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Date: 03.08.2017

Barry Sonnenfeld: The Kosher Cowboy (2006)

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A vehicle with more personal amenities than a jetliner, this RV is the American dream come true. The real reason is that his boss at Pure Vibe soda has made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that either he closes a merger acquisition over the coming week his vacation week or not bother returning from vacation at all.

The husband and wife team had three very young children at the time and they were looking for a family-togetherness outing. We spent a long time researching it--where we were going to get the RV, where we were going to go, etc. What started out as a "trucker fantasy," according to Wick, became a wellspring for a comedy about families.

I passed four kidney stones. Each one was horrible, but those stories are some of my best and funniest stories. Getting a flat tire on the Long Island Expressway on Thanksgiving RV is about a family that has sort of drifted apart--even though they all still live together. Forcing them to be together in this recreational vehicle at first threatens to make them grow even farther apart, but their near-disastrous experiences bring them back together in a hilarious fashion.

We really sensed that the communal life at the RV camp was one of the major draws. He saw RV as a way to incorporate some of his own amusing again, in retrospect experiences into a motion picture comedy. The Munros and the Gornickes After screenwriter Geoff Rodkey Daddy Day Care delivered his script about a man who has trouble juggling his personal and professional life, the producers sought out the ideal actor to play the central role of Bob Munro--the ideal being Robin Williams.

I had worked with Barry on Men in Black. I think the largest vehicle I ever drove was maybe my Lincoln convertible. In the movie we actually do a lot of damage both to the RV and other things, because it takes Bob so long to get the hang of it.

He really knows RVs. He drives them all the time. Once the actor had been cast, he hopped into his own RV and drove it from Michigan to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the start of principal photography. I really like the idea of driving them.

When we were talking about who could play his wife, we knew we needed someone who possessed the quickness and intelligence to keep up with him. She seemed like a great choice. I was thrilled to hear that. It was very George Burns and Gracie Allen. They made a great comedy team, like the one I had on the Men in Black movies with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, which is another example of having one guy who is goofy and the other who is very deadpan.

This was kind of like a holiday for her. There were lines, but then we also had fun. She can riff like crazy, which is great. So I thought maybe I should just look past them. Sonnenfeld found that rare combination of attributes in teen recording star Joanna "JoJo" Levesque. Fortunately, the director had inadvertently hired a cast with musical chops. Daniels recently released his first CD. But yes, as a matter of fact, I can yodel, though I never thought it would come in handy.

I went to opera school for that? I sold out Carnegie Hall so that I could come up here and yodel? But in this film, I am given ample opportunity to show off my yodeling skills.

We had something that really worked. I felt so little around him. The contrast was really funny. After finishing RV, she put the finishing touches on her follow-up album. For her, her film debut represented the ideal intersection of acting and her musical talents. All the members of the Munro family have their own MP3 players in the film and, in one memorable scene, are all off in their own musical worlds.

People who know me as JoJo the singer, are going to be surprised. Is she really that bad? He knows the camera. He knows how to direct. He knows how to handle the egos. And with all that, he still brings a sense of fun to the project and makes us all feel how lucky we are to be doing what we do for a living.

Rounding out the cast of the Munro family is Josh Hutcherson as Carl Munro, the youngest member of the family. He listens to hardcore rap music and wears baggy clothes.

A relative newcomer, Parrish appreciated how Sonnenfeld went to great lengths to transform the Gornickes into "the perfect family," he says. He paid close attention to what we were doing, whether we were in the shot or just in the background.

That was a good lesson for me, not only for acting, but in life.

So you should always be there percent. And all I remember about that one was that it was very, very hot and very sandy. On Men in Black I just loved going to the set because the aliens, well, I thought they were real. She loved doing it. It was really a lucky break that this movie had a role that was right for her. She even auditioned for it. Do I need to do another take?

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The cast and crew spent a lot of time on the road. Though the story is set on the highways between Los Angeles and the Colorado Rockies, it was actually shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The first major set in the film was the desert-like Nevada Campground. The actual location was an area south of Vancouver called the Richmond Sand Dunes. While not the most appealing campground, for production designer Michael Bolton it typified the reality of life on the road and also served an important dramatic function in the story.

As the story progressed, the campsites became friendlier and prettier. When we were up in the Canadian Rockies, it was genuinely beautiful. There were parts of Alberta that were sensational.

We had a large package of information and photographs taken from many different real RV camps. They have little gnomes and concrete deer. They have little lights strung around their vehicles. They also carry around a big piece of Astroturf that they roll out like a lawn in the middle of the RV camp. Each has its own personal touches. The production entailed a great deal of travel and multiple locations, wrapping on a soundstage south of Vancouver where the Munro and Gornicke families were dressed in their garish cowboy-best and sang " Get your Kicks on Route 66" for use over the closing credits.

The crew enjoyed a final meal together listening--along with honoree Sonnenfeld--as Daniels sang his composition, "The Ballad of the Kosher Cowboy. Apart from the many talented cast members, the other very real characters in RV are the recreational vehicles themselves.

At one time there were more than 5, "Clippers" in use by the fleets of about 1, bus companies. Since then, the "Flxibles" have been used in federal parks as shuttles and have remained popular with many smaller bus operators. Nowadays, "Flxible Clippers" are extremely popular as recreational vehicles, so much so that it has spawned an international organization of "Clipper" owners.

Of the two buses Rasmussen found, one was being used for a tour company, Cumberland Tours, in Nashville, Tennessee, while the other had been put out to pasture. Both were in reasonably good shape when the production acquired them and were then overhauled to suit the demands of the film.

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The seats were stripped away, the bodies restored and painted an eye-catching red and cream they were originally blue and white and outfitted like vintage motor homes. Other exterior appointments included "eyelid" shades over the headlights, a chrome ladder up the back and a wooden roof rack to complete its distinctive classic look.

The second bus was completely rebuilt, including engine and drivetrain, with only about 60 percent of the interior restored. It was used mainly for stunt work and second unit exterior shots. The Munro RV was--at least at the start of the film--brand new and hot off the showroom floor.

But it is unlikely that anything like it could be found in a real showroom. So we used the most glowing yellow for that. The production actually purchased five of them for the film, two of which were the RVs we see the Munros driving and living in throughout the film. Two others were fitted with special suspension hydraulics to tackle some of the extreme driving moments. The fifth RV, dubbed "Wild Thing," was fully functional with entire sections that were "wild" and could be removed so interior scenes could be filmed.

There was actually a sixth RV, which Rasmussen ordered from the factory in pieces. The special effects department built the frame to allow hydraulic rams to raise and lower the RV once it was placed into the lake. To complete the re-outfitting of the RV, all the interiors were stripped out and replaced with a different color scheme and larger windows. Skylights were added, as were new cabinets. Not only did all of the RVs look exactly alike at the start of the film but as the motor home gets progressively trashed, all the other vehicles had to be progressively deteriorated to match.