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Boswell Sisters (1933)

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Helvetia was born in Birmingham, Alabama.

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As their older brother Clydie began breaking away from classical music to study jazz, he introduced his sisters to the new syncopated style [10] and to many of the young jazz players in New Orleans. Hardy and Clydie both died young and unrecorded, Hardy of tuberculosis at age 22 and Clydie of flu-related complications at After becoming interested in jazz, Vet took up the banjo and Connie the saxophone.

Martha continued playing the piano but focused on the rhythms and idioms of ragtime and hot jazz. Career[ edit ] The sisters came to be well known in New Orleans while still in their early teens, making appearances in local theaters and on the emerging medium of radio.

By the early s they were performing regularly at local vaudeville theaters, with an act that combined classical, semiclassical , and jazz styles—though, as their popularity increased, the classics faded into the background.

The sisters performed as they would for virtually their entire career: Martha and Connie seated at the piano, with Vet close behind. A childhood bout with polio and a go-cart accident are the two main hypotheses, and Connie backed up both of them in various media sources.

One theory holds that Meldania crafted the go-cart accident story in order to spare her daughter the stigma attached to the disease. Customer reviews: The Boswell Sisters Collection, Vol. 5, 1933-36

After going on tour with a vaudeville company, through Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, the sisters landed in Los Angeles in They appeared on radio programs and recorded music to be dubbed into films.

However, the Boswell Sisters did not attain national attention until they moved to New York City in and started making national radio broadcasts. The trio had a program on CBS from to These Brunswick records are widely regarded as milestone recordings of vocal jazz. Melodies were rearranged and slowed down, major keys were changed to minor keys sometimes in mid-song , and unexpected rhythmic changes were par for the course.

They were among the very few performers who were allowed to make changes to current popular tunes; during this era music publishers and record companies pressured performers not to alter current popular song arrangements. Connee also recorded a series of more conventional solo records for Brunswick during the same period. The Boswell Sisters appeared in films during this time.

The song was also featured in the show Boardwalk Empire , S5: They also completed two successful tours of Europe, appeared on the inaugural television broadcast of CBS , and performed on Hello, Europe, the first internationally broadcast radio program.

They were featured in fan magazines, and their likenesses were used in advertisements for beauty and household products. The Andrews Sisters started out as imitators of the Boswell Sisters. Young Ella Fitzgerald loved the Boswell Sisters and in particular idolized Connee, after whose singing style she patterned her own. The last recording was February 12, Connie Boswell continued to have a successful solo career as a singer for Decca.

She changed the spelling of her name from Connie to Connee in the s, reputedly because it made it easier to sign autographs.

When she tried to get involved with the overseas USO tours during World War II, she was not given permission to travel overseas because of her disability.

The Ditty Bops have covered Boswell Sisters songs in concert. Caffeine Trio from Brazil, also claims to have been influenced by them. London harmony trio, The Haywood Sisters, have also recorded some Boswell Sisters hits and are hugely influenced by their style. The show was a hit with audiences and a critical success, but failed to be picked up for a much hoped-for Broadway run.