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Date: 13.02.2018

Afternoon at the Festival (1973)

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He is a musician from Cork basing his music on the Blues, an anachronism, perhaps, but his sheer, honest energy rings through. Only he of the three bill-toppers risked doing anything new, when he played four numbers from his next album to be released in October. His guitar-playing is unmistakable, which is more than can be said for most these days, and his musical integrity unchallenged.

Loathing personal aggrandisement, he is the total anti-star, and as such a genuine hero of the people. They worked hard, but one wonders how long this group that has obviously lost its impetus can continue. Despite this, Rod Stewart still stands out as a personality, and surely must now make his own way in Rock.

To say this is a tribute. They, too, are about to launch a new album, but played safe by rendering what we have heard before. Festivals always produce at least one surprise success and this year it was portly George Melly, musically from another era. The youthful audience immediately accepted his trad-jazz-flavoured tunes like " Frankie and Johnny" and his zany, uninhibited approach.

Undoubtedly a new cult figure has arrived. I got a lift from Bracknell to Woodley and then in a Jaguar 3. It was a lovely sunny evening. I had been ready to be turned away. Alex was fun, Quo were fun and Bown was shit.

Brady Street Festival-- Events in the History of Gay & Lesbian Life, Milwaukee WI

I had worked my way up against the barriers at the front, same place as last year, so I had a very oblique sight of the stage from the right as I looked. The Faces came on about 11 and were v. I took a fair number of pix of Rod the Mod in his yellow satin and tartan, as he twirled the mike stand around. People fainted at the barrier. Mick Jagger did not appear, as was rumoured.

They finished at I spent the whole night either sitting around lovely fires among a sea of beer and Coke cans, or wandering about looking for a warm, dry place to sleep and buying Salvation Army soup.

The dew came down heavily and I eventually lay down by a nice fire at 4. Someone sat between me and the fire and I got v. I found 3 nice badges,and a pile of love-letters in a bin. I left on the train at 9. A nice night and morning, if v. Richard and Linda Thompson. I was really keen on seeing him at the time. In fact, that was the deciding point in my getting a ticket.

So I was very disappointed to show up and learn he had pulled out for whatever reasons and was being replaced by an older black American blues singer in that Sunday evening slot.

As a consolation, a then-young Robben Ford was the guitarist in his band that evening. I remember Jon Hiseman playing Saturday afternoon -- I seem to recall his band was Colosseum but I am probably compressing memories -- and he went into a LONG drum solo that after five minutes or so had everyone bored stiff.

Someone in the middle of the crowd started building a tower out of empty 2-litre beer tins. It got fairly high up in the air before finally toppling to great cheers. Hiseman must have thought they were cheering for him because he just kept on going at his drum kit. As your reviewers point out it was a somewhat stale performance. Rod Stewart was decked out in tartan and kicking soccer balls out to the crowd but it was anti-climatic. I think the crowd was just plain tired out by that point.

John Martyn and Tim Hardin were among the folky early afternoon performers and put on strong shows. Lots of props like pyramids dropping out of the sky, etc. Hawkwind never did play - wish they had. Commander Cody reason I went did well in a high profile but ultimately unsuccessful bid to break through to UK acceptance.

National, jazz , blues and rock festival. Reading 1973

They did a killer version of "smoke smoke smoke that cigarette. No, not my kind of spectacle. There was some ugly violence, led by this huge ginger haired guy in the crowd, I think during Rory "man of the people" Gallagher, whose power was briefly cut midway during a song.

Of course he went on playing. And I remember another incident, sign of the times, when some gentle long haired guy got up to sway naked in the crowd only to be the recipient of bottle after bottle. Alex Harvey went down a storm. But when Rod Stewart appeared with The Faces there seemed to appear from nowhere this crowd of hooligans waving football scarves, crowding in front of the stage like an army. I went with a friend who was paranoid about being caught smoking substances in public.

When I lit up, he scuttled like a crab about twenty feet forward. They announced in heavy Germanic tones "Ve haf just come bak from living in Morocco" and played what I guess would sound very much like world music nowadays. They were met by silence and me, noisily clapping. Nick Black Hi - Went to several early Reading Festivals until the beer can throwing became intolerable. It was a sunny afternoon and they came on to a barely interested crowd.

Focus worked their socks off and did an amazing set including Hocus Pocus. Nick said they were the best on and I totally agree.. When I looked around there was a man lying face down in front of me. When I helped him up to his feet I looked in amazement ,it was Keith Moon who was very drunk , holding a half full bottle of whisky, I had just picked Keith Moon up from the floor! Then all hell broke loose and the whisky ended up though the window of a caravan of a music company who were there , possibly recording the event.

Thrown by Mr Moon of course. What a thing of beauty. Two massive black plastic sheets from Halfords ironed together to make a space big enough for 7 people.

That included a couple of Welsh girls who adopted us for a short time. Bizarrely one of them was carrying a big old suitcase and would have looked more at home at Heathrow. Inside were clothes and toiletries, but mainly a big white feather soft pillow. Not folded, not creased. It took up most of the case. I was camping with my mates, but I also had a press pass which got me backstage. Which is where George Harrison spoke to me.

It happened when he arrived on the Saturday afternoon. I was overcome with excitement and was compelled to take a photo. But I barely had time to focus, when my view was blocked by his two massive minders. They were inches away from me, shoulder to shoulder guarding their man. I had to go back to the tent and lie down for a couple of hours. On stage Rod Stewart did a lot of prancing about. Rory Gallagher was great.

A lot of the crowd needed little encouragement to lob beer cans at the stage, so when there was a power cut during his set the inevitable happened.

An Afternoon at the Festival - Drama Online

I made a dash for backstage. Some of those guys could really throw because there were cans sailing over the stage and pelting us back there. For me the standout performance was from Alex Harvey. During Anthem a Scottish piper in full regalia came on stage. Followed by another, then a third and a fourth.

Could it have been as many as a dozen?