One for You, Two for Me (1973) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 02.02.2018

One for You, Two for Me (1973)

We offer you to watch the movie One for You, Two for Me (1973), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

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The roadies carried him backstage into the dressing room, where he was placed in a cold shower and revived He was taken backstage and then to the hospital Meanwhile, Townshend was enraged that the beginning of the tour was so disastrous. Any takers come up here onstage. The Concert File notes: He was carried off, revived in a shower backstage and given a short break before he rejoined the rest of the group who had carried on as a trio.

Then he collapsed again, not to return. Although considered a disaster area in terms of Who concerts, it should be emphasised that much of the music played during the early stages of the show was very good.

With Moon backstage, Pete tried to explain to the audience that there was a problem, concluding by saying: Townshend and Moon then grappled for a few moments until Pete - holding Keith in a mock wrestling hold - pulled the ailing drummer over towards his mike and shouted a few jokey comments about Moon trying to bottle out of finishing the gig.

Soon afterwards, Daltrey also grabbed Moon and he and Townshend dragged him backwards towards his drums. Keith took all this in good part despite the fact that he obviously must have been feeling lousy. With Moon seemingly ready to complete the performance, Pete picked up his Les Paul and began to tune it up. When he came to play the actual drums, however, he faltered once more, finally slumping forwards onto the kit amid a noisy climax in which Daltrey threw his mouth organ into the crowd.

Roadies lifted Keith from the kit while Townshend started to play an improvised riff, Daltrey ad-libbing some singing. After the song had gained an overwhelming response, Townshend applauded the audience for putting up with a 75 per cent complete band.

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Instead of leaving the stage, however, Pete - tentatively and jokingly - said: The second verse was missed entirely and Pete and Roger took turns to sing the final verse. I had just been getting warmed up at that point. Afterwards he enjoyed the post-show backstage hospitality with the group and then slipped back into obscurity. The Who had sold out all 13, seats in four hours three weeks prior to the concert.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was the opening act for the entire tour. San Francisco Examiner, Thursday, October 17, That notoriousshow was the last Bay Area performance of the rock opera until this weekend, when the band returnsto perform it in San Jose.

Nobody caught his name, but everybody remembers the skinny kid plucked from the audience toreplace the legendary Keith Moon -- the one-man lunatic fringe who went down that night likeconcrete, passed out at his drum kit.

Halpin, then 19, in low-slung bell-bottoms, tight T-shirt and mod haircut, coolly took the seat of hisidol, picked up the sticks and laid down the beat for three songs. Then he took a bow, arms aroundPete Town shend and Roger Daltrey, as if he had belonged there all along.

A sea of hands shot up and a line of drummers formedat the stage entrance for auditions. The Who was the most drum- driven band in rock, with Moon an unorthodox showman who didflips and walked on his drums.

He would pound the air and contort his face, but he never missed abeat. Two stagehands picked up the slumping drummer and carried him offstage, feet up. Backstage it was determined that he had probably overdosed, possibly on PCP, or angel dust.

When Townshend called out, "Can anyone play the drums? Was it still warm? I guess I played a couple more songs. It was such a weird experience.

Then hedrove his Volkswagen Beetle back home to Monterey, woke up his girlfriend and told her the story. Again without a ticket, he waited four hours at the limo entrance until he found a way into the show. Afterward, he found Graham, who took him backstage to meet Moon.

The drummer was his old self, changing clothes in front of everyone, blathering nonsense. Like many Who purists,Halpin lost his heart for the band when a drug overdose finally killed Moon in September Somewhere in the Bill Graham Presents archives, a video ofthe whole show exists. Halpin would like to see that, to fill in the gaps in his memory.