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Date: 24.11.2017

This Special Friendship (1964)

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Parallel to this and several high profile teen suicides related to bullying, schools began revamping their code of conduct and anti-bullying regulations. But what does this mean when your child is being targeted by a bully? This article provides tips for parents on what to do when their child with special needs is being bullied. Stay calm Your first response will likely be anger and a strong desire to protect your child and punish those who have done your child wrong.

However, it is important to try to stay calm and get as much information as possible to develop a plan for resolving the problem.

Talk to your child or his peers Get as much information as possible about the incident s , names of those involved, what happened, was there adult supervision, and if so, who was there and what did they do? Getting this information will help you be organized when you approach the school for a solution. However, if the incident was severe, the school should also be involved. In general, the policies prohibit unwelcome verbal, written, or physical conduct, directed at the characteristics of specific enumerated groups.

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However, it is interesting to note that people with disabilities are not always included as a group deserving of protection from bullying and harassment under these policies. When disability is included under anti-bullying policies, often examples of qualifying conduct include: Notify the school of your concerns Depending on the severity of the incident, the school may already be involved.

The school must have notice of the incident and an opportunity to respond appropriately. If the school does not respond appropriately for example by deciding not to discipline the offender or fails to respond altogether and another incident occurs, the school may then be liable for the bullying. At the federal level, discriminatory harassment is governed primarily by the Civil Rights Act of These laws create a private right of action, allowing someone to bring a claim and recover damages for discrimination.

Demonstrating A Hostile Environment The crux of these civil rights claims is whether the harassing conduct creates a hostile learning environment. To demonstrate a hostile environment a plaintiff must show: That he or she is disabled 2. He or she was subjected to unwelcome harassment 3.

The harassment was based on his or her disability 4. The harassment was severe and pervasive enough to alter the conditions of learning 5.

The conduct offended the plaintiff and would offend a reasonable person. Students continually taunt or belittle a student with mental retardation by mocking and intimidating him so he does not participate in class.

One occasion of tackling the student, hitting him with a binder and throwing his personal items in the trash. If your child has been bullied and the school has not responded appropriately, you should consult an attorney with experience in Education Law or Civil Rights. Use it as an opportunity for learning Often times bullying comes from fear of those who are different.

The best way to combat that is through education and awareness. Offer to come in and talk to students about your child.

Many organizations, like the Special Olympics see www. No parent wants their child to be bullied, and no parent wants their child to be a bully.

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By staying calm, gathering information, knowing your rights, and coming to the school with solutions, you may be able to help resolve the problem. Unfortunately, there will always be bullies in life and it is important that your child know what to do when confronted with a bully.

Using tools like social stories see an example online here and videos see an example online Here may help. Latest Special Needs Products.