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Date: 13.09.2017

For the West (1965)

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Bruce Bruce the Ocelot Episode 1: Jones, September 17, Director: Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov. A blackmail ring, headed by Danton and his mother Coffin , preys on wealthy married women.

The show starts with Honey disguised as an old lady delivering blackmail money in a back alley. Sam poses as a ladies man. Compact radio, radio sunglasses, earring receiver, tear-gas earrings, garter gas mask, transmitter in cocktail olive. Honey and Sam pretend to be a romantic twosome. When he flirts with a bevy of beautiful ladies, Honey, across the pool and speaking through her compact radio to his radio sunglasses, cramps his style by teasing him.

I thought you liked me. Anne actually shows her belly button. Honey West was made during a time of change when the belly button ban was under assault and this show helped push the change. In the beginning, Honey takes on goons in an alley.

Flipping one, she has the drop on them with a gun when another comes from behind and clobbers her. Honey West is said to be 25 years old in this episode, the only episode to give her age. Anne Francis was in her mids at the time, but the ever-youthful actress, throughout her career, looked much younger, often able to play characters 10 to 20 years younger than her actual age. The Owl and the Eye, September 24, Director: Villain Loo, menacing Honey: A few hours rest, I am sure, would be most beneficial for you as well.

Knowing that smooth Bochner is interested in her and might have some information, Honey coos into the phone accepting a date with him. An extended chase and fight on a boat. Honey outwits some Dobermans by spraying fire extinguisher fluid on the deck, making them slip and scamper away.

She brutally karate chops and kicks the pursuing bad guys. The Abominable Snowman, October 1, Director: Honey and Sam go after narcotic traffickers who smuggle junk in snowglobes. Honey dresses up in black wig, gown and long gloves, affecting a French accent, at a charity ball.

They bicker constantly in this episode, but Honey tries the nice approach after an argument: Sam, you look very handsome today. Honey violently brawls shot from a cramped, cool-looking position from above in an elevator with a gunman. Trying to keep the cat under control, Anne who never misses a line attempts to put Bruce over her shoulder. As the scene fades, Bruce bumps heads with Anne. Later, even guest Henry Jones has trouble keeping Bruce steady in his lap.

Jones hilariously struggles with an open-mouthed Bruce, who is spitting and going crazy. After using a snowglobe to bash a criminal over the head, Honey gets white stuff all over her purse.

Rubbing it in, things only get worse. After beating up the bad guys, Honey goes to the phone to call the police. As she starts talking, one of the guys starts getting up. She goes back to the phone, smilingly finishing her conversation. Honey and Sam tangle with diamond smugglers. Honey is protecting Foster on a boat. Sam parks his truck, takes out his binoculars, and settles down to gaze at a bikini-clad Honey lounging on deck reading.

Stop reading over my shoulder.

Only a Peeping Sam. Girl watch on your own time. Honey makes short work of girl on boat—no contest. Kill a Little, October 15, Director: When missing girl breaks up with mobster, Honey must find her before an assassin does. Honey, cracking her gum and assuming a Brooklyn accent, poses as a dime-a-dance girl. No, I mean it. From now on you are not going to do crazy things.

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And then they do it her way. When Aunt Meg is setting up sandwiches on a tray she has to push a determined Bruce away. After telling Sam details of the case, she mocks him: Where has an embezzler stashed his money?

Pen with noxious gas, necklace transmitter, compact transmitter. Villainous Christie, who had a party going on, blows up her mansion, destroying her secret operation, evidence—and apparently her whole circle of friends!

The Princess and the Paupers, October 29, Director: Bobby Sherman, Michael J. Suntan lotion transmitter, face powder chemically treated to be seen under ultra-violet light. The name of song demo: Locating money container in the water, a bikini-clad Honey is spotted by a big, hairy man Bern Hoffman with amorous intentions.

As he playfully grabs at her, Honey, smiling all the way, takes his outstretched arm and flings him behind her, where he belly flops into the water face first.


She continues to exit the water smiling. In the Bag, November 5, Director: The obnoxious child Honey is hired to escort between divorced parents is abducted, inadvertently leading to diamond smugglers. Pen homing device, lipstick receiver. When an exhausted and frazzled Honey gets off plane with the brat, she and Sam greet each other with a kiss on the lips.

The understated, creepy scene where Sloane brings the child back. Without actually saying anything outright, Sloane implies menace to the child.

Honey minding unruly child on plane. The Flame and the Pussycat, November 12, Director: Honey and Sam battle an arsonist. Honey has a run-in with a condescending investigator at an insurance company after she accidentally allows the arsonist to escape.

Honey, hit over head, is stuffed into a car trunk to be asphyxiated with gas exhaust. A coughing Honey simply uses the tire jack to get out of the trunk!

A policeman is about to give Honey a parking ticket. Mad at the insurance company investigator for turning down their help, she starts throwing darts at his photo in her office. This kind of therapy takes time. Honey dresses up as a dark-haired cigarette girl. Radio planted in rug, glasses radio, watch camera. Honey hits Avery with her cigarette tray, and then beats the stuffing out of him.

She takes out three guys in room. Finally, captured by two of them, as they are going down some stairs to the outside, Honey kicks one guy down the stairs and flips the other in a nearby pond.

Ultimately, there is an incredible free-for-all in the pond that also involves Sam. You can call me Roger. A Stitch in Crime, November 26, Director: Honey and Sam, hired to deliver valuable gowns to a fashion show, are hijacked.

Aunt Meg gets into the act by posing as seamstress at fashion charity. Honey with crazy wig and dark glasses and a nonsense-poem-spouting Sam beard, mustache, glasses pose as beats in a coffeehouse.

No, you ought not. At diner, Sam takes on toughs who had cut him off on road. Honey helps Sam by splashing hot coffee in face of tough and tripping him. As the deadpan beatnik in coffeehouse. Honey investigates gang with counterfeit currency plates.

Pen radio, lipstick radio, bugging device. Great brawl in cabin. Accosted and tied up by burglar, Aunt Meg reveals that she picked his pocket before he left! After finding Aunt Meg bound and gagged by intruder, Honey and Sam discover Bruce caught in desk drawer and the ocelot gets scolded: Some watchdog you are!