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Date: 04.02.2018

Major Glory (1967)

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You can add items directly to your cart from this page and check out via our shop. Let us know if you have any questions! The article on one year only parts continues below. Below is the list of items we are aware of. Over time, we will be adding photos to help illustrate each item.

Would you like to contribute a photo to help our efforts? The model of the Beetle Sedan non Convertible heralded several changes.

Most of these changes are subtle and go unnoticed. I will attempt to point out those of which I am aware. A lot of the changes continued to be incorporated into later years as well.

First and foremost was the change from 6 volts to 12 volts. This is the most talked-about change and resulted in a significant, new direction for the Beetle both in physical capability of the car and in popularity.

B Pillar Seat Belt Bolt: The front parking light was incorporated into the top-of-the-fender-mounted turn signal housing. A new type of headlamp ring began to be used. Reverse or back-up lamps: A switch was installed on the transmission so that when the car was placed into reverse, rear bumper-mounted lamps lighted. During the manufacturing year, rubber knobs began to be used. These belts mounted on the B pillar and could be latched into place when not in use.

I am told that the belts were dealer-installed since USA requirements for mandatory seatbelts did not occur until Sometimes the box was other colors, I have seen blue and aluminum as well as black. The knobs were a one-year-only black plastic and highly unreliable. The plastic backs split at the weak point and became useless.

Decklid and rear apron: The apron was changed.

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This one-year-only apron now featured a latch hole that had a rubber seal to prevent road dust and moisture from entering the engine compartment. The new latch was a low-profile bar secured by two bolts used only in that application. The decklid was changed to conform to the new apron. Body, running board trim and hood trim: This necessitated smaller holes in the body and hood with redesigned plastic trim clips and new trim clips for the running boards. Oil bath air cleaner: Greatly enlarged with dual air-intake.

The size increase mirrored the larger engine displacement. The dual intakes also necessitated a small diameter paper hose on either side that dropped through small holes in the one-year-only breastplate. Beneath the breastplate were right and left deflector plates, each with a hole. Behind each of these plates was mounted a tube, mounted to the exhaust stud on either side of the engine.

The breather hoses dropped through the breastplate, passed through the holes in the deflector plates and mounted over the metal stabilizing tubes. This was an electro-magnetic valve that closed the gas supply as soon as the ignition switch was shut off. The regulator was placed beneath the rear seat. A one-year-only transmission with a 4. Photo soon Brake cylinder: Dual master brake cylinder with two brake-light switches and a one-year-only brake fluid reservoir.

There were two metal tubes between the master cylinder and the brake fluid reservoir for this year only. One-year-only exterior door handles, doorlock pulls buttons , mounted on the door frame, and new, recessed interior door pulls as opposed to the former interior door handle locking capability.

Expanded fuse panel from 8 to 10 fuses.

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New crank pulley and shroud plate. Mid-year strengthening of crankcase near oil pump mounting. Revised left and right rear cross members introduced. New left and right roof support members introduced.

Revised lower firewall plate and front engine cover plate weatherstrip. New sedan and sunroof deluxe model roof stampings. New door and rear quarter panels introduced. New passenger door armrest.

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Door and quarter panel interior moldings removed. Mid-year new cloud-white rear seat grab handle straps. Mid-year new cloud-white visors. Mid-year slightly larger rear view mirror introduced.

Mid-year new left and right door hinges installed. Mid-year new center defroster vent under dashboard. Mid-year new front passenger grab handle with different mounting angle. Mid-year new rear seats installed. Headlamp switch and wiper switch swapped locations.

New main wire harness, left and right front section wire harness. Two Bosch distributors available; condensers were not shared. Mid-year right tie rod inner clamp nut and bolt deleted.

Mid-year changes to brake line diameters and routing up front. New transaxle casing and differential unit; rear axle, ring and pinion. New rear axle shafts, wheel bearing housings and covers. Side rear torsion bars narrowed from 22mm to 21 mm. New side levers and hardware introduced to work with narrowed torsion bars. New rear shock absorbers.