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Date: 08.09.2017

DeepStar Six (1989)

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The setup for Sphere is summarized on IMDb as follows: Sphere is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, who was a well-known producer and director on top of being a best-selling author.

Westworld, Jurassic Park, E. While Crichton did occasionally provide screen treatments for his own novels, in the case of Sphere the adaptation work was done by Kurt Wimmer, who is best known for writing and directing the movies Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. As with any adaptation, there are a number of details from the Sphere book that were changed for the film. In the book, it is silvery and chrome-like in appearance. Apparently, this was initially supposed to be the case on screen as well, but the decision was made for the sphere to be gold in the middle of the production, apparently for aesthetic reasons.

Interestingly, the ending of the movie was re-shot due to complaints from test audiences. While these sorts of changes are typically in response to petty complaints from fickle or shallow audience members, in this case, the change made the move more sensible. Personally, I think there are definitely some things to like about Sphere.

For instance, Samuel L.

In general, the small cast puts out some solid performances. Aside from Jackson, Liev Schreiber is always a great supporter, and Stone does a serviceable job with her role. I suspect that Levinson just likes working with him, and he was the most bankable name that was available to the production.

The biggest positive for the movie, however, it its design. The underwater facility just looks cool, and does a lot for the atmosphere of the film. Everything has a compelling science-fiction appearance, and it gets across the concept of the deep sea as a foreign world.

Likewise, I really like the concept for the story. I remember reading the book many years ago, and liking it quite a bit. The story is a bit surreal and highly psychological, which could have made for something compelling on screen.

The book uses the high tension, claustrophobic setting to great effect, so there was certainly something for the film to work with. In the right hands, Sphere could be an effective science-fiction whodunnit, not unlike The Thing.

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At least, the blueprint was certainly there. Unfortunately, in spite of the performances, the design, and a decent source, this movie is incredibly boring and forgettable. Honestly, it is a bit difficult to nail down exactly why. The whole movie feels a bit rushed, which makes it particularly difficult to get invested in the characters.

At the same time, it is far from action-packed, so it is hard to say where all of the time goes. The movie certainly could have benefited from some character building sequences, as well as some better moments of sustained tension.

DeepStar Six vs. Leviathan: 1989's Two Sea Monster Movies Face Off

I think the biggest issue with the movie is that it was just put in the wrong hands. On top of that, the screenplay sounds like it was bounced around quite a bit, and probably suffered from that. Overall, as I stated previously, Sphere is pretty forgettable.