Lascivious Latinas 3 (2005) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 23.09.2017

Lascivious Latinas 3 (2005)

We offer you to watch the movie Lascivious Latinas 3 (2005), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Read "the Final Word" for more on this. She spreads her legs wide for missionary with Brian, followed by bow and arrow with Mr. Next, Brian tells her to turn around for doggystyle and then anal bow and arrow with Van. A lengthy double penetration is next, followed by another bow and arrow, this time with Brian. A brief cowgirl ride with Van turns into another double penetration.

Brian gives her some anal bow and arrow, before he too drops another unwelcome shot on her face. Jadelyn is the sexy Boricua on the cover with the sweet ass.

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Well, at least she acted like someone just dumped something toxic on her face. None ] Monique, from the beginning, is showing off her body, playing with herself and doing it while speaking Spanish.

Can you say fucking SEXY? Missionary with Van is next, while Sascha slaps her face with his dick before sticking it in her ass from behind.

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After some ATM, she hops on Van for anal reverse cowgirl that Sascha turns into a lengthy double penetration. Anal missionary with Van ends with a slight facial, while anal doggystyle with Sascha ends with a messy facial.

Monique, a very sexy Colombian with a plump, thick ass, states at the beginning of the scene that she was going to show us why Latinas are hot.

By the end of the scene? Sascha gives her some anal missionary, before the fellas get Christina screaming as they team up to give both holes a lengthy poking though, Sascha seems to be going all the grinding. Van walks over to give her missionary until he drops a shot on her face to end the scene. Christina, a 19 years old Latina mami with a nice set of lips and a some sexy eyes, seems to be enjoy herself during this scene as each hole gets a working over.

She looked particularly sexy during the doggystyle action. Both fellas spend some time making her suck their dicks individually, until she saddles up for some cowgirl, first with Steven, then with Sascha.

Next, Ann spreads her legs for missionary with Steven, that he eventually turns into an anal spooning.

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She goes from an anal cowgirl ride that gets turned into a lengthy and various double penetration. Things wrap up with Steven delivering some missionary until he drops a shot on her face. She gives it a lengthy sucking before bending over for doggystyle, followed by missionary, both regular and anal. Next, is reverse anal cowgirl, followed by more doggystyle, until Van drops a shot on her face to end the scene.

Ariel is a pretty, 20 year old Mexican mami who put on a fairly good show. Well, at least until she got poked in the ass.

No ] The girls start the scene by stripping off their clothes and taking turns feeling each other, until August decides to pay more attention to the clit vibrator she whipped out.

Next, we see Sylvia sucking on a long, orange dildo that she whips out. Talon walks over to let the girls focus their attention on his dick, as they both drop to their knees to double team it. August gets fucked first, as she goes for a reverse cowgirl ride along with PTM break , followed by doggystyle for Sylvia.

Both ladies in this scene were pretty damn hot. This puppy gets a Highly Recommended rating.