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Under the Garden (1976)

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Because of this design theme, fans were much closer to the players during Bruins and Celtics games than in most arenas, leading to a distinct hometown advantage.

This physical proximity also created spectacular acoustic effects, much like the Chicago Stadium. When teams made playoff appearances, and a sold-out crowd was chanting or screaming, the impact was enormous.

Due to the success of the Celtics in the s, the Boston Garden was one of the most difficult buildings for visiting NBA teams.

During the —86 season, the Celtics were 40—1 at home, setting the NBA record for home court mastery before the San Antonio Spurs tied the record 30 years later in the season. They also finished the post-season undefeated at home.

While the parquet floor was an important part of the history of the Celtics;, [37] it was not originally part of the Garden. The parquet floor was built and installed in the aforementioned Boston Arena first home of the Bruins hockey team and moved to the Garden in The parquet floor was used at the FleetCenter until December 22, Portions of the original floor are integrated with new parquet.

The floor was cut into small pieces and sold as souvenirs along with seats and bricks. Likewise, the Bruins made a new set of banners when they moved to the FleetCenter, which were again replaced after the Stanley Cup Finals with six new banners, each using the contemporary logo of the Bruins when each Cup victory occurred.

The smaller ice surface allowed the Bruins to dump the puck in the offensive zone and then crush their opponents with checks along the boards. Two years later, on May 15, , the lights went out during an overtime finals game between the same two teams. However, the lights were on an automatic timer and could be turned back on this time with the game ending with a 3—2 triple overtime win for the visiting Oilers.

Only 2, attended the sold-out show, because the mayor, Kevin White , and community leaders had encouraged people to obtain refunds on their tickets and instead to watch a hastily arranged television broadcast of the concert on the local public station WGBH-TV. WGBH rebroadcast the concert twice that night, an action which helped keep people off of the street at a time other major cities were erupting in riots.

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Elvis Presley performed in Boston only once, at the Garden on November 10, pulling a full crowd of about 16, and receiving high praise from Rolling Stone journalist Jon Landau for his performance. In , The Rolling Stones were scheduled to perform at the Garden when two members were detained by Rhode Island police. Fearful that angry Stones fans already in the Garden awaiting the show would riot, mayor Kevin H.

Who drummer Keith Moon for the rest of the Quadrophenia tour changed one of the lyrics to the song "Bell Boy" from "remember the gaff where the doors we smashed" to "remember Montreal at the hotel we trashed" or variations of the band being arrested.

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Almost three years later in March , Moon collapsed at his drum kit during the second song "Substitute" after downing muscle relaxers and brandy before the show. That performance was almost canceled after several fans at a Who show in Cincinnati died while trying to get in early for a general admission show.

The Boston City Council held a televised hearing on whether to allow the show to go forward and decided to permit it because there was no general admission seating in Boston.

The show was marred by a fan throwing a firecracker on stage, causing Pete Townshend to scream obscenities in the general direction of the source before getting on with the tension-filled show. Turning on the generosity of their hosts, some of the fans rioted, broke into the Garden and trashed the seating area, the ice, and most of the refreshment stands, leading then-mayor White to cancel the upcoming show and ban the group for five years.

The Grateful Dead performed at the Boston Garden more times than any other band, with 24 performances from to as an opener or middle of bill or headliner , and were intended to be the last band to play the Garden, with six shows scheduled for September , which were canceled due to the death of Jerry Garcia on August 9, The Dead did not play at the Garden for a number of years following an incident in which they were caught grilling lobsters on a fire escape before a performance.

Five years before, The J. The Geils band returned again, and had the historical distinction of being the first band in history to sell out a three night stand in at the Garden featuring hometown favorites Jon Butcher Axis as opening act. The age of glam metal practically passed the Garden by completely, as most bands from that era played the Centrum in the winter and Great Woods in the summer.

Poor acoustics, a busy sports schedule, expensive booking fees, and difficulty with local unions all contributed to the migration to more modern venues outside of Boston. On this night, the band rode a giant hot dog above the audience; the hot dog is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Sports[ edit ] The facility hosted games in the , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and Stanley Cup Finals , where the Bruins won three of their championships at the Garden in , , and The facility has also hosted games in the , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and NBA Finals , in which the Celtics won nine of their championships on home court in , , , , , , , , and Starting in , the Beanpot tournament, featuring the four major college hockey programs in the Boston area, was held at the Garden annually on the first week of February.

It occurred again in and But despite this relationship, the Boston Garden was host to only one pro wrestling pay-per-view in its history: Sheen , and Jimmy Swaggart July 29—31, Roosevelt on January 29, FDR also drew another 20, for a political rally The day before the presidential election, a rally for John F.

Kennedy drew 20, while police estimated that there were another , people in the streets outside the Garden. Other politicians to hold rallies at the Garden include presidential candidates Thomas Dewey and Dwight D. The building had no air conditioning and seats were obstructed by structural pillars.

The seats were decades old and terribly cramped. The Garden also lacked luxury suites, which had become an important and much-needed source of revenue for teams in professional sports. Senator Paul Tsongas established a committee to put forward a plan for a new Boston arena.

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Shawmut Bank purchased the naming rights for the new building with the intent of calling it the "Shawmut Center", but it was purchased by FleetBank before the new arena opened, and thus the "FleetCenter" opened on September 30, As of , it is known as TD Garden. The last official game played at the Garden took place on Sunday, May 14, The Devils edged the Bruins, 3—2, winning the series four games to one.

The Garden sat vacant for three years before it was demolished in The site where the building once stood is now a parking lot immediately adjacent to the TD Garden.