Globetrotters (1979)

Plot[ edit ] This show featured the basketball team Harlem Globetrotters as undercover superheroes , who would transform from their regular forms by entering magic portable lockers. Each member of the group had individual super powers and could fly. The Super Globetrotters gained their powers through an element called Globetron and another exposure would weaken them on occasions.

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Gibberish (1992)

Then you can select your MiP from the app and control your MiP. How does MiP recharge or what types of batteries does MiP use. MiP uses 4 aaa batteries that are put into the backside and secured with 3 phillips-head screws.

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Full Moon Halloween (2001)

WMG When the lights fade and the moon rises, anything can happen. The world becomes a carnival of shocks and chills. A whirling merry-go-round that never stops, spinning faster and faster, taking you on a frightening ride. Stine in the early s. Much like Goosebumps , it is a horror Genre Anthology series featuring a different short story filled with young kids facing off against ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings.

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Spuren verschwinden - Nachträge ins europäische Gedächtnis (1998)

RH 36, , S. Rh 36, , S. Kaiserresidenz und Bischofssitz, in: Wiederbelebung eines barocken Ambientes, in: Ein Beitrag zur adligen Wohnkultur des Ein Beitrag zur Baugeschichte des ehemaligen Minoritenklosters Seligenthal, in: Couven im Burtscheider Kurgarten, in: Probleme und Chancen der Kulturlandschaft Rheintal, in: RH 35, , S. Neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit, in: Ein Fenster in das Devon, in: Bergbau in der Umgebung von Bruchhausen, in: Gestalt, Deutung und Bewahrung, in: Erinnerung an die Grundsteinlegung vor Jahren, in: Anmerkungen zu Geschichte, Gestaltung und denkmalpflegerischem Umgang, in: Das Projekt "Modellprospektion im Tagebau Inden", in: RH 34, , S. Zum Abbruch und Neubau der Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, in: Lucius in Essen-Werden, in: Ihre Geschichte, Funktion und architektonische Gestaltung, in: Windenergieanlagen - aber nicht auf Kosten der Landschaft und historischer Orts- und Siedlungsbilder, in: Einer der letzten seiner Art in Deutschland, in: Ein Denkmal der rheinischen Braunkohlenindustrie, in: Seine konstruktive und gestlterische Entwicklung bis zum Ende des Ein Denkmal verliert seine Bedeutung, in: Ein Beispiel aus Nordrhein-Westfalen, in: Das neue Neanderthal-Museum, in: RH 33, , S.

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Afternoon at the Festival (1973)

He is a musician from Cork basing his music on the Blues, an anachronism, perhaps, but his sheer, honest energy rings through. Only he of the three bill-toppers risked doing anything new, when he played four numbers from his next album to be released in October. His guitar-playing is unmistakable, which is more than can be said for most these days, and his musical integrity unchallenged.

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The Noble Sacrifice (1916)

James Connolly is depicted lying injured on the stretcher. It became known as the Easter Rising. The Easter Rising in Dublin stubbornly troubles the present.

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Impala (1999)

All new full-size Chevrolets eschewed the "X" frame for a full-width perimeter frame, a new body that featured curved, frameless side glass for pillarless models , sharper angled windshield with newly reshaped vent windows, and redesigned full-coil suspension. Caprices received tufted upholstery, wood grained accents on the dashboard and specialty pulls on the insides of the doors. This "halo" model also featured the "spinner" wheel covers from the Impala SS, with the "SS" logo centers replaced by a Chevrolet "bowtie" emblem. The Caprice Custom was reintroduced as the Chevrolet Caprice in , taking the top position in the full-size Chevrolet lineup.

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Desfile del marcial Cuerpo de Bomberos al mando del comandante González, donde aparece multitud de p

Un compendio de hechos agrupados en torno al asombro y la curiosidad: Los sorprendentes hechos de la historia oculta. Una multitud de sucesos gratamente curiosos, sorprendentes y ejemplares que la historia —me refiero fundamentalmente a la historia oficial y ortodoxa— generalmente suele dejar de lado. Pero en ello no ve el compilador desdoro ni menoscabo.

