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Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave: Part 2 (1998)

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Recess focused on six elementary school students and their interaction with other classmates and teachers.

In many respects, it serves as an animated knock-off of prisoner-of-war movies such as The Great Escape The main characters were: Detweiler, the leader of the gang and the one who comes up with the Zany Scheme. Vince LaSalle, the sportsman. Ashley Spinelli, usually referred to by her last name, who was the "toughest kid in school". Mikey Blumberg, the very tall yet good-hearted poet.

Gus Griswald, the new kid at Third Street. The series was also well known for its large Periphery Demographic , due to every episode having at least one Parental Bonus. Please put all tropes relating to the movie there. In , the film and the show itself was followed up with a Direct-to-Video sequel and finale, Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. While the actual series and Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade is currently available on Netflix. This animated series provides examples of: He was edited into the picture book adaptation, though.

Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Later on, she calls Miss Grotke "Miss Gratke". Third V, that is—constantly gets mistakenly called "Mr. Fifth" by adults trying to kiss up to him. The episode "Here Comes Mr. Perfect" introduces a new student named Jared. He comes up with better plans than T. Achilles in His Tent: Upon seeing a younger student a. And even, out of all characters, Spinelli when she devotes a cult revolving around Swinger Girl. Adults are often the antagonist, although they are mostly a recurring obstacle with some exceptions.

Subverted in The Movie , where all of the teachers show up to help fight the bad guy and his Mooks. There were some exceptions to this, notable the single-episode teachers Mr. Adults Dressed as Children: The episode "The Spy who Came into the Playground" involved said spy disguising as a year-old to get into the school.

Mostly in the earlier episodes, and then sometimes after the first season. Season six cranked them Up to Very commonly used by the main six. All There in the Manual: Some info includes that: Hank, who turns out to be a mathematics genius. The Ashleys, with Ashley A. The fifth grader with a blue shift and brown curly hair also may qualify. In her only speaking appearance she complimented Gretchen on her appearance You can spot some Animation Goofs in the series, such as Gus apparently showing up in a crowd before he actually transferred to school, and Gretchen vanishing in mid-air.

Any episode by Grimsaem also falls into this trope. They also did the title sequence. In "Lawson and his Crew" when King Bob is giving the gang medals and addressing them with nicknames that describe their defining traits, after giving Gretchen her medal and calling her Smart Girl, he gets to Gus and calls him Friend of Smart Girl. The Ashleys have one that doubles as their Evil Laugh.

Originally, the main six characters were given more realistic designs. When the show premiered, they had a more "cutesy" design. In season three onwards, some episodes were made with digital coloring instead of the hand-painted cels. This was odd considering that it would go back and forth between digital and hand-painted, ending with "Bonkey Fever", the final episode to use digital coloring until the movie.

He was also a bit chubbier as well. The colors got a lot more vibrant in season two. Sunwoo Entertainment easily fell under this trope regarding the series.

Their first episode, "Jinxed" was very off-model As with the rest of their season one episodes. Same with their job on Recess: One episode had the kids become part of a government experiment to see if getting rid of recess would improve standardized test scores.

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As everyone lost time to blow off steam, the color palate of the animation becomes more drab. At the end of the episode, the government allows the school to have recess again , and everything becomes vibrant as the children play outside in the sun.

The Opening Shout-Out in "Lawson and His Crew" where Lawson interrupts the shortened Recess opening after the commercial break and the sequence is then re-done with Lawson and his gang. When the episode aired, One Saturday Morning would often play a shortened version of the opening for each show coming back from the commercial break. In "Principal For A Day.

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The actual winner is TJ though only because the teachers rigged it so he would win. Attack of the Foot Whatever: Gretchen gets her first A- in "The Dude": My life is flashing before my eyes!

Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch: The main kids, especially in the movie, but mainly Spinelli For already being a Cute Bruiser , Gus Thanks to his identity as El Diablo when it comes to dodgeball, and for being one of the cutest kids in the gang and T.

For being the team leader. Also counts as a very Stern Teacher. There were rumors going around with the kids that he physically tore down the Berlin Wall, and even made a kid repeat the fifth grade for stammering during a book report. The episode "Dance Lessons" has Spinelli being enrolled in dance classes by her parents due to her latest fight at school.

She finds out that Mikey is willingly in the same class, and they end up being dance partners. Beauty, Brains and Brawn: The two main girls and Cornchip Girl: Spinelli in "The Beauty Contest".

He serenades a couple, making the lady swoon and prompting her date to pay him to move on. The six main characters, except Vince, each have one.

Never refer to her by her first name.

Beware the Nice Ones: Gus brutally knocked out an entire fifth grade class with dodgeballs on his own. Becky is a mild, female example towards T.

Big Guy, Little Guy: In many episodes, though usually done as "No Mikey has several, like the one delivered in "Prince Randal" after T.