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Date: 28.09.2017

Drama Series 5 (2005)

We offer you to watch the movie Drama Series 5 (2005), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

BBC4 - repeat of " Ghosts in the Machine ". A new version of the famous supernatural tale by Henry James. Xmas Radio 13 December: There is a repeat of "Music from beyond the veil", about the psychic composer Roemary Brown Radio 4. Radio 4 presents "The Ingoldsby Legends" - a series of 15 minute readings of supernatural tales popular in the Victorian era.

Absorbing radio drama about Annie Besant , political campaigner and spiritual philosopher, who was a senior figure in the Theosphical society and guardian to Jiddu Krishnamurti - heralded as the "vehicle for the incarnation of the Boddhisattva". Possession by Alastair Jessiman. The third in a series of investigations for Psychic Thomas Souter see also entries for 28 Nov and 11 Aug An old painting exerts a malign supernatural influence on its new owner writer: Anthology series of supernatural dramas.

Holby City, hospital drama series.

One of the staff visits a clairvoyant and has a series of ghostly encounters. One-off drama, set in Victorian England, about a woman prisoner who is also a spiritualist medium starring Zoe Tapper Anna Madely.

Numb3rs (TV Series 2005–2010) - IMDb

Written by Andrew Davies. Tony Robinson presents a 3 part supernatural documentary series: Xmas Radio 21 - 24 Dec: Written by Katherine Way and starring Beth Palmer. A Christmas Carol - a series of 10 x 15 minute reading of the Charles Dickens story.

Read by David Jason. A writer is haunted by the ghost of his dead first wife after inviting a medium to conduct a seance at his country house. With Roger Allam, Maggie Steed. US series about a psychic who helps police with their investigations. Words and Music - Poetry and music on the theme of the spirit world.

Dramatised by Robert Forrest. A series of daily dramatised readings 5 x 15 min of supernatural tales by the famous ghost story writer. Introduced by Derek Jacobi as M. Repeat of the comedy Xmas special.

British Supernatural Television Drama, Comedy and Documentaries

A woman struggles to reclaim her ancestral gift of spiritual healing. Ace of Wands released on DVD. Period ghost story set in the tin quarries of Wales. Fantasy drama based on an unlikely supernatural premise. With Robert Glenister as Blake.

A gambler is helped to win by the ghost of a woman who he had frightened to death. A homeless writer has a series of strange encounters including an Angel and the ghost of a Chimpanzee! A six part documentary highlighting the work of individual Spiritual healers. M R James ghostly drama rpt.

BBC4 - "The Corner of the retina". BBC4 - " Number 13 ". A new drama based on an M R James ghost story. BBC4 - "The story of the ghost story". A new production starring Marc Warren and David Suchet. A Christmas Carol in 7 pts. Shane Ritchie reads a new version of the Dickens classic. A spooky tale set in an isolated village on the coast of Norfolk. A girl on a late night train meets a man with a ghostly tale to tell. Starring Clive Swift and Lyndsey Marshal.

Haynes see entrty of 13 Dec The vicar of St. Gilberts discovers a vagrant in the church who claims to be an angel. Starring Lesley Sharpe and Andrew Lincoln. ITV1 presents a new 6-part investigative series, Haunted Homes.

Alistair Jessiman, starring Jimmy Chisholm. Documentary about two families who claim that their children possess psychic abilities. Courttia Newland, starring Seroca Davies.

Algernon Blackwood Ghost Stories 5 x 15mins. An episode in a lodging house 5 The Glamour of the snow. Start of a repeat run of the supernatural drama series Afterlife on ITV. Set in northern England during the 19th century, writers Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins stop off at an inn in Lancaster where they hear a ghostly tale based on a Dickens short story - "The lazy tour of two idle apprentices". Set in 12th century England.

A young country girl, steeped in the old pagan ways, is taken to Wells to model for the stonemasons, who are carving sculptures for a new cathedral. A tale of magical revenge. A series of late night readings of the novel. A troubled teenager encounters the spirit of Edward Elgar while walking inthe Malvern Hills. Directed by Richard Eyre. Details at Cornerhouse Arts centre. Afterlife, a new supernatural drama series, starts on ITV1.

Radio 4 presents a play, Haunted Hospital by Trevor Hoyle. DVD release of The Omega factor. Myths and legends from the south-west of England, including some supernatural tales. A play based on the life of the American writer and paranormal investigator who founded the Fortean Society.

A documentary about real life ghost stories.

Only You (2005-South Korea-SBS) - AsianWiki

This is followed by The Exorcism, a "live" investigation into the practice of Exorcism. A ghost story set on a remote Yorkshire sheep farm in the late 19th century. An art dealer attempts to sell a mysterious ancient manuscript which purports to act like a "beacon for angels". Sea of Souls BBC1 returns for a second series 6 episodes.

All based on short stories by MR James: Christmas Radio 9. Travels with Blavatsky, a documentary about the life of the famous esotericist Madame Blavatsky. Angelic Hosts, 4 stories about angels inspired by art and songs. BBC R4 presents The Cyhiraeth, a play about 2 psychic children, one contemporary, the other living in the18th century.

Channel 4 at 8 pm. The Haven, First in a 3 part documentary about life at Findhorn, the well-known "new age" community in Scotland. It investigates four well-known mediums who claim to receive communications from the spirits of the dead.