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Date: 20.01.2018

First Man (2018)

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The administration would channel part of the savings into its top priority: The documents — described by an Education Department employee as a near-final version of the budget expected to be released next week — offer the clearest picture yet of how the administration intends to accomplish that goal.

Though Trump and DeVos are proponents of local control, their proposal to use federal dollars to entice districts to adopt school-choice policies is reminiscent of the way the Obama administration offered federal money to states that agreed to adopt its preferred education policies through a program called Race to the Top.

DeVos, who has previously derided government, is now leading an agency she views as an impediment to progress. Liz Hill, an Education Department spokeswoman, emphasized that all figures are preliminary until officially released next week. It is likely to meet resistance on Capitol Hill because of strong constituencies seeking to protect current funding, ideological opposition to vouchers and fierce criticism of DeVos, a longtime Republican donor who became a household name during a bruising Senate confirmation battle.

Asked for comment, a spokesman for Sen. However, high-poverty schools are likely to receive fewer dollars than in the past because of a new law that allows states to use up to 7 percent of Title I money for school improvement before distributing it to districts.

The cuts would come from eliminating at least 22 programs, some of which Trump outlined in March. After-school programs for 1. Other programs would not be eliminated entirely, but would be cut significantly. The Trump administration would dedicate no money to a fund for student support and academic enrichment that is meant to help schools pay for, among other things, mental-health services, anti-bullying initiatives, physical education, Advanced Placement courses and science and engineering instruction.

There is currently only one federally funded voucher program, in the District of Columbia. A recent Education Department analysis of that program found that after a year in private school, voucher recipients performed worse on standardized tests than their counterparts who remained in public school.

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The goal is to do away with neighborhood attendance zones that the administration says trap needy kids in struggling schools. The documents cite Minneapolis where parents can choose which city school their children attend and Hartford, Conn. Many Democrats argue that it is a first step toward private-school vouchers and would siphon dollars from schools with high poverty to those in more affluent neighborhoods. Leaders of historically black colleges and universities had sought an increase in federal funding for their institutions.

The loan forgiveness program, enacted in , was designed to encourage college graduates to pursue careers as social workers, teachers, public defenders or doctors in rural areas. There are at least , people on track to receive the benefit, with the first wave of forgiveness set for October. The administration also wants to replace five income-driven student loan repayment plans with a single plan.

That change would likely benefit many undergraduate borrowers, who currently can have the balance of their loan forgiven after paying 10 percent of their income for 20 years. The proposal is less sweet for borrowers who take out loans to earn advanced degrees.

They currently pay monthly bills capped at 10 percent of income for 25 years. The spending plan supports year-round Pell Grants, which allow low-income students to use the money for three semesters of college, instead of two. That way, students can take a full load of courses year-round and earn a degree faster. And without any directive to index the award to inflation, that ceiling might remain in place for the foreseeable future.

DeVos has contracted with the U. Marshals Service to provide security rather than using the in-house security team that guarded previous secretaries. Despite that increase, the agency workforce would decline by about positions, or 4 percent. The spending proposal would result in the loss of more than 40 of roughly positions.