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Louis and the Oak (2001)

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History[ edit ] The school was established in , at the invitation of St. The Priory, which is a member of the English Benedictine Congregation , became independent of Ampleforth in , and was elevated to an Abbey in The founding headmaster was scholar and author Rev.

The history of the monastery and school was chronicled by founding monk and original headmaster Fr. In this history, Horner describes the initial contact with the interested St. Louis Catholic laymen, and explains the process of founding a new school in the English Benedictine Congregation. Students have the option to take up to 14 advanced placement courses. Honors classes begin with foreign languages in 8th grade, and in other disciplines beginning in high school. To graduate, students in their senior year must submit one of three types of theses: Students must also participate in service to the community in order to graduate.

The average ACT score for the class was a Louis Metro area [5] [6] and state of Missouri.

The Abbey Church was constructed in It is also known as the Church of St. Louis and the Priory Chapel. The arches appear to float upward from their grassy base. They are faced with dark insulated-fiberglass polyester window walls, which create a meditative translucency when viewed from within. The church holds a 14th-century sculpture of the Madonna and Christ child, a 17th-century holy font in the Della Robbia style, and modern sacred art by artists from the United States, Great Britain, Spain, and France.

These include the Record newspaper and Shield yearbook, opportunities to perform in theater and musical dramas, a Scholar Bowl academic competition team that participates in local and state tournaments, and student government. The Junior Engineering Technical Society [14] JETS hosts an annual competition, known as TEAMS , aimed at "challenging high school students in grades to work together as a team to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world engineering scenarios.

In , the team took second place at the St.

Civil War Missouri Timeline of Events

Louis Regional competition and in the team was again successful placing third. The team won the Excellence in Engineering award in and placed highly in the Kansas City and St. The school has a Calligraphy Guild to which students may apply, and after demonstrating a certain level of proficiency, they may earn the title of "Master.

Additionally, Priory hosts a student-led Sodality of Our Lady, a religious organization that fosters in its participants a closer personal and community relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Priory serves as one of two St. Louis-area sites [17] for AIM High, a program that offers an academic and personal enrichment program for motivated middle school students from high-risk environments.

The program involves Priory faculty members, parents, and students. In the fall, the school offers cross country, football, and soccer.

In the winter, the school offers basketball, ice hockey, and wrestling.

Students may choose to participate in the winter musical in order to fill their sports requirement. The ice hockey team is a club team that is not sponsored by the school or state. However, according to a rule change starting in the — school year, it now fulfills the sports requirement for the winter term.

Saint Louis Priory School - Wikipedia

In the spring, the school offers golf, track and field, tennis, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee. Although the school has racquetball and squash facilities, it does not field teams in these sports, nor does it have a swimming and diving team, as it once did.

In the winter of , the hockey team received a bid to play in the Wickenheiser Cup, a memorial tournament hosted by the Mid-States Club Hockey Association league and named for the late St. Louis Blues Center Doug Wickenheiser. Priory won the championship game, played at the Scottrade Center , giving the school its first state sports title since In November , the soccer Rebels again produced a perfect season, finishing and winning the Missouri State High School Class 2 championship with a victory over Trinity High School.

In so doing they became the only school in Missouri high school soccer history to twice post a perfect season, with no losses and no ties. The final team score was Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Civil War , Missouri had a pro-Union government, Saint Louis was a predominantly Union city, and most Roman Catholics in Missouri during the Civil War were pro-Union, so school supporters thought the Confederate identification was inappropriate.

The school has always said that the term "rebels" referred to the colonial rebels of the American Revolution. The students replaced the mascot of General Beauregard with a super-hero -style "Rebel Man".