The Underwater World (2007) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 13.02.2018

The Underwater World (2007)

We offer you to watch the movie The Underwater World (2007), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!


The exhbition was the largest and most impressive that BSoUP has ever organised occupying 7 x 3 metres and comprising 27 panels of prints by members and former members, a selection of books by members, recent newletters and a slideshow providing a brief history of BSoUP The finalists of the Festival will be displayed at the three-day Go Diving!

To enter the festival and to find out more, go to www. All we ask is that you provide a link on your website to http: If you can make the meeting, please get your drinks at the bar in time to start promptly at 8. However, since when he first picked up an underwater camera, his success as a professional underwater photographer has grown rapidly and taken him around the world many times.

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Tony contributes to 18 major global nature and diving magazines and his collection of awards continues to grow. The incident made the international news but Tony has always stressed the hit was an accident. Tony is well qualified to give us a briefing on how to photograph sharks.

All portfolios will be judged by the audience present. Please check the rules and entry details www. That sealed her fate and she was destined to work as a marine biologist.

Ali will be showing some beautiful shark images and explaining how BSoUP members can get involved in helping to save this precious and endangered creature from extinction. In addition to the display of prints there will be a slideshow presentation featuring a brief history of BSoUP.

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The presentation is illustrated with images by and of members, from its formation in November , by Peter Scoones and Colin Doeg, to the present day. The goliath grouper is the largest reef fish in the Atlantic, up to 2.

True to character, it was darting around its territory, making it almost impossible for Patrick to photograph. Held annually, the competition aims to find the most stunning and original wildlife pictures taken by photographers worldwide of all ages.

An exhibtiion of the winning and highly commended images opens on 26 October at the Natural History Museum in London. Annette is a a professional freelance photographer, photographing aquatic locations from a unique and often dramatic perspective by using diving and kayaking skills.

We hope to have the new projector calibrated and ready for use at our next meeting. If you are a BSoUP members and have not already done so, please send a passport type image of yourself - minimum size 45mm or pixels high and dpi. Please send your image as an e-mail attachment to Brian Pitkin by Monday 8 October at the latest.

Alex speaks about the fun and frustrations of travelling as an underwater photographer. For further details go to www. Linda is the author of four books featuring her underwater images - The Living Sea, Under Northern Seas, Coral fish and Journey under the Sea see Books and has contributed her images to numerous books and magazines.

She has recently started photographing British wild flowers. T-shirts will be available in navy blue or white with a white or blue BSoUP logo and the full name of the Society. Other items, sweatshirts and polo shirts, in navy blue with white BSoUP logo and name. Caps by special order! You can buy yours at any of the monthly meetings of the Society or contact Jane Morgan To order please contact Tel: