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Men, Movies & Carol (1994)

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Richard Mallory, 51, Clearwater electronics shop owner. On December 1, , a deputy in Volusia County discovered an abandoned vehicle belonging to Richard Mallory. His body was found December 13, several miles away in a wooded area. Mallory had been shot several times, but two bullets to the left lung were found to have caused hemorrhaging and ultimately death.

Except for a baseball cap, Spears was nude. He had died of six bullet wounds to the torso. Charles Carskaddon, 40, part-time rodeo worker, body found June 6, , in Pasco County. The medical examiner found nine small caliber bullets in his lower chest and upper abdomen.

Troy Burress, 50, a sausage salesman from Ocala, was reported missing July 31, The body was substantially decomposed, but evidence showed he had been shot twice. Charles "Dick" Humphreys, 56, retired Air Force major, former police chief and Florida state child abuse investigator, body found in Marion County on September 12, The body was fully clothed, and had been shot six times in the head and torso. His body was nearly nude, and had been shot four times in the back and head.

Witnesses identified Tyria Moore and Aileen Wuornos as the two persons seen leaving the car where it ultimately was found. A palm print on the interior door handle matched that of Wuornos. Wuornos started killing men in and around Central Florida. She was living in the Daytona Beach area, but she hitchhiked along highways all over central and north Florida as a prostitute.

She claimed that the men who picked her up, beat or raped her and then she shot them in self-defense. She also robbed them. The first victim, Richard Mallory, was found dead in November of This is the only case that Wuornos actually stood trial for. The trial happened in DeLand. The body of David Spears was found. The body of Charles Carskaddan was found. Police found a car connected to man named Peter Siems.

His body was never found, but Wuornos confessed to the crime. Troy Buress, the fifth victim, was found dead. Dick Humphreys, the sixth victim, was found dead.

The body of Walter Gino Antonio was found. Wuornos confesses to one of the murders, saying it was self-defense. Arlene Pralle, a year-old "born-again" Christian and her husband legally adopted Wuornos. Wuornos went on trial for the Mallory murder. Wuornos was convicted of the murder of Richard Mallory.

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Wuornos received the death sentence. Wuornos was pronounced dead at 9: EDT, but the process of injecting lethal drugs into both of her arms started promptly at 9: A brown curtain was drawn back, and witnesses saw Wuornos turn to them, make a bizarre face, kind of smile, roll her eyes and turn away; she was strapped in completely, unable to move anything but her head, Metz reported.

It was very, very easy. It was a piece of cake. For years after her arrest, Wuornos claimed she was the victim. She killed these men to bring about the ultimate in control over their lives, which was to terminate it," Tanner said. Wuornos was allowed to make a final statement, and there was no time limit on it, but it probably took her only 30 seconds.

The year-old serial killer was pronounced dead at 9: She was executed for the killing of Palm Harbour, Fla. She requested a towel and washcloth to wash her face and freshen up," said prison spokesman Sterling Ivy before the execution.

Not as talkative as she has been in the past. A half-dozen anti-death penalty demonstrators were outside the prison, but were outnumbered by corrections officers. Wuornos was strapped to a gurney and hooked to two intravenous lines. Thirty-two witnesses watched as she was wheeled into the death chamber where an executioner pumped deadly chemicals into her system. She fired her attorneys and opposed appeals made on her behalf. Two appeals were turned down by the Florida Supreme Court Tuesday.

They both contended Wuornos was insane and not competent enough for her execution. In her final statement, Wuornos said: June 6, like the movie. Their executions will be delayed while the state supreme court considers the impact on Florida of a U. Supreme Court decision in an Arizona case. In Florida, juries make recommendations on the death penalty, but judges make the final decisions. Rigoberto Sanchez Velasco of Hialeah, Fla. Democrats contend Republican Gov.

Jeb Bush, who is running for re-election, was politically motivated when he signed the death warrants. Wuornos will be the first woman to be executed in Florida since Judy Buenoano was electrocuted March 30, Buenoano was known as the "black widow" for poisoning her husband, drowning her handicapped son and for trying to kill her boyfriend.

Buenoano was the first woman to be executed in Florida since a freed slave was hanged in The first known woman serial killer in history is thought to be Hungarian Countess Erzebet Bathory who was said to have killed more than people, most of them young girls, before she was found out.

She was imprisoned in one of her castles and died in October 9, Aileen Wuornos, the first woman ever to fit the FBI profile of a serial killer, was executed by lethal injection today.

Wuornos, 46, was pronounced dead from lethal injection at 9: She admitted guilt for the killings and went willingly to the execution chamber. After she was convicted and given six death sentences, Wuornos began screaming at the jury. She called the jurors scumbags and warned the judge that she would kill again. None of that stuff was true. I am totally sane. In prison, she was adopted by an evangelical Christian couple. She said her feelings had changed, and she felt the need to come clean about what she had done.

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In April, after Wournos served 10 years on death row, the Court agreed to allow her to fire her lawyers and drop all appeals. For her first slaying, Wuornos flagged down video repair shop owner Richard Mallory. She robbed him and shot him to death with a. Wuornos later confessed to killing Mallory and six more middle-aged white men. Prosecutors only charged her in six deaths, as the body of the seventh man she said she killed was never found.

In each murder, Wuornos followed the same pattern of flagging down men who were driving alone on or near Interstate 75, offering them sex for money, then shooting them.

At first, Wuornos said that she killed men in self-defense, but she later recanted. Girl Abandoned Wuornos was raised by her grandparents after she was abandoned by her mother as an infant. Her father, a convicted child molester, committed suicide in prison.

In its request, the "Florida Support" group argued that Wuornos was "borderline psychotic.

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Bush also stepped in, issuing a stay and ordering a mental exam, but Bush lifted the stay last week after three psychiatrists concluded that she understood she would die and why she was being executed. Wuornos showed no desire to delay her sentence before her execution. She said, that through death, she wanted to pay for the crimes that made her so notorious in life. Orlando Sentinel "Serial-killer Wuornos Executed.

Wuornos was put to death by lethal injection today at 9: Wuornos woke up at 5: Wuornos had confessed to killing seven men who picked her up as she hitchhiked along Florida interstates more than a decade ago. She never went to trial for the other killings but was condemned to death for five of them after pleading guilty or no contest. Her case created a media sensation in the years following her arrest, spawning movies, books, an opera and even a comic book pairing Wuornos with mobster John Gotti.

Nick Broomfield, a British filmmaker who made a documentary about Wuornos, said the condemned inmate cut short their interview Tuesday, claiming police were controlling her mind, making an obscene gesture and storming from the room. At The Last Resort, a Port Orange biker bar where Wuornos was arrested in , about two dozen patrons gathered Wednesday morning to await word of her death.

Shortly after the announcement of the execution, a couple of patrons toasted with bottles of Bud Light. AP -- Serial killer Aileen Wuornos was executed Wednesday, more than a decade after she murdered six men along central Florida highways while working as a prostitute. Wuornos, 46, became the 10th woman executed in the United States since the death penalty resumed in , according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

She was pronounced dead from lethal injection at 9: