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Life of a London Bobby (1903)

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They passed through Ellis Island, N. He had three wins and one loss, and he participated in a few staged charity bouts later in life. He also had a brief stint at Chandler Motor Car Company. In , while assisting his brother Jim in clearing trees for a power company, he was sitting atop a tree that crashed to the ground, crushing his face; the accident required Hope to undergo reconstructive surgery, which contributed to his later distinctive appearance.

Encouraged after they performed in a three-day engagement at a club, Hope formed a partnership with Lloyd Durbin, a friend from the dancing school. Within a year, Hope had formed an act called the Dancemedians with George Byrne and the Hilton Sisters , conjoined twins who performed a tap dancing routine in the vaudeville circuit.

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Hope and Byrne had an act as Siamese twins as well, and danced and sang while wearing blackface until friends advised Hope he was funnier as himself.

He began performing on the radio in , and switched to television when that medium became popular in the s. He began doing regular TV specials in , [16] and hosted the Academy Awards nineteen times from through The first was a comedy, Going Spanish The song " Thanks for the Memory ", which later became his trademark, was introduced in the film as a duet with Shirley Ross , accompanied by Shep Fields and his orchestra.

Lamour sometimes arrived for filming prepared with her lines, only to be baffled by completely rewritten scripts or ad lib dialogue between Hope and Crosby. Although the two invested together in oil leases and other business ventures, worked together frequently, and lived near each other, they rarely saw each other socially. After an year hiatus from the "Road" genre, he and Crosby reteamed for The Road to Hong Kong , starring the year-old Joan Collins in place of Lamour, who Hope and Crosby thought was too old for the part.

Most of his later movies failed to match the success of his s efforts. He was disappointed with his appearance in Cancel My Reservation , his last starring film, and the movie was poorly received by critics and filmgoers.

Hope was host of the Academy Awards ceremony 19 times from and His supposedly-feigned desire for an Oscar became part of his act. The writing staff eventually grew to fifteen.

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Standing between them is comedian Jack Benny. Hope did many specials for the NBC television network in the following decades, beginning in April He was one of the first people to use cue cards. The shows often were sponsored by General Motors —61 , Chrysler —73 , and Texaco — Both were seen by more than 60 percent of the U. However, the special received poor reviews.

Anti-war sentiment was high, and his pro-troop stance made him a target of criticism from some quarters. Some shows were drowned out by boos, others were listened to in silence. Entertainer of the Century. Hope sometimes recruited his own family members for USO travel. His wife, Dolores, sang from atop an armored vehicle during the Desert Storm tour, and granddaughter Miranda appeared alongside him on an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean.

This man drives himself and is driven. It is impossible to see how he can do so much, can cover so much ground, can work so hard, and can be so effective. He works month after month at a pace that would kill most people. He continued his interest and support, and regularly visited the facility when in London.

In , the theater was renamed in his honor. Hope was widely praised for his comedy timing and his specialization in the use of one-liners and rapid-fire delivery of jokes. His style of self-deprecating jokes, first building himself up then tearing himself down, was unique. Working tirelessly, he performed hundreds of times per year. His love for the game—and the humor he could find in it—made him a sought-after foursome member.

He once remarked that President Dwight D. Bush , and Bill Clinton , the only time three U. In , he bought a small stake in the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team [78] and held it for most of the rest of his life. The players would come onstage one-by-one and introduce themselves, then Hope, often dressed in a football uniform, would give a one-liner about the player or his school.

Tony, Dolores, and Linda. As Richard Zoglin wrote in his biography Hope: But at that time he was secretly married to his vaudeville partner Louise Troxell, after three years together on and off. I found divorce papers for Bob and Louise dated November , so either Bob Hope was a bigamist or he lied about marrying Dolores in February that year. More intriguing, there is no record anywhere of his marriage to Dolores, if it happened.

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And there are no wedding photos, either. But he never forgot Louise and quietly sent her money in her later years. Linda in , Tony , Kelly , and Eleanora, known as Nora Tony as Anthony J. Hope served as a presidential appointee in the George H. In , they lived in Manhattan. Entertainer of the Century, "Bob Hope had affairs with chorus girls, beauty queens, singers and showbiz wannabes up into his 70s. He had a different girl on his arm every night. He was still having affairs into his 80s Shortly thereafter, Hope set up Payton in an apartment in Hollywood.

Payton later revealed the affair in an article printed in July in the tell-all magazine Confidential. Spiro and Judy Agnew , Bob and Dolores Hope , Richard and Pat Nixon , Nancy and Ronald Reagan during a campaign stop for the Nixon-Agnew ticket in California, Hope, who suffered from vision problems for much of his adult life, served as an active honorary chairman on the board of Fight for Sight , a nonprofit organization in the United States which funds medical research in vision and ophthalmology.

Although he had given up starring in movies after Cancel My Reservation, he made several cameos in various films and co-starred with Don Ameche in the TV movie A Masterpiece of Murder.

That house was put on the market in late In , President John F. Kennedy awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal for service to his country. Military Sealift Command was named for the performer in It is one of very few U.

On May 28, , President George W. Special Award in recognition of his unselfish services to the motion picture industry 17th Academy Awards Special Award for his many services to the Academy 25th Academy Awards