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The Last Traitor (1971)

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He seemed to all the world a student like any other. Having eloped while Riddle Snr was influenced by a Love Potion , the couple caused a great scandal among the villagers over the common unpopularity although for differing reasons of the two families.

Instead, Riddle Snr fled back to Little Hangleton in disgust, leaving his wife in a state of depression in which she gave up the use of magic. Spending the rest of her life as a pauper on the streets of London , Merope sold a few stolen Gaunt heirlooms in order to survive, and died moments after giving birth to and naming her son. During this time, the secret wizarding world to which Riddle unknowingly belonged developed new levels of anti-Muggle sentiment.

Around the time of his birth, for instance, the notorious Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald began launching his magical supremacist war on the European mainland, fueled by his quest to obtain all three of the legendary Deathly Hallows. With his army of followers and one of the Hallows, the Elder Wand which he stole from celebrated wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch , as protection, he aimed to overthrow the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy and subjugate Muggles under a new world order run by wizards.

In the s , historian Cantankerus Nott anonymously published the Pure-Blood Directory , which listed the 28 remaining pure-blood families in Great Britain , including the Gaunts.

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Many of these families considered themselves superior due to their blood status and looked down on " blood traitors " and " Mudbloods ".

The boy began attending Hogwarts himself later that year and was sorted into Slytherin House , where he proved to be an exceptionally gifted student. Although his unhealthy mental state worsened as he began his quest for domination, he simultaneously got better at concealing it and used his good looks and charm to ingratiate himself with his teachers with the notable exception of Dumbledore and classmates.

Many of them were taken in by his charisma, and by the start of his second year , Riddle was made leader of a like-minded gang of Slytherin boys known as the Knights of Walpurgis consisting of Antonin Dolohov , Nott , Rosier , Mulciber , Avery and Lestrange. The members of this gang, whom all came from wealthy pure-blood families, were involved in a number of nasty incidents during their school years, though he was careful to never become implicated in any wrongdoing and was generally held as a model student.

Over time, Riddle grew obsessed with discovering his magical ancestry. He came to the conclusion that his father must have been a wizard because his mother suffered death , a mysterious and terrifying fate he assumed powerful witches and wizards could avoid. When he could find no trace of any Riddles with magical blood, he was forced to accept that his father was a "filthy Muggle" and that the magically powerful could indeed die.

Enraged by this discovery, he rearranged the letters of his own full name "Tom Marvolo Riddle" to give himself a new one: Heir of Slytherin Harry Potter: Keep the name of a man who abandoned my mother when he found out that she was a witch? I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I became the greatest sorcerer in the world! This explained that his exceptionally rare ability to speak Parseltongue made him the "Heir of Slytherin", rumoured to be the sole person who could open the legendary Chamber of Secrets.

However, his most burning obsession remained the Chamber itself, the hidden entrance of which he spent the majority of his fifth year searching for despite most people insisting it was nothing but a myth. Entering the chamber, Riddle encountered the millennium-old Basilisk living inside and confirmed his connection to the historical dark wizard that bred it with his commands, which it obeyed.

However, this prompted Headmaster Armando Dippet and the Hogwarts Board of Governors to discuss closing the school in the interest of safety.

Faced with returning to the Muggle orphanage he so despised, Riddle abandoned the Chamber of Secrets and framed half- giant third year Gryffindor Rubeus Hagrid and his pet acromantula Aragog for the crimes. As a result, Hagrid was expelled with his wand snapped while Riddle was unjustly rewarded the Special Award for Services to the School. In a desire for revenge, he entered the Riddle House and used the Killing Curse to kill his father alongside his Muggle grandparents, Thomas and Mary , then framed Morfin for the crimes by placing him under the influence of a False Memory Charm.

Although reluctant at first, Slughorn nonetheless gave him an overview of such an experiment with the promise of keeping their discussion between only them. This apparently gave Riddle what he wanted to hear, and he used the murder of his own father to turn the ring into his second Horcrux. Thus, the defeated Grindelwald was imprisoned for life in his own prison Nurmengard , and peace was restored to the wizarding communities of continental Europe.

Around this time, Riddle graduated from Hogwarts and quickly applied for the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, which had just been vacated by Galatea Merrythought. Dumbledore, now a world-famous household name, argued against having him on the staff, so Dippet ended up cordially rejecting Riddle on the basis of being too young.

So he travelled there and retrieved it from a hollow tree, using the murder of an Albanian peasant he encountered along the way to turn the diadem into his third Horcrux.

Tasked with smooth-talking people into parting with their possessions for far less than the actual cost, he used his position to learn more about the Dark Arts and form a one-sided friendship with Hepzibah Smith , a wealthy old antiques collector descended from the Hufflepuff family who was attracted to him.

At some point between and [5] , Riddle visited her to negotiate the sale of a goblin-made suit of armour in her possession, which Hepzibah used as an opportunity to show him two of her most prized treasures: In a desire for gain, he used a little known poison to kill Hepzibah two days later, then framed her house-elf Hokey for the crime by placing her under the influence of another False Memory Charm.

As a result, Hokey was convicted of accidental manslaughter while Riddle resigned his post at Borgin and Burkes and disappeared without a trace, using the murders of Hepzibah and a Muggle tramp to turn the cup and locket into his fourth and fifth Horcrux respectively. I have experimented; I have pushed the boundaries of magic further, perhaps, than they have ever been pushed —" — Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort discussing the latters immersion into the Dark Arts [src] Now going exclusively by Lord Voldemort, Riddle laid low and travelled around the world.

Little is known of his activities during this period, though he explored the Dark Arts extensively, studying obscure and arcane magic and consorting with Dark Wizards. He underwent several transformations which made him more powerful and less human, and was occasionally accompanied by companions such as the Knights of Walpurgis, who became known as the " Death Eaters ".

Voldemort wearing a hooded cloak during the First War, as a possible means to invoke fear Voldemort devised a symbol called the Dark Mark which he magically branded onto the forearms of his followers, enabling him to summon them to his side. They began establishing relations with various kinds of dark creatures, including Giants and Werewolves.

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Though the Death Eaters were generally even less tolerant of them than wizarding society in general, these creatures were receptive of their violent and destructive goals.

Dark activity throughout Britain rose, and Voldemort began surreptitiously killing poor and homeless Muggles whose absences would not be noticed with his followers so that he could reanimate their corpses with Necromancy until he had an army of Inferi. In the wider British wizarding world, the early actions of the Death Eaters were almost totally unknown, and the s were a time when the tide of social progress clashed with the entrenched social order.

Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful since the Ministry refused to lift it. In , Minister for Magic Ignatius Tuft was forced out of office for promising to institute a controversial Dementor breeding programme for Azkaban.

He was replaced by Nobby Leach , who became the first Muggle-born ever to hold the Minister position, leading senior members of the Wizengamot to resign in protest. Why the Muggles Prefer Not to Know , which posited actual theories about why Muggles continued to be unaware of magic, rather than just assuming them to be stupid, ignorant beasts.