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Honeyboy (1982)

Julia was married to Charles Dodds born February , a relatively prosperous landowner and furniture maker, with whom she had ten children. Charles Dodds had been forced by a lynch mob to leave Hazlehurst following a dispute with white landowners. Julia left Hazlehurst with baby Robert but after two years sent the boy to Memphis to live with her husband, who had changed his name to Charles Spencer. Robert was at school in and A school friend, Willie Coffee, who was interviewed and filmed in later life, recalled that as a youth Robert was already noted for playing the harmonica and jaw harp. She died in childbirth shortly after.

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Tobogganing in Canada (1902)

Winter Activities Tobogganing in Canada As with most Canadian winter activities, tobogganing in Canada originated with the Native groups of the region using the crafts to haul supplies or people over the snow covered landscape. It quickly developed into a recreational activity for the Native children when they began using them for sliding down hills. Now children head to their Canadian toboggan hills to enjoy the exhilaration of speeding down the slopes to squeals of delight. History of Canadian Tobogganing Canadian Natives required a method to travel across the snowy tundra and to haul their supplies or family with them.

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The Bi Who Came in from the Cold (1997)

There are problems throughout The Postman, mainly its overlong running time. It meanders, certainly, but Costner threads a good movie together here, boasting a large cast, terrific visuals, and a lot for your money. But both went off the beaten track with Conspiracy Theory, ostensibly a star vehicle for Gibson and Julia Roberts, but under the surface, quite a bit more than that.

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Inside the Erotic Witch (1999)

They were recaptured with sound and more advanced editing techniques in , White having been replaced by Evelyn Knapp. This popular genre was revisited in as a pilot for a TV series with Pamela Austin, and the theme was even translated into cartoondom by Hanna-Barbera as Penelope Pitstop within the Wacky Races cartoon, in She has recaptured the essence of the early films as well as some of the stylistic dialogue and thrown-in a touch of nudity to add to the frivolity of the micro-budget feature. The lovely Constance Fairheart Pamela Sutch is cleaning up her cottage on a spring day, while the sinister Solomon Snakebite Stephen McKay ascertains that since the fair maiden is behind on her mortgage that her "peach is ripe for the picking," because she fails the ability to pay. Her only source of income, her bakery, mysteriously burned to the ground.

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Tonkina jedina ljubav (1965)

A ona ostala sama. Po predmetnoj pripovijetki Tonka poleti za njima do tramvaja, sustigne ih i upita: Dara - visoka, stasita djevojka osrednjih godina. No, a to im je i uspijevalo.

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Elcker (1989)

Jeugd en studie[ bewerken ] Ouderlijk huis in de Zirkstraat. Hij groeide op in de Zirkstraat, in het Schipperskwartier dicht bij de haven. Het ouderlijk huis was gevestigd boven een Spaanse winkel Le comptoir de Valence, die tot heeft bestaan onder de naam El Valenciano. Als klein kind maakte hij de waanzin van de oorlog bewust mee: Tijdens zijn academiejaren koestert hij al een levendige belangstelling voor muziek en het volkslied in het bijzonder. Bovendien studeert Wim klassieke gitaar bij Ilse Alfonso.

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First Man (2018)

The administration would channel part of the savings into its top priority: The documents — described by an Education Department employee as a near-final version of the budget expected to be released next week — offer the clearest picture yet of how the administration intends to accomplish that goal. Though Trump and DeVos are proponents of local control, their proposal to use federal dollars to entice districts to adopt school-choice policies is reminiscent of the way the Obama administration offered federal money to states that agreed to adopt its preferred education policies through a program called Race to the Top. DeVos, who has previously derided government, is now leading an agency she views as an impediment to progress.

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