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Date: 21.10.2017

So You Want to Be a Salesman (1947)

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Then there was Joe Isuzu, fictional spokesman for Isuzu cars and trucks in the late 80s and early 90s and again briefly in the early s , as played by David Leisure from Empty Nest. He would frequently make outrageous claims about the car he was pitching which would then be immediately contradicted by captions at the bottom of the screen.

Dedede gave him nearly episodes worth of payback when they finally meet personally. As she said in another episode: Whose side are you on? Only later we learn his true purposes, but until then, he sells everything from weaponry to cosmetics to ship drive boosters. In the manga and anime series Area 88 , the base quartermaster McCoy is a prime example of this, stocking everything from toilet paper to nuclear weapons.

Lina Inverse of Slayers qualifies. Even her normally easy-going traveling companion is floored by that one. The same exchange occurs in the original light novel; Lina justifies herself to Gourry, saying that the extreme paranoia with which the buyer conducted himself refusing to even specify which item he wanted to purchase until he was actually handing her the money piqued her curiosity, so she deliberately named outrageous prices so that the buyer would buzz off long enough that she could have a closer look to find out what was so damn important about three valuable, but otherwise unremarkable, tchotchkes.

Not that she would have complained if the buyer had actually ponied up Referenced in the first episode of A Certain Magical Index: In the Tintin series, our eponymous hero meets Mr. Oliveira da Figueira, a gent who manages to sell him a whole lot of junk, including a pair of skis with poles, in a desert. Depending on the specific translation, Tintin sometimes even points out that it was Figueira that got conned. Played for laughs with Manolito from the Mafalda comic books. In Alan Ford , the never-seen Bing and perhaps his brother is such a dealer.

Sir Oliver is only ever seen conducting business with him over the phone, and then not buying but selling stuff fallen from the back of well, everyone. There was an Archie comic where Archie bought a snowmobile from a place like this to impress Veronica, and it was likely the worst model they had. Reggie actually went back to the dealer who was still smug because he thought he had conned Archie and pleaded for a similar "deal". Other issues of the comic-book also featured false advertisement pages.

Issue 1, for instance, included ads for an " Ironed Man " suit of armor and courses in a martial art called "Yubewasted" that would allegedly allow its practitioners to take out opponents with just one finger.

Ha, ha, guess what! I just unloaded that piece of crap Orcs at the Gates! Weird Pete and his customers are regular targets of sharp dealing from game publisher Hard Eight Enterprises.

Comic Strips Honest Ed from Garfield. As Garfield observes, his office is in a pickup truck with the engine running. Peter occasionally takes this role in B. Elvis Zimmerman in Piranha Club is one of them. Sid, too, who runs a shady real estate business. Dogbert tries his hand at this in Dilbert and unsurprisingly discovers he is quite good at it.

This one used to belong to Carlos the diamond smuggler. It drives well, but corners a little off, almost as thought it has something heavy hidden in the door panels. A typical Abdul strip will have him reflecting that no-one will buy his latest product, then a Gilligan Cut to Dennis proudly showing it to a disbelieving Peep.

Fan Works Dungeon Keeper Ami: Nicodemus Asbraxe sells products of possibly violent and criminal providence. They did not ask pointed questions about where a particular object came from, or why there was blood splattered all over it. Similarly, in the Disney Hercules , when Hercules lands in Thebes, a man appears, opens his vest, and says "Wanna buy a sundial?

James Woods even modeled Hades after a used car salesman.

SparkNotes: Death of a Salesman: Context

An American Tail actually has a character named Honest John. However, he is more of a Loveable Rogue politician trying to get people to vote for him. Including dead people in other words, he symbolizes the political machines of The Gilded Age. Leo, played by Jerry Lewis , runs a Cadillac dealership in Arizona, to which he unsuccessfully tries to recruit his nephew Axel to be his salesman. It was a real used-car salesman who was being filmed, and thought it was a documentary, not a parody of one.

The salesman declared "I just feel bad I wasted three hours of my time for bucks. And I had nothing to do with selling him an ice cream truck. Ironically, that Camaro turns out to be Bumblebee, a very awesome Humongous Mecha One of the droids sold, R5-D4, had a defective motivator and was sold to the Skywalkers as-is as if it were a good droid.

Watto from The Phantom Menace is similar to the Jawas, except that he stays in one town with a permanent storefront. A few Expanded Universe sources go so far as to say he learned most of the tricks of the Trope from them. The Hutts are turned into this in the Understandable due to the Law Of Unequal Returns, but that part is never mentioned.

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Flash Harry in the St. Ferdy the Fence in the movie version of Stardust. I can get you one of them, actually. Very good guard dogs. They can watch the back and the front door at the same time. The Robin Williams movie Cadillac Man. His goods may be a quite a bit more high dollar than your average Honest John, but Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 certainly has the attitude down pat as well as the cluster of malfunctions , if the videos from the Senate Briefing at the beginning are any good sign.

Max is too canny for the man and escapes with his pocketbook intact.

The father of the bicyclist hero in Breaking Away was a used car dealer like this. He told one customer that the reason the car he was test-driving had stalled was that it had premium gasoline in its tank instead of regular, and had a heart attack at the possibility of giving a refund for a crappy car.

The Three Stooges got in on this more than once. It had a truly comical line from Moe: Humorously averted by Leo Getz in Lethal Weapon 3. His business becomes much more successful after he vows to start treating his customers completely fairly and honestly. During the contract signing scene, he has no trouble admitting his sleaziness to Wonka.

Inverted in the film Never Say Die, where the car salesman honestly admits all the vehicles faults, and manages to procure a sale because of this honesty. The main antagonist of the film It Takes Two is the CEO of Denver luxury car company "Trovare", who sells pretty literal knock-off Lamborghinis as in, " they fall apart after driving them for four miles after selling them and were built with sub-sub-standard parts" kind of literal and uses every delaying tactic to mooch time and money from people trying to get them fixed and swindled to avoid buying the warranty, on top of every other expensive extra.

The true CMOT Dibbler is, if nothing else, an excellent salesman for his ability to continue selling his horrible products, even after everyone knows just how bad they are. Reluctant world traveler Rincewind has remarked that if CMOT Dibbler ever shook hands with one of his international doppelgangers, there would probably be some sort of explosion. In the Discworld Companion, the author explains that "Wherever people are prepared to eat terrible food, there will be someone there to sell it to them.

One who does fit the bill is Mr. The tinkering with the cars differs between the book and movie. In the movie, such criminality attracts the attention of the FBI, who intend to put Wormwood in the slammer.

Ironically, one of the episodes of Arthur reveals that he hates liars. Subverted in The Crying of Lot 49 with Mucho Maas, who — during his time spent as a used car salesman — was terrified of becoming one of these and developed a psychosomatic allergic reaction to pencil shavings and a fear of checked suits. The car dealership where the Joads buy their car in The Grapes of Wrath. An unusual example in which this is not played for comedy.