Pickles, Art and Sauerkraut (1914) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 14.10.2017

Pickles, Art and Sauerkraut (1914)

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Fermentation Basics — Sauerkraut and a variation November 25, by Amanda 43 Comments Sometimes cabbage looks like leather. This is my leathery cabbage pet. I also think sauerkraut is a gateway ferment.

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Then they realize how simple and delicious, how fun it is and they go to town. I really like it, but it tends to be a seasonal treat for me. Its salty tang inevitably brings delicious memories of Christmas Eve eve yes, two eves to mind: As with every ferment I make regularly, I like to tweak the recipe whenever I make it.

With sauerkraut, I usually prefer caraway over juniper and I generally use mustard seeds if I have them on hand. Remove the swanky outer leaves before you start. When I heard Sandorkraut speak at the Free Library in June, he mentioned talking to someone who included mashed potatoes in her sauerkraut. Never done it before. As always, use your discretion. Like it to remind of you of gin? Add a few juniper berries. Add some sliced or pureed ginger or a load of garlic!

Use good salt if you can!

Fermentation will give you all those good minerals. This recipe is for one quart jar. My usual quantity is about 8 lbs of cabbage other ingredients adjusted proportionally , which makes a gallon.

You can find the sweet potato variation below the basic recipe. Cut out the core or not and rinse your cabbage well. Remove 1 or more yucky outer leaves. Reserve one, if you want. It generally takes a bit longer to ferment than green cabbage. Slice cabbage according to your preference. Smaller pieces will require less time to release their liquid, larger pieces will take a bit longer and need more massaging. I sometimes slice by hand, sometimes with the grater blade of my beloved Cuisinart and sometimes with the slicer blade.

This is completely a question of preference. Put the sliced cabbage into a large bowl. Salted cabbage, releasing its liquid. Massage the hell out of your cabbage.

You want it to release its liquid and change texture a bit. If you have weak or arthritic hands or are just a lazy person, you can let your salted cabbage sit for 10 minutes.

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That will get the cabbage to start releasing its juices, and make your squeezing efforts easier. You want to see A LOT of liquid before you pack your kraut into its fermenting vessel 6. Get your clean wide-mouthed jar and a wooden spoon and start packing!

Push that kraut in there as much as you can. You want to end up with an inch of space at the top of your container. You want your cabbage to be completely covered in its own juice. Just press a large piece of leaf into the jar until it fits above the kraut and below the jar ridge.

The leaf can be composted after fermentation has transformed your kraut. You can also add a tiny bit of liquid from another, healthy ferment older sauerkraut, kimchi, ginger beer starter, etc to get things bubbling.

This is especially helpful in the winter when your space might be chillier than usual, but it is in no way necessary. Use a jar filled with water, a boiled rock, a plastic bag filled with leftover kraut juice or some other weight to keep your kraut below the surface of the liquid. If the weight protrudes over the jar rim, cover with a cloth secured with a rubber band. Place your jar on a small plate, in a place outside of direct sunlight. Be aware that if you forget to do this you will likely get mold.

You can totally skim it and toss it, but it does freak some people out. Feel free to taste along the way and find your perfect acidity level and texture. Mark it down for next time.

Pickles olives and sauerkraut are high in what mineral

When you like the way it tastes, remove the weight, put a tight lid on it and stick it in the fridge. See how my top layer is sweet potato? Sweet potatoes are much harder to submerge than cabbage! Raw potatoes are unsafe to eat, even fermented.