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Date: 13.02.2018

Passing Through (2003)

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In their careers, at home in December: Rodgers averages yards and 2. Brees averages yards and 2. For Brady, I just used — when he became a big time passer. Manning yards and 2. Stanko Lovrek Okay what is your point?

Adam Thanks for the stats. The done effect is real but WAY overblown. Albert Heisenberg Rodgers also sat behind Favre IN GB for 4 years, trust me that makes a huge difference in bio-mechanical acclimatization.

Rodgers would put up even crazier numbers in a dome that would, imo, dwarf Manning. Outdoor vs Dome is not an apples-to-oranges distinction. He would be freaking awesome!!! Manning played with an outdoor team from and outside of , he beat his efficiency metrics from Indianapolis while playing the majority of his games outdoors. Albert Heisenberg He went to college in Michigan, big difference. And these numbers dont even demarcate between games played in the snow, or in torrential snowfall, or high wind.

Denver is, interestingly, an odd outlier.

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Connor Molloy I agree that the dome is a factor, but come on now. They would still be two of the top 5 statistical QBs. Adam Are you suggesting that playing at altitude inflates passing numbers?

And punting and kicking field goals. And for that matter hitting a baseball a long way. I believe the science is unmistakable at this point. Adam Playing quarterback is not remotely comparable to kicking field goals or hitting a baseball. Those tasks primarily rely on making the ball fly as far as possible, so of course altitude will make them easier. Albert Heisenberg Yes, but it does help when you control for the weaknesses of the player: Manning has a weak arm.

But what that study was about and concluded is the determental affect cold weather has on visiting teams not accustomed to cold conditions. While playing in a cold and windy stadium hurts the road team a great deal, it appears that the home team who is acclimated to the conditions actually plays better than they do in fair conditions.

This statement does not seem reasonable to me: Maybe Manning is one of those guys. Though I doubt it. Manning was insane about preparations. Most guys at that level are.

Beside, how many games to players really play in weather that is severely difficult? His Baltimore playoff game in ? How many bad weather games does he have?

The 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

And yeah, these guys are competitors beyond what most of us would see as normal…they are insane. Stanko Lovrek Would it be reasonable to say Manning is simply not in the top 10? Tom Brady will retire with six Super Bowl victories and own every postseason career passing record except QB Rating and fewest interceptions thrown in postseason play.

I know two of his seasons were shortened, but if you look at every other multiple-SB winning coach, they had an elite or HOF quarterback helping them along. Then he really struggled at age 39, and then retired. These things can change really fast. At their current paces, Brady and Brees look like they should be able to catch Manning.

Richie His neck surgery was in In he was as good as ever. Were there other neck injuries I forgot about?

I know he had some foot problems in It makes your body break down easier and recover slower. Four Touchdowns The neck injury forced him to change his throwing motion, relying more on torque generated from his legs and torso for power.

If you notice, he had leg injuries in his last three seasons, all of which were likely related to this. He reconfigured his throwing motion post-surgery to generate power from his base, and specifically rotation from his inner thighs. This is why he looked so dynamic and mobile at the beginning of last season.

The problem is that this is a fundamentally unsound mechanic, and eventually leads to repetitive stress injuries of the overworked muscles in this case his thighs. We saw the result last year as he lost strength and mobility as the year progressed. This year, the tipping point has been reached, and it seems that his thigh problem is getting worse every week no matter how much rest he gets.

Also, look at his footwork- he is unable to push off his inner thighs and is much weaker stepping into the pocket. The throws that have looked bad have mostly been to the sideline, where rotational force of the torso is critical. Overall, he has been compensating really well, but he is clearly losing strength and accuracy. With an RSI, strength and accuracy get worse as the game goes on, and the muscles tighten and weaken.

It was a tremendous project to rework his motion post-surgery, and this would require similar relearning.