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Date: 27.12.2017

Everyday Is Wednesday (2008)

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No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful Wednesday, December 31, The Best Comics of Comics, by the labor intensive nature of their creation, tend not to be the work of a calendar year.

Creators spend months or years creating them, and months are often spent serializing them in one format or another and then they come out in a trade format, likely in an entirely different year than when the creators first put pencil to paper.

Money is a factor, even though I do get quite a few review copies and get quite a few books from my local libraries, but time is an even greater factor. I mean it literally. These are what I consider the best comics. Not my favorite comics, not necessarily the ones I enjoyed reading the most, but the ones that I think are better than all the other ones. Okay so first, in no particular order, the ten best comics of the year.

No, scratch that, in alphabetical order, the ten best comics of the year. The Amazing, Remarkable Monsieur Leotard First Second by Eddie Campbell and Dan Best The nineteenth century ends and the twentieth century begins and Useless Etienne, successor of the more colorfully named acrobat who gives the book its title, and his pitiful circus troop are there for it all. This beautiful, full-color book is bursting with narrative curlicues branching off of the main story, and it also happens to be one of the funniest books I read this year.

Every Day Is Like Wednesday: 2008

And then I read it. Shaw follows every member of the extended Loony family through a few days at their house on the beach as they each come to terms with their relationships with one another, their individual pasts and their individual futures.

The story itself is epic in scope and exceedingly well told through observational details, but Shaw is hardly acting as a formalist here. He takes some big, ballsy risks with his storytelling, particularly on the design and craft level, and whether they all work out for the best or not, they certainly add to the excitement of the work.

Rees has an unfair advantage here in that respect, but it definitely belongs here. What I found myself most impressed with was the fact that the new version manages to recreate the strange tone of the original, even while telling a very different story. He fills the pages with highly cartoony figures and hurried, hand-written lettering, flowing all over the pages in panel-less but easy-to-read lay-outs. The subject is a trip he took to Venice, but the book ends up being a damn sweet love story that seems to unfold in real-time in several stretches.

Yes, the how-to sex book. Even though it had Wolverine in it. Neil Smith, Rex F.

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Pocket Full of Rain and Other Stories Fantagraphics by Jason Even before he started using anthropomorphic animals instead of humans for his characters, Jason was making great comics, as this anthology of his earlier work eloquently argues. Prince of Persia First Second by A. Phreak by Ed Piskor Skyscrapers of the Midwest AdHouse Books This series makes me really sad, but it also perfectly captures the specific sort of sadness one experiences as a child.

To repeat myself though, Pak and Van Lente have created a delicate balance between real world Greek mythology and Marvel Comics mythology, placing their superhero character astride the line between the two.

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The Brave and The Bold Vol. Segar I found this massive hardcover being discarded in a library book sale, and am still working my way through it, but one of the first things I read was the Thimble Theatre portion, which featured the above story.

Goddam is Wimpy freaking awesome. You should totally get it when it comes out. In a strange coincidence, Tom Spurgeon has a link to most of that sequence up at his site this morning January 1. Click on through it.