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Date: 19.10.2017

The Omega Directive (1998)

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We just dropped out of warp. We were hit by some kind of shockwave. Fwd navigational scan goes blank. I just lost all my sensor readings.

It is on all the screens.

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A big blue greek Omega symbol. I have no idea. The computer says I have insufficient clearance to access the message. Janeway enters from her ready room. She clears the symbol from the screens. Send all sensor data about the particle wave to my ready room.

Tom, disengage engines and hold position here. Computer, seal the doors to this room. No entry without my authorisation.

Access secured datafile Omega one. Janeway one one five three red. Sensors have detected the Omega phenomenon within one point two light years of this vessel. Implement the Omega Directive immediately. All other priorities have been rescinded. Information will be provided on a need-to-know basis. She needs this done by eleven hundred hours. Are we attempting to protect the core from some form of subspace radiation?

It will be difficult to complete the task without more data. Tom, start modifying a shuttlecraft to withstand extreme thermal stress. Twelve thousand Kelvins, at least. Does all this have anything to do with that secret message the Captain received? What have you heard? Something about an Omega Directive.

Look, the speculation ends right here. Now, I expect you to carry out your assignments with a minimum of gossip, understood? I thought she might. What do you know about the Omega Directive? Everything you do, most likely. I thought as much. The Borg assimilated Starfleet captains. You would possess all of their knowledge. Do you intend to carry out the Directive?

Then sensors have detected the molecule.

So it would appear. But we have to confirm it. Protocol forbids me from discussing this mission with any of my crew, but since you already know about it, my choice is to either work with you or confine you to quarters. Perhaps you should do the latter. I will not help you destroy Omega. It should be harnessed. The Borg believe otherwise. On one occasion, we were able to create a single Omega molecule. We kept it stable for one trillionth of a nanosecond before it destabilised.

The Borg have been waiting for the chance to test them out. But we never found another source of the ore. Otherwise, this entire quadrant would be at risk. I can alleviate your ignorance. Sometimes fear should be respected, Seven. Tell me, how many Borg were sacrificed during this experiment? Twenty nine vessels, six hundred thousand drones. But that is irrelevant. Not to me, not to my crew, and not to the people who live in this quadrant. I will assist you. I have waited many years to observe this molecule firsthand.

I will not deny myself this experience. Go back to your cargo bay, assemble all the data you have about Omega. Omega is infinitely complex, yet harmonious. To the Borg it represents perfection. I wish to understand that perfection. What are you planning to do, stroll through a supernova? When can you have it ready? Captain, arithrazine is used for the most severe cases of theta radiation poisoning. A physician must be present to monitor the treatment.

The Omega Directive, whatever that might be. Have it sent to the shuttlebay. The shockwave we detected indicates not one but possibly hundreds of Omega molecules. Within ten light years. A shuttle mission may be insufficient. We require the resources of this entire crew. Transfer your data to the Astrometrics lab. This looks like enough for a fifty isoton explosion. A small globe with two tubes sticking out of the bottom.

Fifty four, to be exact. What are we planning to do, blow up a small planet? Who designed it, the captain? Mister Kim, you ask too many questions. Change of plans, gentlemen. Increase the charge to eighty isotons.

Want to know what I think? Then what do you think it is? I do not engage in idle speculation. Oh, come on, Tuvok. Yes, but we have a task at hand. I can tell you this.

The Voyager Transcripts - The Omega Directive

One of two things is going to happen. Either Seven and I will succeed on our mission, and return within a few days, or your long range sensors will detect a large explosion in subspace. I always thought Starfleet was run by duty-crazed bureaucrats, but I find it hard to believe that even they would order a captain to go on a suicide mission. Lost in the Delta Quadrant, with no backup.

Let us help you. Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Chosen by Starfleet to represent a threat not only to the Federation, but to the entire galaxy.

Only starship captains and Federation Flag Officers have been briefed on the nature of this threat. She calls up a rotating image on the wall screen. Not just any molecule. The most powerful substance known to exist.