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Date: 02.09.2017

Angel Spit: Part 2 (2007)

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The operating room staff were rushing around me on the table while I watched from a corner of the ceiling above them on the other side of the room. I felt remarkably calm and just interested in the technical aspects of what they were doing. Interesting, and wondering why they were making such a fuss really. Then a bright white light grew brighter above me to the left, like a distant torch approaching and getting brighter.

But it was square, not round. Drawn like iron filings to a weak magnet I seemed to move towards it, float is to imprecise an adjective, and realized that the light was coming from a square corridor that I was entering. No panic or fear, just curious. Moving up the slight gradient as if walking. Annoying silence all around, but a calm atmosphere. It was located at Haaga central square.

I was led in a corridor, which was flooded by an immense overflow of light - I cannot describe it better. Suddenly there was an immensely brilliant light, which came off one of the ground floor apartments. There was a friendly but extremely authoritative male voice, which said I must tell everything. Suddenly I was in hospital, hanging off from the ceiling not unlike a bat.

I fell on the bed in my body. NDE due to heroin overdose. All I remember is that I had gotten to the middle divider and stepped halfway up before I felt a force pull me into a direction leaving me in the dark momentarily.

A car going forty-five mph struck my body and I could sense the projection occurring before it happened. I could protect myself throughout the accident while learning I could see myself being pulled to a safe place. That is why I feel an angel of some sort was also involved.

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While lying on the hot burning pavement some people tried to help me and all I could see was how my life flashed in front of me an image of me not walking and of dying in the hospital. NDE due to being struck by car. The next thing I remember is being on the ceiling looking down at my body. My thoughts were light not deep. It was very peaceful everywhere. I felt very safe and secure. I could hear the birds outside. I was aware of everything around me. Yet, I was at the ceiling looking down at my body.

I heard my grandfather come in the front door. I heard the door close. He called my name. When he saw me on the bed, he yelled my name. He began shaking me violently by my shoulders.

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He was crying and asking me what happened. I could feel his fear, but I had none. NDE due to injury from horse at age sixteen. I was only five years old but I can still hear the words and see the intense bright light and the red blood on the little body below as I watched them from above. NDE at age five, fifty-six years ago, during tonsillectomy. I knew that this had to be the Book of Life that I had heard about as a youth and that if my name did not appear in it I would have to go to hell.

This was very serious indeed but as I stood there, the book closed. That did not seem to be a very good sign and I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to go to hell because I had had plenty of opportunities to change but now it was too late. Before any sort of trap door opened up to send me to hell I was taken to a second table just like the first one except this book was closed.

I was somewhat confused as to what this second book was all about when suddenly it opened up and this scene was a repetition of the first scene.

This entire second book made no sense at all as I had only heard of one book but it at least seemed to be a delay in what I already knew was about to happen. NDE associated with severe auto accident. I was choking on a piece of candy I was given. It was early morning.

Everyone had been asleep. I woke my family up choking. No one knew what to do. No one could help. I passed out on the floor in the kitchen, my family around me. Suddenly I was looking down at my body.

I felt so peaceful. No fear just peace. Suddenly I was in my body again. I sat up coughed and the candy dislodged.

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Original in Spanish, translated to English by Carol. The bus derailed and in the fall I banged my head. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw a very intense blue light. After I saw it far away, I started to pass through a tunnel. At the same time I was walking, I was remembering all the moments I lived with my brother.

When I reached again the light, I went through it again and I saw my brother he died four years ago. I hugged him and after crying for some minutes, he looked at me and told me that I had not to cry for his death. That he died because it was his time and I had to live without laments. That he was fine there and that he was always taking care of me from that place.

Met her dead brother who said he was looking after her. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Eva and Carol. It was pure energy, the force, the love, the life - I was already home The sensations are indescribable as we are very limited in this life; over there, was an unknown world of new sensations opening up - of understanding of what, up until then, has not been understood by you, and you do love, my God, how you love I felt as if someone approached to receive me, until I felt his presence directly in front of me.

As if with a human form but without a physical body, everything was light and energy and love, and we communicated perfectly, not speaking but with thought and the mind. I started to be aware of more beings like him that surrounded us and received me. I could not be contained in my joy and contentment; everything was peace and harmony and I began fully to inhabit that space which was mine.

NDE owing to allergic reaction to penicillin. The Guide then took me to a room no walls etc. There were around eleven people walking around in a circle pacing as if they were following the first guy. He came up to what seemed to be a glass wall and said help me. So I tried to go there but the Guide said I was not allowed only he can save himself. Then we returned to the library. I heard Jesus speaking in the room to the side.

I quickly ran to him but could not go through. I was very angry not to be allowed to be with Jesus. As I stood there, someone grabbed my wrist and when I turned my head, I saw a huge figure standing as if made up of golden energy. I then knew the figure to be God.

He was very loving yet very stern. Saw Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. I remember dreaming of a dark space and I saw people dressed in bright white and the feeling of I had a job to do.

A job that was important in the grand design of things. A job that God gave me.

But I had so many questions. I then felt like if someone was pulling me by the back of my shirt and I felt like I was falling and I heard my husband calling me, but he seemed so far away. Then I felt him smacking me telling me to wake up.

When I opened my eyes I asked him why he woke me up, I was dreaming? He yelled at me and said that I was in the train station. NDE due to blood loss associated with miscarriage.

Two NDEs in one day. You must never stop trying.