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Date: 13.09.2017

Shameless Lady (1993)

We offer you to watch the movie Shameless Lady (1993), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The lady must have come to Nigeria from an overseas country. Let her serve as a sacrificial lamb to other females too. What is good for a man is equally good for a woman; or, what a man can have or do, so can a woman have or do Loveoneanother The ZOO will never fail to disgrace themselves tomorrow they start running overseas for weapon with their level of human right abuses, and think western world are fools. Stop calling Nigeria — a zoo.

I love the zoo more than you before until i discovered nothing good will ever come out from the zoo. Nothing good God bless Nigeria Your father must surly be disappointed in you for calling him an animal, including your mother.

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Just warn your wards to let the sleeping dogs lie. Anybody who wants to reach destination of a journey should not kick an unknown sleeping dogs. We have enough problems and mix up in this country to tackle. How would you indentify an opfficer who suppose to solve a peculiar problem when you allow several idiots and fake people to wear camoflage uniforns in the streets up and down. Most idiots and fake boys wear camoflage to intimidate other civilians or for mischevious reasons in public places.

At times when you see such people ,they claimed they are sons or daughters ,brothers or wives officers and they display undue military arrogance in all their dealings with fellow civilians.

Please is stripping the person of the camouflage the prescribed punishment for the law that prohibits civilians from wearing army camouflage? Marcus Ijele Do those idiots know the Law? The North is a terrible place. Terrorism in the North does not only rest on Boko Haram.

Every Northerner is a terrorist. Why on earth should a soldier undress a lady for wearing a prohibited clothing? Is that the punishment prescribed as you rightly asked? Barbaric people that will never learn even if they are dumped in the school till they die, they will still die illiterate. God bless Nigeria You just hate Northern Nigeria for the reasons best known to you.

If I may ask, how did you arrived at the conclusion that those soldiers are from the northern part of Nigeria? Was there any identification on them to warrant this unprecedented show of hatred on the north?

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Your propaganda on vanguard is not enough, you had to travel around online publications to show how lowly you are in everything in this country. May God in his infinite mercy grant you nd your cohort the Biafra you seek from the Nigerian sate. Marcus Ijele No Soldier of southern extraction will be so base as to undress a woman in the public for mere wearing of useless camouflage.

It takes only a terrorist and rapists to do that. It can only be done by those who have no regard for human dignity. Those that can drink water with human scull. God bless Nigeria Sentiments and emotions, hatred, do not form parameters necessary for empirical research. Should we now say that Evans the kidnapper, and those drug Lords in iboland who killed those innocent church goers as the grand attribute of ibos?

We all know that sordid escapades cut across all the tribes in this country. Many of you spreading hatred are as munch demagogues and vile, nauseating and bellcose as the people that you declared your imaginary enemies. Your problem is your inability to manipulate the North to achieve your gory political vandetta of dominating the entire country to satisfy your domineering attitudes.

As long as you pursue this course of lies, it is just a matter of time before your ruse would be seen through the truth that will overwhelm you and tribal and religious nights like you. The best thing you can hope for in this country is your five states as your future Republic.

Your scheme to isolate the North as the scapegoats of the problems bedevilling this country would never see the light of the day. Black power Pls stop!!

Any deadbrain soldier from any region could do this. It takes just few seconds for someone to display madness, just like it takes few seconds for a reasonable person to think before acting sensibly. I see dividual difference here, simple discretion is what is required here. They are just being stupid Black power Pls stop!!

They are just being stupid Hassan Lawal …I agree with you to a large extent.. Amass a The language most Nigerians understand is force. They know what is right but would like to do the opposite. What is N40 fine that will deter Nigerian girl from flouting the law. Do two wrongs make a right?

Who even gave the stupid military officers the right to amend the law and prescribe their own punishment for illegal use of camouflage? Stop sounding like a barbarian and talk like a civilized human.

I am disappointed in your ilk! Ajayi olupono While even a primary school pupil in our mentally backward country , already knew that to a civilian , it is both dangerous and illegal to vest anything that is seen or perceived as similar to any of our armed forces out-fits , the attitudes of those soldiers towards that lady , remains barbaric and infact , unacceptable in any civilized nation!

I have said it several times that the origin of the problem could only be traced to our respective military formations! So, just like many Nigerians , i am not surprised at all! Peter O Peters Those are not military uniform. You people read laws upside down…like tinted glass law.

These cloths are sold everywhere in the world as hunting gears. Because we do not manufacture clothes, we wear anything we see. How many times have seen men wearing pink clothes meant for ladies? Identify yourself if you are man enough. Opi Ike Stop issuing empty threats Zombie.

I cannot understand why you are here, you should be somewhere in Borno fighting BH. Ajayi olupono Thank you! I keep wondering why some creatures refused to see this forum as an avenue where great ideas , costructive criticisms and logical debates could be show-cased? You idiots that comes from military backgrounds think from your anus and like animals. Peter O Peters What is your problem, English? She ought to be handed over to police for proper prosecution.

Jungle justice is never in the interest of the society Zico you are right aladesanmimarvelous I know our military can do a similar or even worse than that, but are we sure this is not a movie scene?

Sanusi You are right two wrongs do not make a right. But our policing self are not that hundred percent Ok. That is why this kind of things happen everyday……jungle justice,lack of trust in our judicial system……. From our individual homes we parent need to try and enlight our stubborn children and youth. Most dont even have respect for parents nowadays. That stripped girls dressed up like that from one home. And I am sure somebody in her street must have warned her,but she preffer to experience humiliation.

Funny enough,this experience will never deter our youth from wearing Army or police camouflage to club house or on the street tomorrow………. Wait a minute,,,,how are you even sure that the same girl and her friends Have not buy another sets of Camouflage uniform? The military should also do us a favour by searching the whole markets in Nigeria for camouflages with the aim of closing the source.

They should ban importation of camouflage into the country otherwise they should apologize to the lady. Warning people not to wear camouflage is not a law and cannot be enforced by any military man. Very unfortunate that this is happening in this country at this age. That is how they succeeded in banning the Police from wearing camouflage yet it is only military type that criminals and militia groups use and not the police.

Colonization brought us a warp sense of mentality for our security outfits. Our police, army, et al they are products of what oyinbo left for us. They are not their for us, they are their to terrorize us, so we can conform. Wearing similar clothing close to not exactly what our security officers don does not constitute impersonation.

The Nigerian army has insignia on their uniforms that identify them so. The Ghana Military has insignia that identify them so.

Camouflage clothing are sold in stores all over the world including our beloved Nigeria, as fashion trends. Non comes with any military insignia, because if they do, that will be impersonation.

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To be charge legally for impersonation you must having been wearing a military uniform with insignia that identify you so, and also you must have to have identify yourself as a military personnel. That will be against the law. Mere wearing some camouflage clothing without the military insignia does not constitute impersonation.

We are stuck with this mentality. Chris Chris What has colonization got to do with this? Anybody can wear anything in Europe or US. Were their army trained to brutalize their citizens?

By the way, is not just wearing of camo clothing alone, 9ja army can brutalize for just standing there looking like a bloody civilian. Nigeria does not have any pattern made exclusively for her armed forces.