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Night of the Flowers (1972)

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History[ edit ] Formation and early career[ edit ] The Move were formed in December , and played their debut show at the Belfry, Wishaw on 23 January After a debut at the Bell Hotel in Stourbridge in January , and further bookings around the Birmingham area, Moody Blues manager Tony Secunda offered to manage them. Although Carl Wayne handled most of the lead vocals, all the band members shared harmonies, and each was allowed at least one lead vocal per show and often traded lead vocals within specific songs.

Wood wrote their first single, " Night of Fear ", a No.

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Without consulting the band, Secunda produced a cartoon postcard showing the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom , Harold Wilson , in bed with his secretary, Marcia Williams.

However, the Move had been un-nerved by their court experiences; they and the record label felt it unwise to pursue such a potentially controversial idea, so the single was shelved. We were always willing to be Secunda puppets". Bold as Love , sold poorly and failed to make the UK chart.

He turned the offer down, as he was still working toward success in the Idle Race , another Birmingham-based group. It was rumoured in the music press that Hank Marvin of the recently disbanded Shadows had been invited to join the Move. Some years later, Wayne recalled that to be nothing more than a publicity stunt; however, Marvin himself, in an article in Melody Maker in and elsewhere, has maintained that he was definitely approached by Wood and invited to join the Move, but declined because their schedule was too hectic for him.

Burton played bass with yet another Birmingham group, the Steve Gibbons Band , was one-third of the short-lived band Balls with Denny Laine and Alan White , and later fronted his own blues group as lead guitarist. Walsh, who specialised in cabaret acts, began booking the band into cabaret-style venues, which further increased the tension between Wayne and Wood.

As Bevan later said, the others felt "old before their time" when playing cabaret dates. By this point, Wood was openly discussing his desire to form a band playing more eclectic music, including both harder rock and classical instruments, which he tentatively dubbed " The Electric Light Orchestra ".

The album also featured a slightly slower, extended re-make of "Cherry Blossom Clinic", which finished with an extended instrumental section. Burton played bass on a couple of tracks as they had been recorded before he left, although this was not credited at the time. Well aware that Wood was intent on setting up his new, orchestral rock project, he suggested that Wood could concentrate on performing with his new band while continuing to write songs for the Move.

However, his suggestion was bluntly rejected by Wood, Bevan and Price, the other three members. After getting angry and embarrassed witnessing a fight between Wood and a drunken audience member in Sheffield, Wayne finally quit the group in January In , he replaced Allan Clarke as lead singer of the Hollies and performed with them as lead singer until his death from cancer in Soon after, the band toured Ireland and Germany Lynne narrowly avoided serious injury at his debut show when a faulty microphone touched his guitar strings and blew up.

In August , the group was the lead act at the Knighton Rock Festival, staged in the small Radnorshire town of Knighton.

For the rest of the year, the Move concentrated on studio work, because they still owed one more album under their existing contract with Essex Music David Platz -- which Essex Music was planning to use to set up its own record label, Fly Records. To prepare for their new direction, Wood and Lynne overdubbed multiple instruments, including piano, woodwinds, sitar, and a Chinese cello that Wood had bought. As a result, by the time Looking On was released in December , with five songs composed by Wood and two by Lynne, Fly Records had lost interest in it.

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Nevertheless, the album included a No. Price in fact was unaware that the Move were working without him, until he heard about new material being made in early He went on to pursue other projects, including the band Mongrel, although he later rejoined Wood in Wizzard and the short-lived Wizzo Band. He went to work in musical management, and also formed the duo Price and Lee with his wife, Dianne Lee, formerly of the duo , Peters and Lee. Final movement[ edit ] Although Wood, Lynne and Bevan had intended Looking On to be the final Move album, Harvest requested that the new group first release a new Move album, in the same vein as Looking On, as the first album under its new deal, with the other two albums to be credited to the new group, to re-coup the advance given to the band.

As a result, the band recorded the last Move album and the first Electric Light Orchestra album at the same time -- even during the same lengthy recording sessions due to all the overdubbing by Wood and Lynne. Although Wood himself as well as music critics continue to hold Message from the Country in high regard, [14] in Bevan referred to that album as his least favorite from the Move.

Bill Hunt horns, woodwinds, piano and a returning Richard Tandy guitar, bass. In , after the release of the first Electric Light Orchestra album, the Move released what turned out to be a farewell disc , a maxi single consisting of " California Man ", " Ella James " from Message, but a track originally planned by EMI to be their first single on the Harvest label and " Do Ya ".

Resurrection and break-up[ edit ] A one-off reunion occurred on 28 April , at the Loccarno in Birmingham, involving Wood, Bevan, and Kefford. Wood expressed extreme displeasure at that development.