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Kamome no match (2005)

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Some series start out with a particular type of ensemble , with a certain number of characters and a defined role for each: Then in the second season, a mysterious new character appears, fighting the protagonists and antagonists alike!

After many misunderstandings, the new character is revealed to be a good guy and joins the team. Any new character that joins an established ensemble and knocks it out of one of the traditional categories and possibly into another is a Sixth Ranger. There may be more than one per team, with either several joining in succession, or pre-established pairs coming in at once. Expect them to be single-handedly defeating enemies that the main team struggled against during their first appearance, falling in line as they become integrated into the group, then finally getting overtaken by the original heroes.

In fact, they almost invariably tend to become a magnet for The Worf Effect as soon as the latest new Big Bad shows up. If a Sixth Ranger candidate does join the Ensemble, but the series is nearly over, the candidate is an 11th-Hour Ranger. A common method for Merchandise-Driven works to add new characters to the cast—and the toy line. Almost every show in both franchises since then has featured at least one extra member.

Two Sentai shows prior to Zyuranger also had their own additional members before it became a regular thing. Dengekitai started out with a four-man team until the introduction of their new commander Big One Sokichi Bamba , while the team in Choujuu Sentai Liveman originally consisted of three members before the addition of Black Bison and Green Sai.

Hikari Sentai Maskman featured a sixth member for exactly one episode in the form of X1 Mask, a warrior in green who volunteered for the Maskman project before the actual team was formed. Other shows had guest heroes who would assist the team for two or three episodes at most, but none of them ever became recurring characters most notably Choudenshi Bioman had a two-part storyline about a man who wanted to become the sixth member of Bioman, but ended up becoming a brainwashed villain-of-the-week , while Choujin Sentai Jetman had a birdman warrior who fought alongside the Jetman team before he was killed off.

Jetman also has the distinction of having a sequel manga with a sixth member Green Eagle to replace their dead member Black Condor. The trope-naming character, Tommy Oliver, is a mainstay in the Power Rangers setting, and he and his actor, Jason David Frank has been a regular for five seasons two and a half of Mighty Morphin, Zeo, half of Turbo, and Dino Thunder where the cast is now usually refreshed yearly.

Big One is similarly popular after he completely stole the show in JAKQ, becoming one of the three possible candidates for being the Big Good of every Sentai team in existence. Gekisou Sentai Carranger did not have an official sixth member; in fact, the show even parodied the concept with Radietta Fanbelt, a girl who dresses up as the White Racer, a self-appointed sixth member of the team.

Invocation of this trope also created an interesting situation for the production staff of the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. They wanted to carry on the tradition of the sixth ranger, but there was none in Rescue Sentai GoGoFive , the corresponding Super Sentai show. However, Zeek was a one-shot character and Kyoko, despite being a recurring character, never used the Zeektector armor in the show.

The first Gold Ranger, Trey of Triforia, from Zeo and the aforementioned Phantom Ranger were Mysterious Protectors that only dropped in to give aid on occasion, while the Magna Defender , the Quantum Ranger , and Robo Knight were each an Aloof Ally to their resident teams, actively clashing with the Rangers over their goals. Even these were open to a Double Subversion ; both the Gold Ranger and Magna Defender passed on their powers to people who did join the respective teams, while the Quantum Ranger and Robo Knight eventually become a genuine allies.

The concept really took hold when Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger and Power Rangers Ninja Storm reintroduced the Three Plus Two format last seen in Liveman, allowing for the addition of more new members than in previous shows. Dekaranger, in fact, went even further. Several other series have since driven their total number of heroes up past six with One-Shots, Eleventh Hour Rangers and the like. Gekiranger already had three mentor characters who had weapons and mecha associated with them, so Jungle Fury eventually gave them Ranger suits as well in order to create action figures of them.

The Rangers often summoned the Spirit Rangers from their own power to fight without the mentors needing to be present, and in the finale the mentors fought alongside their own Ranger forms, awesomely.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is a rather unique example. It actually starts with nine members assembled over the first few episodes and later adds three Sixths: Super Sentai Battle Dice O makes this into a playing feature.

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Players assemble a team of five Rangers, one robot, and an EX Card that can either be a one-round addition to the team or a team-wide special move. The Outer Senshi provide egregious examples. Whether or not they become weaker is moot, since the last season sees them as Cannon Fodder. Lucia, Hanon and Rina are a Power Trio throughout most of the series, but the plot of the first season is dedicated to finding the other four girls needed for a whole team At least one every Digimon season, the first of which is always heavily hinted at in the twenty-first episode but introduced an arc later.

As a result, her partner was abducted and raised by one of the later villains. There could be seven Sixth Rangers if you want to be technical, but the Wild Card turned Dragon turned Atoner Impmon fits best if you want to look at just one.

Ryo also has a good claim. Koichi and The Spirits of Darkness, the twin brother of The Lancer who was trapped in a coma and corrupted by darkness initially. It takes some time to get him to acknowledge them. Alice Maresato joins the band of survivors in Highschool of the Dead after being saved by Komuro and Hirano. Pretty Cure 5 GO!

Unusually for the trope, she keeps her power level throughout the series, still defeating the Monster of the Week on her own after the Five-Man Band has resorted to using the Combined Energy Attack every week. Cure Passion, a reformed villainess. Cure Beat, who joins the team before Cure Muse. Cure Ace, a completely new character who acts as The Mentor.

Princess Pretty Cure adds former Princess Twilight a. But in the second season, a "Sixth Ranger" is added in the form of Angel Salvia, a mysterious character with a modified costume who wields a sword, is much more mature and powerful, and frequently acts independently of the main trio. While Asuna never officially joins the guild, she becomes their seventh ranger, joining them in a party and aiding them in their quest to clear a floor boss by themselves. Ghost Hunt has two examples of this.

The first is Lin Koujo, who was injured in the first episode and then left out to heal until the end of episode three. The second is Yasuhara Osamu, who shows up in episode That is, despite being a natural co-conspirator of Haruhi, since they are so similar.

Sixth Ranger - TV Tropes

She actually states that she prefers looking from outside, though other people on the outside sometimes considers her part of the group. Super Robot Wars Reversal ran with this idea towards Allenby, especially as the game seemed to have portrayed the Shuffle Alliance as a Super Sentai-esque team.

Then she joins the crew outright to help them fight the SRA and New Federation, and would have gotten a Gundam of her own had the series completed its full run.