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Date: 05.02.2018

Archie Bunkers Place (1979)

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Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, and Sally Struthers were eager to move away from their television personalities. THis show allowed us to slowly move on. I was too young to really remember this show, but I have been watching it in TVland. I think this show lacked the emotion that All in the Family had. Rob Reiner was supposedly reluctant to return, but being newly divorced, he needed the money.

We saw much less of Hauser St. About a year before it was cancelled, Sally Struthers, who really had nothing better lined up, was talked into doing a spin off featuring her Gloria character, now separated from Mike Stivic.

Before the show was cancelled, there was talk of possibly having Rob Reiner return occasionally as Mike, but Rob had become an established director and had no desire to reprise Meathead.

Gloria was now a veterinary assistant, and the trainer from Rocky was the veterinarian that let her sleep in an extra room in his house where his practice was. Unfortunately, not enough people were interested in seeing a single Gloria, who had matured since the original series. I saw the first show, and thought the show was awkward. Mary Tyler Moore, That Girl 11 out of 14 found this helpful.

Sadly, this was the final episode that they would all be together. This episode is often overlooked due to the fact that Archie Bunkers Place is rarely seen on any network. In this series we see an older much wiser Archie, we see him flashback to many episodes of All In The Family regretting many of the mistakes he made. Archie changes a great deal during this series, he makes up for everything he did wrong in the past.

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This show cleans up after All In The Family. It sends out a message to all its viewers saying no Bigotry is not Okay, sure we passed Bigotry off as being okay in All In The Family but now your are seeing what happens to a bigot late in life, this bigot begins to see the error of his ways. This show was ironically canceled after 4 seasons somewhere in between and May Archie rest in peace!

Baldach23 February Only one memorable episode Unfortunately I only saw a few episodes when in it orginially aired and have been watching repeats on TV land. The laughter in the series seemed almost forced.

In my opinion the only memorable episode is when Archie Bunker visits Reggie Jackson and shows off his hidden racist views. Archie Bunker seems to have mellowed from his previous "All in Family" series and is a mere chuckle than a rip roaring laugh. You are right about it not being a spin-off of the original show.

By the way, a spin off is when one or more characters has another show written around them. Maude spun-off another show, Good Times.

He decides to buy the bar down the street that always served as his second home and hilarious situations followed for another 96 episodes over a four-year run from through Good performers like Anne Meara and old movie character actor Martin Balsam were high-lighted as the series ran its course. Just always lacked the edginess and creativity of its predecessor.

It made me realize what was missing - everything! However,Archie and Edith by the way,adopts a little girl named Stephanie played by Danielle Brisbois and after the tragedy of Edith Bunker,Archie leaves his job at the plant,and opens up his own bar in the Queens section of New York where the setting of the show is shown. Still you may have the same controversial issues that reflect the day,but in all it was a wonderful series that needs to be seen again after two decades sitting on a studio shelf never to be heard from again.

To me the show should have ended when Mike and Gloria left and moved to California. Without the dynamic between Archie and Mike, there was no way that this show would ever be as funny as it was. Also, for the most part, you know a show is in trouble when they decide to bring the cute kid in.

This is just another case of a network trying to milk a show for everything its worth. This show deals with evolution of a character. You see, when Archie started out you got to learn how and why he was the way he was and little by little you got to see him learn new ways.

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There was always an Dingbat, Meat head, or Coloured boy neighbor around for him to bounce his ways off of and he came off looking pretty crass but he was learning step by step how to be a better person. You never got to see his true heart with the others around and he never really amounted to much until he learned to make it on his own and become invaluable to other people. He learned to forgive, love, accept and understand people from all walks of life.

I really hope that it will come back to television soon in reruns. You can see reruns now on TV Land.

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This is a follow up from All In The Family, it proves that a very good show can go on with out the cast who started the show. This is one show I wish would come back on in reruns. Every episode will be aired. It is a shame that this show got canceled after only 4 seasons. The show at least should have gotten a series finale. However, the series puts me in mind of the slow vanishing of MASH from the television. I also think the show ran right as the American economy dived into a decade-long recession.

The nation had become a sadder and darker place and the sadness and darker atmosphere permeated this program. Archie never stopped missing Edith and the life they had in the Seventies.

The Eighties was a lonelier and less funny place. I did think Stephanie, Harry, Murray and the rest of the cast were all just fine in their roles.

What you have, essentially, is a nicer, more grandfatherly Archie supporting a show of mostly uninteresting characters Early in the series, they killed off Edith The show limped along for four seasons I recall one with Ann Meara struggling with alcoholism and it was exceptional Overall, this is a bland and mostly inoffensive series Rarely have I seen a series that jumped the shark as many times as this one did!!

Mediocre in every way but tolerable if nothing better is on TV.