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Date: 25.08.2017

The End (1995)

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The church bell rings, resonating. Mass has let out. Small church, small congregation. The dirt road in front is lined with pick-up trucks and parishioners on foot heading to outlying farms and homes. An old two-story house sits across the road. He looks around, at the ceiling, at the worn wooden floor, at the peeling wallpaper on the walls. Somerset walks to one wall where the current wallpaper is peeled away to reveal flowery wallpaper underneath. He runs his finger across one of the pale red roses that decorates the older paper.

He pushes the grime away, brings the rose out more clearly. He pulls at the edge of the paper, carefully ripping off a roughly squared section with the rose at its center. He studies it in his hand. Somerset stands, pondering the forested landscape.

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Somerset does not respond. He holds a check and a booklet of receipts. Somerset still seems distant. MAN I just never seen a man mortgaging an empty house before. The man walks over to hand over a receipt. Somerset accepts the receipt, folds it. Somerset looks back at the house. The man does not understand.

He is near the back of the car, away from the few other passengers. Outside, farms, small homes and lawns pass. The entire panorama is dappled by the rays of the soon setting sun.

Somerset has his suitcase on the aisle seat beside him. He has a hardcover book unopened on his lap. He still stares out the window, but his disposition has soured. The train is passing an ugly, swampy field.

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A little further on, two dogs are fighting, circling, attacking, their coats matted with blood. Somerset turns his head to watch the dogs.

Away in the field, another dog sprints to join the fight. People stand on the corners, under the bleak glow of street lamps. Somerset is now in the aisle seat, reading his book. Somerset, dressed only in his underwear, lays back on the bed. He reaches to the nightstand, to a wooden, pyramidical metronome. Swings to the left TICK, swings to the right Tick, tick, tick, measured and steady. Somerset situates on the bed, closes his eyes. His eyes close tighter. Somerset continues his concentration.

He is a lean, attractive man, constantly coiled, eyes always smoldering. He crosses the street under elevated subway tracks. A train roars overhead. Mills watches it as he walks on. Blue sparks spit off the third rail and illuminate Mills, throwing his shadow long down the deserted street.

Mills walks, looks at the broken refrigerators and pieces of junk in the gutter. Mills pauses, switches his beer bottle to his other hand. The thugs look at each other, gauging. The second thug starts the long way round the car. The thug falls, swings blindly. The second thug moves from the side, brings out a knife.

The second thug stumbles back, drops the knife, his nose squirting blood. Mills turns, enraged, breathing hard. The first thug is screaming, trying to stand. The crowbar clatters away. They both struggle spastically. Gurgling, gasping for air, Mills shifts his weight, drops to one knee and spins the thug, slamming him against the car. The thug goes out cold. Mills backs off, still incensed. He rubs his throat, looking at the two prone men. Slowly, he regains some composure.

He takes a keychain from his pocket. He unlocks the door of the car, loads one of the thugs into the back seat. He walks to collect the other thug off the street.

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Finally, he opens the hardcover book from the train. From the pages, he takes the pale, wallpaper rose. Somerset stands, melancholy, looking at a body on the floor under a sheet near a sawed-off shotgun. The apartment is gloomy. It was nothing new or unusual. But, then they heard the gun go off. Did she actually speak the words? She was crying too hard to say anything. Look at all the passion splattered up on the wall here. Taylor shifts his weight, impatient, annoyed.

All but the paperwork. Somerset looks at a coloring-book open on the coffee table. There are crayons beside it. Somerset picks the book up. His wife killed him. Anything else has nothing to do with nothing. Somerset replaces the book, digs up a cigarette from his pocket. You know that, you fuck? David Mills enters, dressed in a suit. He looks a bit lost.

Somerset lights his cigarette, looks to Mills. They walk towards the end of the filthy block. I just finished orientation at central, and they dumped me off down here. Sit and talk for awhile. That way we can Seeing how we only have a week for this whole transition thing. Somerset walks, no reply. Mills searches to get a read on him. Mills formulates his response.

Somerset stops and faces Mills. You just met me two minutes ago.

Maybe I thought I could do more good here than there. I want you to look, and I want you to listen. Mills just stares back at Somerset. It is still dark outside.