotional stability. Dick is offered a partnership in a Swiss clinic and Nicole pays for the entire clinic.

They start a brief affair which ends abruptly and painfully. He gradually developed a drinking problem. Nicole is becoming increasingly aware of her independence. She distances herself from Dick when his confidence and friendliness turns into sarcasm and rudeness towards everyone. His constant unhappiness over what he had been and what he could have been fuels his alcoholism and Dick becomes increasingly embarrassing in social and familial situations.

Nicole enters into an affair with Tommy Barban. Nicole divorces Dick and marries Barban. Composition[ edit ] Fitzgerald began working on a new novel almost immediately after the publication of The Great Gatsby in April His original plan was to tell the story of Francis Melarkey, a young Hollywood technician traveling on the French Riviera with his domineering mother.

Francis was to fall in with a group of glittering and charming wealthy American expatriates based on Gerald and Sara Murphy and some of their friends and gradually disintegrate, ultimately killing his mother.

The characters based on the Murphys were originally named Seth and Dinah Piper, and Francis was intended to fall in love with Dinah — an event that would help to precipitate his disintegration.

Fitzgerald wrote several chapters for this version of the novel in and , but was unable to finish it. Nearly all of what he wrote ultimately made it into the finished work in altered form. Characters created in this early version survived into the final novel, particularly Abe and Mary North originally Grant and the McKiscos.

Also, the sequence in which a drunken Dick is beaten by police in Rome was written in this first version as well with Francis as the beaten victim ; this was based on a real incident that happened to Fitzgerald in Rome in After a certain point, Fitzgerald became stymied with the novel. He and Zelda and Scottie returned to the United States after several years in Europe, and in Scott went to Hollywood to write for the movies.


There he met Lois Moran , a beautiful actress in her late teens, with whom he had an intense relationship. Moran became the inspiration for the character of Rosemary Hoyt. Fitzgerald supported himself and his family in the late s with his highly lucrative short-story output particularly for the Saturday Evening Post , but was haunted by his inability to progress on the novel.

Around he tried a new angle on the material, starting over with a shipboard story about a Hollywood director and his wife Lew and Nicole Kelly and a young actress named Rosemary. But Fitzgerald apparently completed only two chapters of this version. By the Fitzgeralds were again living in Europe. Zelda had her first nervous breakdown in early and was institutionalized in Switzerland. It soon became apparent that she would never fully recover.

Devastated by these blows and by his own unrelenting alcoholism , Fitzgerald had settled in suburban Baltimore by and had finally decided what he was going to write his novel about — a man of almost limitless potential who makes the fatal decision to marry a beautiful but mentally ill woman, and who ultimately sinks into despair and alcoholism when their doomed marriage fails.

He salvaged almost everything he had written for the Melarkey draft of the novel in some form or other and also borrowed ideas, images, and phrases from many short stories he had written in the years since completing The Great Gatsby.

This greatly distressed Fitzgerald and continued to puzzle him for the remainder of his life. Ernest Hemingway remarked that, in retrospect, "Tender Is the Night gets better and better" and felt that both he and critics had initially only been interested in dissecting its weaknesses, rather than giving due credit to its merits.