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Date: 26.11.2017

Looking After Number One (1999)

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European Union Euro currency introducedon 1st January in 11 countries. About 3 million people evacuated their homes in anticipation of the storm, which at its peak had winds of up to miles per hour.

While initial reports thought Florida would be the state that was the hardest hit, North Carolina experienced the worst of the storm with massive flooding affected parts of the state. Reported death tolls related to the storm fall somewhere between 68 and 52 people.

It was initially used as a virtual currency in the financial markets and physical currency began circulating in The Euro replaced the currency of eleven European Union nations at first and it expanded to others eventually.

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The idea of a common currency had been mandated in the Maastricht Treaty that created the European Union. Clinton had lied to the American public when he initially denied the relationship. The final vote for the charge of perjury was 55 for not guilty and 45 for guilty and it was 50 to 50 for the obstruction charge.

The Senate required a two-thirds majority to convict and remove Clinton from office. The show was created by animator Stephen Hillenburg who had previously been a marine biology teacher. It still has a large following today and has led to the production of several movies, video games, comic books, and mass amounts of merchandise like clothing and toys.

Indonesia had annexed the country in and maintained it as a province. As pro-independence movements gained traction, the President of Indonesia asked the United Nations to set up the referendum in which the East Timorese people were given the choice of remaining in Indonesia but with more autonomy or gaining their independence. An overwhelming majority of While some violence from pro-Indonesia militias erupted after the vote, the country carefully transitioned to independence over the next three years, making it official in Greece A powerful, magnitude 5.

Jack Kervorkian was sentenced for the second-degree murder of Thomas Youk. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kept journals documenting their plan for a major bombing to rival that of the Oklahoma City bombing.

They kept videos that documented the explosives, ammunition, and weapons they had obtained. The pair shot videos of doing target practice in nearby foothills, as well as areas of the high school they planned to attack 3. Their Bomb Arsenal consisted of 99 improvised explosive devices of various designs and sizes Using instructions found on the Internet 5. Return to their separate vehicles to await the explosion, and to shoot survivors fleeing the building.

The bombs fail to explode After the bombs fail to explode the 2 armed, they climbed to the top of the outdoor West Entrance steps, directly above the cafeteria.

The two gunmen pulled their guns from beneath their trench coats and began shooting at Castaldo and Scott Fully armed they continue shooting any targets who were in range Deputy Neil Gardner exchanges fire with the 2 gunmen Back in the school, the 2 gunmen moved along the main North Hallway, throwing pipe bombs and shooting at anyone they encountered.

Harris and Klebold entered the School library, where a total of 52 students, two teachers and two librarians had concealed themselves, at In all they had murdered 12 students and one teacher and injured 21 others The massacre sparked renewed debate over gun control laws, high school cliques, subcultures and bullying.

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It resulted in an increased emphasis on school security with zero tolerance policies U. Jack Kevorkian, was found guilty of second-degree murder for for giving a lethal injection in a case of voluntary euthanasia U. The Liberty Bell space capsule recovered in Florida during an expedition sponsored by the Discovery Channel.

World Start of Millennium celebrations worldwide technically the Millennium started in not Critical industries such as electricity or financial and government functions could stop working at This fear was fueled by the press coverage and other media speculation, as well as corporate and government reports. All over the world companies and organizations checked and upgraded their computer systems.

My Space was officially introduced to the Internet Bluetooth announced. The initial release of Napster The genetic code that comprise the euchromatic portion of human chromosome 22 is released into the public domain for the good of mankind. I have been asked why I have included Myspace in rather than the official launch in When I used archive.