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Date: 26.09.2017

Aamu-TV (1997)

We offer you to watch the movie Aamu-TV (1997), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

I learned how to distillate floral waters and how to extract the blue azulen oil from chamomile water. A huge passion for cosmetics and sciences started and I learned everything about cosmetics, chemistry and dermathology. When I was 8-years old I created my first cake-mascara and a high quality lipstick! In those days I lived in southern Sweden with my family in a little town called Veddige.

In the school my reputation as a cosmetic creator spread and I earned pin money by selling cosmetics for my friends. In year I had a summer job as a concreter and every penny I earned I spent on empty make-up cases and perfume bottles I bought from Italy.

All my friends thought that I must be crazy spending all my money on empty bottles and chemistry equipments. When they bought mopeds and other technical stuff and I invested in my future.

In those days I already dreamed of my own cosmetic company and that is the dream which came true in november ! After I finished the school I started my first cosmetic business called FinnHerbe Bio-Cosmetics but after a year I had to close the business because it was too hard and expensive to keep the shop and to create new products at the same time.

I had no time to rest at all. The upcoming years I worked as a deejay, garden worker, youth leader and in many other places. In those times I started to study perfume chemistry and to train my scent memory. It took me about 8- years to learn all those important methods in fragrance creation and to learn how to create new, original fragrances by using your scent memory and intuition as guidance. You actually have to smell the finished product in your mind before you have even started to create it.

My scent memory separates most of the chemicals in a perfume compound and I can start to recreate the composition.

Käännöskukkasia TV-ohjelmissa ja leffoissa

You can only imagine the joy when you have cloned a famous scent within a couple of days someone has worked on in many years!

To steal others creations is not professional! I created my first high-quality mascara for allergical customers. All women loved it and still ask me for it.

I closed the part-time business in year The reason was that I had to invest all my personal money on the business and I had no money left for living. My problem was that I had the gift to create cosmetics but I had no money resources to make a successful business of it.

I had no computer, no web site and internet that is the key to get business contacts in these days. To create cosmetics is very expensive, raw-materials, packages, marketing, formulating and testing takes a lot of money and it was not easy to get financial help in this little town.

Times has changed and I finally started my own cosmetic business Max Joacim Cosmetics in november !

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In the past 3-years I have studied information technology and business and I have made a lot of new contacts with international raw-material and packaging suppliers which made it possible for me to start my own business. I also made important contacts worldwide with other people in the beauty business and they have given me support and advices in how to make everything work.

In my hometown the business advicers has finally paid some positive attention for my business idea and they have supported me a lot. I especially want to thank the people in Helsinki for their huge support and for opening the markets for my products! During the past 3-years I have also made a lot of investments in raw-materials, bottles, packaging and laboratory equipments.

It made it easier for me to start as a self employeed. It took so many years of sweat and tears to come to this point that I will never give up. At the moment my predictions are good and my business has allready started to grow. In the beginning the web shop offers high-quality cosmetics for customers in Finland but if everything solves out in the way I have planned I will expand the market to an international level in year My target is to make my company international since a lot of people from USA and China has asked for my perfumes Click to expand I live in the middle of Finland in a beautiful little town called Viitasaari.

My occupation is a cosmetic chemist and perfumer.