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Date: 11.11.2017

The Chess Game (1956)

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He raked me over the coals on a continuing basis Full of interesting descriptions and anecdotes of the players of that day. Euwe, London, , 2nd ed, h, exc with dj. A famous book which analyzes the styles and accomplishments of the eight AVRO masters with illustrative games.

Kmoch gives the same information for Euwe himself. Dubov, Moscow, , h, exc, p. Panov, Moscow, , h, exc, p. Panov, himself a very strong player, has the advantage of studying these selected games in great detail after seeing the analysis of many others before making judgments. With then 13 hitherto unpublished games and a selection of photos. It is not clear to me whether in this new edition any errors and new comments have been added.

With his usual fine notes. With some marginal check marks in pencil.

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Alekhine, London, , Bell ed, first ed. Contents fine, but needs rebinding. Would make an excellent copy properly rebd. With an inscription in Russian. One of the very best books on Alekhine. Linder, Berlin, , German. Kotov, Moscow, , Russian black hardback series, h, exc, with dj. Charushin, Nizhny Novgorod, , p, exc, p. Fiala, Olomouc, , p, exc. This volume contains more significant Alekhine material than any other Alekhine books I have seen in the past 30 years.

In this volume three of the great mysteries of his life are discussed, though none conclusively in my opinion. Incldes surveys of the various periods in his career. II, games to , BCM ed, In addition to his wonderful notes there are some biographical detailes of his career.

Indexed by ECO code, opening, and players.

With two additional simul wins are included in xerox form. The corrections and additions are interesting and significant. Nunn, London, , p, mint, p. Alekhine, the original edition, Berlin , p, vg, piece chipped off fc only advertising on verso to title page affected. Blass had the unfortunate habit of stamping many of his books on the title page or the frontispiece, as here where the ink of the stamp shows through somewhat to the plate of Anderssen.

Heymann, Maintal, , p, exc, 79p. Selected games with notes. Has some of his early games at age Brief notes to selected games bd into the back of the book. Biographical section with reproductions of some of his letters. Biographical games collection for this strong Latvian player. Though little-known in the West, Aseev was a very strong player. Buenos Aires, , ltd ed of copies. Sergiev, Sofia, , p, exc, Bulgarian.

Notes to about one half of the games. A mammoth and excellent work on one of the leading players of the past 60 years.

The layout is very nice with many photos and additional interesting material such as interviews with Benko and a long section on his chess compositions and endgame material. There are of his best games with excellent notes and an excellent survey of his openings for he was a great expert on openings.

Hindle, CP ed, Nottingham, , 79p. Ganzo, Madrid, , p, exc, Spanish. Suetin, Moscow, , part of Russian hardback black series, h, exc, p.

Boleslavsky, Moscow, , p. Bologan, Milford, , p, mint, 52 of his best games with excellent notes. With a foreword by Kasparov. His status as a "scientist" is somewhat questionable since he was actually an electrical engineer and his main contributions were there. As he himself once admitted, he was no match for Milan Vidmar in that field. Easily the best book on Botvinnik in English. Botvinnik states that the analysis has often been revised from his early notes and new analysis sometimes added.

Reinfeld, Philadelphia, , h. The notes are unattributed largely Russian sources as edited and augmented by Reinfeld. Botvinnik, h, exc, Budapest, Covers the period Botvinnik, London, NY, , p. - Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Blog

ELRS, p, 60 of his best games with full notes. Baturinsky, the famous 3-vol. II, Moscow, , p, games Included is a long section on openings and endings and an essay on the Soviet school of chess. III, Moscow, , p, games Botvinnik, Oxford, , h, exc, p, Almost entirely a biography with 10 virtually bare scores referred to in the text. A very nice book with biography and annotated games.

Also includes some articles of his from various sources. Laudi, Brescia, , p, mint, 59p. Coles, Brighton, , large format, p, exc, 82p. Now only available in paperback. With all his extant games.

A fine research effort. Zichichi, Brescia, , p, mint, p. A collection of his best games with notes plus several articles by him about great players such as Lasker and Capablanca. Sosonko, h, mint, Prague , p. Only partly on Capa. Much on Sosonko, Tal, Botvinnik. Includes 31 of his best games with notes.

Golombek, NY, 1st US ed, , h, exc, with dj. With some curious errors such as "Em. Lasker vs Capablanca at Lake Hopatcong, It was Edward, of course , p. With the nice Bell-style diagrams. With several otherwise unknown photos of Capa and with all the games of his matches vs. Marshall, Lasker, and Kostich. Golombek, Berlin, , p, p, exc, the German ed.

Reinfeld, New York, , 1st ed, p, masterpieces with good notes by Reinfeld. Only a few games. Too bad they did not give some of the many photos taken of Capa in Russian. Penco, Milan, , Italian. Includes the article by his wife Olga Capablanca on the Nottingham tournament along with 24 selected games from among his best.

There are also some little known photos and an interesting introduction. Fiala, Olomouc, , h, exc, p. Fiala has unearthed quite a bit more Capablanca material in the form of reports of his simuls and articles about him in Britain in this period.

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This is to be followed at some point by a companion volume covering the period Capablanca, London, , 1st ed, h, exc, very nicely rebd, with J.

With extensive records of the opponents, place, date, result, ECO code, and game. The fullest and best book on Chigorin in English by far.