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Pierce Brosnan Rene Russo (1999)

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He lived in Navan , County Meath for 12 years and considers it his home town. When he was four years old, his mother moved to London to work as a nurse. From that point on, he was largely brought up by his grandparents, Philip and Kathleen Smith. After their deaths, he lived with an aunt and then an uncle, but was subsequently sent to live in a boarding house run by a woman named Eileen. According to Brosnan, Childhood was fairly solitary.

I grew up in a very small town called Navan in County Meath.

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I never knew my father. He left when I was an infant and I was left in the care of my mother and my grandparents. To be Catholic in the s, and to be Irish Catholic in the s, and have a marriage which was not there, a father who was not there, consequently, the mother, the wife suffered greatly. My mother was very courageous. She took the bold steps to go away and be a nurse in England.

Basically wanting a better life for her and myself. My mother came home once a year, twice a year.

From a little school of, say, seven classrooms in Ireland, to this very large comprehensive school, with over 2, children. And they make you feel it; the British have a wonderful way of doing that, and I had a certain deep sense of being an outsider.

It was a stepping stone into another life, away from a life that I had, and acting was something I was good at, something which was appreciated. That was a great satisfaction in my life. He became a television star in the United States with his leading role in the popular miniseries Manions of America.

Jennifer Love Hewitt played his daughter. The pilot never aired, however. Broccoli said, "if he can act After the legal issues had been resolved, Dalton decided not to return for a third film. On 7 June , Brosnan was announced as the fifth actor to play Bond. In , Brosnan appeared for his fourth time as Bond in Die Another Day , receiving mixed reviews similarly to the former two, but was a success at the box office.

Brosnan himself subsequently criticised many aspects of his fourth Bond movie. During the promotion, he mentioned that he would like to continue his role as James Bond: Six would be a number, then never come back. Shortly after the release of Die Another Day, the media began questioning whether or not Brosnan would reprise the role for a fifth time. At that time, Brosnan was approaching his 50th birthday. Brosnan kept in mind that both fans and critics were very unhappy with Roger Moore playing the role until he Moore was 58, but he was receiving popular support from both critics and the franchise fanbase for a fifth instalment.

For this reason, he remained enthusiastic about reprising his role. In , Brosnan starred in the Bond game Everything or Nothing , contracting for his likeness to be used as well as doing the voice-work for the character.

Garreth Murphy, of entertainment. He starred as Julian Noble, a jaded, neurotic assassin who meets a travelling salesman Greg Kinnear in a Mexican bar. The film garnered generally positive reviews. The film was released for limited screenings on 26 January to average reviews. Kevin Crust of the Los Angeles Times noted that Brosnan and Neeson made "fine adversaries;" [52] Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter thought that they were "hard-pressed to inject some much-needed vitality into their sparse lines.

He was originally set to narrate for both US and UK from Season 12 and onward, but withdrew from it for unknown reasons. The Lightning Thief , both released in Here We Go Again in An announcement was made that Brosnan and director Martin Campbell will team up once again for a film adaptation of an Ernest Hemingway novel, Across the River and into the Trees , in which Brosnan will play the role of the protagonist, Colonel Cantwell.

After Brosnan left school, he pursued a career in art and began working as an illustrator. I started as a Trainee Artist in a small studio in South London. Personal life[ edit ] Brosnan married twice, was widowed once and has five children and three grandchildren.

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They married on 27 December and had one son together, Sean , who was born on 13 September They lived with her children, Charlotte and Chris, and after their father Dermot Harris died in , he adopted them and they took the surname Brosnan. An episode of Remington Steele that was filmed in Ireland generated significant publicity. One outcome was that Brosnan met his father, who had left when Brosnan was an infant, in a brief get-together at his hotel. Brosnan said he expected to see a very tall man, but described his father as "a man of medium stature, pushed-back silver hair, flinty eyes and a twizzled jaw.

He had a very strong Kerry accent. He said he would have preferred more private arrangements that would have given him the opportunity to speak privately with his father. She was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died on 28 December at age Your timetable and reference for your normal routines and the way you view life, all this changes.

And it was that way through the chemotherapy , through the first-look operation, the second look, the third look, the fourth look, the fifth look. Cassie was very positive about life. I mean, she had the most amazing energy and outlook on life. It was and is a terrible loss, and I see it reflected, from time to time, in my children.

In , Brosnan was also awarded an honorary degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology [] and, a year later, the University College Cork. Brosnan said that "my Irishness is in everything I do. At the end of the day, you have to have something and for me that is God, Jesus, my Catholic upbringing, my faith God has been good to me.

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My faith has been good to me in the moments of deepest suffering, doubt and fear. It is a constant, the language of prayer I might not have got my sums right from the Christian Brothers or might not have got the greatest learning of literature from them but I certainly got a strapping amount of faith.

In he said "I also love the teachings of Buddhist philosophy.