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The Big I Am (2010)

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I have had to take small dosages of Alprozalam Xanax again to counter-act these anxious episodes. Thanks for the help.

Evil9 at May 19, 2: When researching sam-e on the web i did not find any sites that listed this as a possible side effect. As anyone else had similar side effects. Gee at June 5, 7: Problem is it seems to worsen my insomnia, cause my heart to race, make me speedy and increase anxiety. I am beginning to wonder if I will every find something that will lift me out of my depression and anxiety with side effects I can live with.

Kathy at June 24, 8: Trying to avoid going back on lexapro, I started SAM-e yesterday, mg. I thought I was having a maniers episode I have had in the past. Kept waking up every hour all night. Very very depressed this morning, I took mg again, and mid afternoon, same thing happened. No more SAM-e for me. Lauri at June 27, A lot of folks in this post mention b Remember if you stop taking it to ramp down.

Your body gets good at excreting it and then you quit you can hit a deficiency state quickly. Try Soy Lecithin if you have neuropathy. For me Sam-E at mg per day has: Not nightmares or particularly pleasant dreams just the normal times about five and I remember them into the late morning. Although my mood is somewhat better I have clearly less patience for fools but perhaps a bit more for unavoidable situations such as traffic delays.

We all have so many things that can effect us and each compound can strike us differently. That is what drug studies are for. No one answer; but for me- Sam -E makes my dreams very different and similar to those when I tried Wellbutrin.

They helped but the side effects were impossible to deal with. I take 1, mgs of SAM-e a day and am off of the prescriptions. SAM-e works wonders for some and obviously not so great for others. My advice is to read everything out there and experiment until you find out what works for you. DW at July 6, 4: I took it as i have quite bad social anxiety which has over the past 2 years lead to depression, i was also diagnosed with ADD not hyperactive a few years ago, i dont know if this is relevant.

Leading upto taking SAM-e i was very irratable snappy tired unmotivated and generally crappy. I now feel great, just generally satisfied with life and not stressed, however i have also recently decided to organise myself a little better maybe this has helped some what.

It is possible that i may be a little more twitchy than normal but iv only actually noticed that after reading this blog, and it is def not uncomfortable or anything. Try it at a low dose one a day mg. It has worked wonders for me so far Posted by: Em at July 22, 8: Leanne at July 23, 7: It sounds like me that many of you are taking way to high of a dose.

I had felt some of the similar symptoms and found a link of what I had already suspected. That is to take smaller doses rather than what the suggest direction from the package. I found this website So, I ended up cutting my pill in quarters and take one each day. The anxiety, anger and manic feelings have much subsided.

My head feels much clearer. So, I would caution everyone to consider lowering your dosages. You know your body better than anyone else. I wish you all well.

Nancy at August 3, 2: I took sam e for two weeks mg - mg a day, I did not know what way happening to me but I thought, I was going to die! Alot of energy yea, but arms and legs hurt so bad, I could not do anything No sleep for days! I so glad the Lord lead me to this site. Thank you for shaing Joanna at August 3, 3: For a couple weeks I tried mg per day. Switched back to mg per day after that. I do have a theory of why SAM-e has such fantastic results for some,and is awful for others, it is the theory of methylation, Dr.

William Walsh has done a lot of research on this at his clinic.

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Phieffer clinic I believe. Basically what the methylation theory is, is that people will fall into two groups, High Histamine undermethylated , and Low Histamine overmethylated , a simple way to tell your blood histamine level is to take a small dose of niacin not the non-flush kind and see if you flush.

My suspicions are that these bad reactions posted here are from low histamine people, who Dr. Walsh says will do terrible on SAM-e. If you want to check out this for yourself, go to www. Walsh, an article on methylation. If you have never been to this site, then you are in for a treat, this is like a mecca for people with depression symptoms. I hope that this information helps you.

I will close with this short excerpt of the Buddhist prayer which really seems to address all of us suffering with anxiety and depression: May all be free from sorrow, and the causes of sorrow. May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless. Kim at August 13, Thankyou for your answer in advance. While on it I started getting seasonal depression, and had a few times where i had bursts of adrenaline that caused panic. But i could live with it. I came off Ritalin doe to a low blood cell count.

I then went on to modafinil and have been on it for 3 years. I had my first true anxiety attack November I also got moderate depression that winter, which persisted into the spring. Since been on modafinil i have had constant mild anxiety as a trade off for its effects. But it gives me an edge in a strange way. At the end of April i started with mg of SAM-e each night. As i found it made me tied at first. Infact i had a time where i had to have a break from SAM-e due to tiredness.

Ritalin a stimulant made me feel sedate when i first went on it This effect went off and i went back on SAM-e mg through may and June.

SAM-e and modafinil got on so well together that i upped the dose to mg each night at the end of june. The SAME-e got rid of the modafinil induced anxiety. I continued to take this through July, august and most of September. So for two weeks i took mg twice a day along with my mg of modafinil. My mental clarity and focus improved, it was like been back on Ritalin. But because of the cost i decided to go back to mg a day of SAM-e. After all i was getting greedy then.

TMG did not feel as if it had got to my brain in the way SAM-e did, instead it went to my adrenals, at first i liked the extra adrenaline. But now all i have to do is worried about anything and i have an anxiety attack. I have been dizzy, had heart palpitations, shortness of breath. And constant worries about my heart health. TMG has maybe given up too many methyl groups to adrenaline.

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My depression has gone now, and if it ever came back i would use SAM-e again. But i would never take TMG again with my modafinil.

If i had took TMG when i was depressed at a low dose by its self i might of been ok.