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Date: 04.02.2018

La fée sanguinaire (1969)

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Sort of like a feature-length Ingmar Bergman dream-sequence, albeit more raw, grotesque, and ridden with rot and decay, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short depicts the nightmare life of a physically and mentally middle-aged poindexter professor who begins becoming decidedly deranged as a result of the delusional unrequited love he has for a beauteous blonde student and soon begins having a hard time discerning between reality and hallucination.

Govert is a rather impressive middle-aged man and Belgian Goebbels lookalike with a small and scrawny frame, pale skin, and a badly balding head of dark thin hair. Rather curiously, Govert, who is certainly no moron as a certified lawyer with a degree, does not seem the least bit worried about what might happen to his career as a teacher and lawyer or his relationship with his wife and two young daughters were he to begin an affair with Fran, thus indicating the absurdity of his all-consuming obsession.

Govert plans to declare his love for Fran at a special graduation event at his school, as it will be the last chance when he will get the opportunity to do so, so he decides to clean himself up a little bit by getting a pseudo-suave haircut right before he heads to the big event.

How can I tell you…what you mean to me. Piano players do the same with their fingers and cyclists with their calves. Please, look at me, now. You know it is, you know how much I love you.

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You were too beautiful for me. You were too far away for me. If Govert had been like a normal man and had had enough testicular fortitude, he could have merely declined to watch the autopsy, but he ultimately watches it in all its grueling detail because he is afraid to be rude to Mato and his comrade.

Of course, if Mato had any idea of how big a lunatic Govert really is, he would not have invited him in the first place.

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While Govert attempts to wear a mask of sanity while in the company of his comrades and even goes so far as to tell Mato that he was not the least bit phased by seeing him defiling a vulgarly smelling deteriorating corpse, he ultimately learns he cannot escape from his inner pandemonium when he is unexpectedly forced to confront a particularly pulchritudinous ghost from his past. Indeed, while Govert obviously quit his job and moved to another town in the hope of erasing Fran from his mind once and for all, it only resulted in him becoming all the more possessed by her almost ghostly memory, not to mention the fact that it has caused his rather fragile mind to slowly but surely collapse under the weight of lovelorn repression and schizophrenic obsession.

Happiness within our reach, perfect, too perfect. Of course, it takes two to tango and the men Fran mentions were also equally responsible for destroying her life, even if she is now a famous actress.

This meeting can turn into something wonderful if you will see me off.

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Yes, that is the meaning of you coming to me so late. I see the truth, in duplicate, in triplicate. This man is not deranged. He suffers as a result, he becomes a perfectionist, and because of that perfectionism he feels too second-rate for everything he has to do. In its change in style at about the midway point from a sort of quasi-neorealism to magic realism, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short somehow manages to take an approach to mental illness that is, somewhat paradoxically, both seemingly rather realistic and completely mystifying.

Indeed, post-WWII Belgium may not be good for much, but the country is most certainly responsible for producing some of the darkest and most disturbing cinematic works around, which is probably normal for a culturally schizophrenic country with two different main cultures that speak two different languages.