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Bad Habits (2000)

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Your credit score is more than just a number: So why does it seem so tricky to understand what your credit score really means?

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People in this credit range usually have a long and mostly spotless credit history, with multiple lines of credit, a proven record of making payments on time, and few if any instances of accounts being sent to collections. Very Good Credit -- to Individuals with credit scores in the to range are in pretty strong shape as well.

There are probably only a couple of minor things separating these people from excellent credit - the occasional late payment here and there, or perhaps periodic gaps in employment history. Your score might be reflective of a financial rough patch sometime in the past, or perhaps a recurring pattern of slightly late payments.

Fair Credit -- to When your credit score falls below , potential lenders start to look critically at the details of your credit report.

This is also where you might start to encounter problems landing work in fields that demand a lot of responsibility and a solid credit history, such as in the financial sector.

Focus on reducing your debt and making payments on time, and you should be able to bump your credit score back up over the next several months. Things like missing payments on credit cards and loans, having accounts sent to collections, or having to file bankruptcy are all possible causes.

Getting a loan or new line of credit can be tricky in this situation, particularly from the more traditional lending institutions. Expect to pay higher interest rates compared to your peers with better credit.

A bad credit loan, such as the personal loan we offer through First Choice, may meet your needs. There are considerable differences between having bad credit and the mere lack of an established credit history. Many young people who are just starting out, for example, may not yet have a sufficient credit profile, and this is not the same as earning a lengthy, bad-credit profile marred by poor debt management, late payments, collections, and excessive spending accounts.

Your credit is scored by the credit bureaus based on account handling. Theoretically, a person with a newly established credit history and only one or two accounts contained in the credit profile could have a "good" score.

However, the folks who lend the money typically look at more than just your credit rating. They will see additional information, such as the length of time since credit was first established in your name, for instance, and may reject your application for a large loan amount until you have gained more credit experience.

This situation is called "insufficient credit" and this condition may exist simultaneously with a good credit score i. Granted, the outcome of a loan application submitted by someone who does not have a sufficient credit history can be the same as that for a bad credit line.

However, the processes to remedy the two are entirely different. The person with a bad credit history has their work cut out for them; they must change their spending and repayment habits, bring down their debt ratio, and improve their overall handling of accounts. It can take a very long time for changes in spending and account management to have a positive impact on a credit score. On the other hand, the young person who is simply lacking a credit history can take steps to create a positive credit profile, such as obtaining a small loan, or a low-limit unsecured or secured credit card.

A lender will often work with those who are just starting out to help them obtain a reasonable line of credit within their budget, enabling them to establish a credit file.

Above all, keep your spending under control. If you find yourself maxing out your cards and making late payments, your credit score will suffer and you will not be able to purchase the larger items that really matter.

Personal Loan Calculator With this calculator, you can analyze an existing loan or potential scenarios for a future loan. If you know your credit score, you can adjust the expected APR up or down. You can also use our credit score calculator. All of this information will help you plan and budget your finances. Common Loan Questions How fast will my loan be processed? Typically, your online loan application will be processed same day, with instant approval at the time you apply.

Will my loan request affect my credit score? Since we list loans online for all credit types, there is typically no credit check when you apply for smaller monetary amounts. A soft credit inquiry may be necessary to verify your identity, but this will not cause further damage to your credit score. A verifiable means of loan repayment is required. I need immediate cash for an emergency, but my credit is terrible.

Can I still get approved for a small amount of money?

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Yes it is possible. Though not guaranteed approval, the First Choice Personal Loan product has a high approval rate given the large number of active lenders in the network. Is the loan form secure? Our loan application is secured by bit SSL encryption. Can I get my loan the same day? After your loan is approved, you will typically receive the money directly into your bank account within a matter of hours.

This varies, of course, depending on the time of day that your loan application is submitted to the lender.

If you submit during the evening, for example, after the banks have closed, you will receive your cash the next day within 24 hours. Are there any upfront fees for the loan? Applying for a loan is free of charge and there are no upfront fees. Remember, legitimate lenders never charge fees in advance of a loan. What is the interest rate on the loan? At competitive rates, a typical installment loan APR will range from 6.

Following quick approval, your lender will review the interest rate with you in detail. If your credit is bad, your interest rate may be proportionally higher. Beware of Loan Scams Protect yourself and your finances from fake lenders and low-life scammers. Make sure to read up on scam techniques, such as their use of legitimate company names and logos, stolen from real loan companies, in order to hide their illegal operation.

You will be able to fend off the bad guys who take advantage of the desperate and vulnerable.