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Date: 05.01.2018

Martha Chapa (2002)

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Tiffany Amber Thiessen, a day at the beach.

Martha Ortiz, revolucionaria de la cocina

She lived in Beverly Hills but never got To go to the beach much. She had just finished a movie and was taking a break until her next acting job came.

She was wearing a black bikini that she got from her FHM photo shoot. She wore he high heeled black boots with it. The picture that got published was the one of her bending over with sunglasses on and her right boot unzipped Exposing her gorgeous calf muscle.

Her left leg was bent slightly but her right stayed perfectly straight. Her Smooth flawless legs came up at an angle and her body was parallel to the ground.

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Her right hand was inside Her boot and her left grabbed her right leg at the knee. The picture was hot. The suit was her favorite so they let her keep it. Tiffany lied on the beach for an hour and then decided to shower off and go home. She walked to the bathrooms.

There was no one else in the bathroom when she entered. The door was propped open with a trash can. There were four stalls, four sinks on the right wall, A shower head for rinsing sand off, and a full wall mirror opposite it on the same wall as the door.

Tiffany turned on the shower And began to rinse off. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, letting the water cascade down her body. The water was cold and her nipples grew hard under her bikini top.

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Tiffany turned around to face the mirror and opened her eyes. She took her glasses off and put them on the counter to her left. The wall of the first stall was to her right. She loved her bathing suit. It made her look so sexy. The boots, since they were high heeled, accentuated her legs. Tiffany started to pose for herself in the mirror. The water ran over her body and made her sparkle.

Her wet body looked hot. She turned her back to the mirror again and ran her fingers through her hair. Jeff Masters, a beach police officer, was walking his beat through the bathroom area.

There had been a lot of vandalism of the bathrooms lately and he had been ordered to patrol them more often. This day was shaping up badly too. He had already gotten into a little fight with a drunk and ripped his uniform. He had to go get a new pair of shorts. He decided to check the bathrooms quickly, on the way back to the precinct. Jeff rode up to the bathrooms and Jumped off of his bike. He locked it to tree with his quick-lock and went into the Mens room.

There was wet paper Towel shoved into the sink drain and the water was running. Jeff was able to stop it just before it overflowed. Not finding anything, Jeff left and walked around the small building to the Ladies room. He could hear that the shower was on, as he approached the room.

He walked around the corner and looked in. His jaw fell open as he saw his fantasy girl, Tiffany Amber Thiessen rinsing herself off. She had her back turned to him but he could still tell it was her.

She was wearing the black bikini with the high heeled boots from the FHM photo shoot. Jeff had the picture up on his wall at home. Not realizing she was being watched, Tiffany stepped back, pulled Out the front of her bikini bottoms and let the water run through to get the sand that had Gotten down her suit.

Jeff could feel his erection growing in his torn shorts. The drunk he fought earlier had torn them up his right Leg. Tiffany looked back over her shoulder to check out how her ass looked in the mirror. She noticed a Good looking beach cop standing in the door watching her. She was startled for a second but then she smiled at him. She looked Jeff up and down and noticed the tear in his shorts.

Tiffany could feel sand in her boot and bent down to get it out, Never losing eye contact with Jeff. She reached down and unzipped her right boot. She slowly lifted her foot out of it and Put it back down onto the floor. She turned her boot over and it shook it out. She turned her boot right side up Again and placed it on the floor she put her foot in slowly.

With the boot still unzipped in the back, she grabbed Around her knee with her left hand, and put her right hand in her boot as she bent over and stuck her ass out. She struck the exact pose from the magazine picture. She winked at Jeff and smiled. Tiffany took her hand from her boot and ran it up her leg.

Tiffany turned to face away from him And moved her other hand up to her ass. She bent all the way over, legs perfectly straight and spread her ass for Him with her hands.

The material of her suit went into her ass and part of her clit peaked out. Jeff almost creamed his Pants right then and there. Tiffany stood back up and turned around. Jeff stepped Into the room. He took off his shirt and his gun belt, put them on the counter, and walked up to Tiffany. She just looked at Jeff.

He took his left hand and Put it on the wall next to her head. He leaned in and kissed her and, at the same time put his right hand Between her legs and rubbed her clit through her bikini. She ground her hips into his hand. She ran them down his body until she got to his shorts. She put her right hand on The bulge in his shorts. She slowly stroked it through the material. He moved aside the right cup of her top and put his mouth around her nipple. She reached in and pulled out his dick.

Tiffany slowly stroked it with Her right hand as the water fell onto them both. Steve reached around with his free hand and pulled the string on her bikini. It came lose and fell to the ground. Steve stepped back and looked to see the two best tits in the world. Tiffany pushed him down so that he was Sitting on the ground with his back against the stall. She put her right boot up on the stall next to his head. The back was still unzipped, exposing her calf.

Steve licked her calf and slowly went up her leg. When He got to her crotch Tiffany pulled her suit aside to give him access to her cunt. Jeff could see No hair on her pussy at all. He licked her pussy and rubbed it with his hand. She put her head back and closed her eyes.

Steve reached up and grabbed her nipple with his left hand. He took two fingers and slowly pushed them into Tiffany. Jeff finally got his fingers all the way inside her. He slowly fucked her With his fingers. She was so tight and warm. She slowly pushed her hips back against his fingers while he fucked Her with them.

Her mouth Was still open from the slow fucking she had received. Jeff pushed her so that her back was against the shower wall. He stepped into her and lifted her leg and draped it over his arm.