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Date: 05.02.2018

Rosie (2004)

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In house Invisibly Yours, George: Ajia-Do Wedding Bells for Rosie: In house The Odd Pod: Studio Junio Two Many Georges: Ajia-Do Spacely for a Day: Particularly evident in the first couple minutes of "The Best Son". Family Guy took another swipe at the show with this. Dinner with the Boss: Spacely does this in the pilot episode. George passing himself off as "Georgina Jetstream" in "Solar Snoops. Does Not Like Shoes: Downplayed with Jane, whose regular outfit seems to include tights without shoes.

Either that or those are some really high and really form-fitting boots. Uniblab fill this trope in "G. Exty Years from Now: The show started in Naturally, it was set in Yet oddly Jane managed to mess them up somehow. George sanguine , Jane melancholic , Elroy phlegmatic , and Mr. George had to deal with traffic jams even with a flying car. Tons, most memorably "Eep, op, ork, ah-ah!

And that means I love you! Has anyone ever actually tried to count all the times George gets fired throughout the series? Getting Crap Past the Radar: The Great Politics Mess-Up: Plenty of proverbs Recycled In Space: Why are Elroy and Judy blondes when their parents are both redheads? There are no black people in The Jetsons.

They did add some more diversity in the 80s episodes, though. Far worse when you think hovercraft accidents may leave the occupants hurtling through the glass domes, and down thousands of feet.

As boy-crazed as Judy is, George has every reason to be this. In one episode George watches a clip from Rocky One episode reveals the rivalry came from when they were kids.

They attended the same school; graduated the same day; Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs were founded practically at the same time. Rosie has two of them; one on either side of her head. The robots in "Robot Football". Same Character, but Different: Also, why would Jane be a housewife in a society with robot maids, automated kitchens and self-cleaning houses?

Either way, Rule of Funny still applies. Maybe it just sounds better than "unemployed". Small Role, Big Impact: The show tried to show this by having the worst problems in society being getting tired of pushing buttons all the time, portraying it as being joint-breaking labor that the characters did nothing but complain about. Taxman Takes the Winnings: An episode has Jane and George making it big on betting in races using a pair of glasses that can see a few minutes into the future and running away from a pair of men that they think belongs to The Mafia Theme Tune Roll Call: Through a Face Full of Fur: Common with Orbitty, as he has the special ability to change into various colors, depending on his mood.

But this new recording was also applied to subsequent re-issues of the original series in some weird attempt at revisionism. Compare this to this. The DVDs and newer re-issues to broadcasters have restored all of the above to the originals except for the title cards, with the original Cold Openings still missing.

The movie has a completely remade version of the intro animation , which features some Conspicuous CG. Notably, Jane kisses George instead of taking his wallet. Taken to ridiculous ends all the times Mr Spacely is able to reach through the screen and physically throttle George.

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In some episodes Jane can be seen shopping and the kids doing schoolwork on it, which pushes it slightly more towards the desktop PCs of the actual future than the dedicated-hardware videophone of pure zeerust. In the cartoon, Jane and a friend of hers actually put on faces over their bed heads. Two Flash-based games were released in on the Cartoon Network website: Mealtime Malfunction and Jetsons Space Race.

We Will All Fly in the Future: What Happened to the Mouse? Writers Cannot Do Math: Jane is thirty-three and Judy is sixteen. Robo-WrestleMania provides examples of: While not in the same level as the theatrical movie, the animation in this is really good.

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The original show made a lot of jokes about how hard manual labor is and how easy life in the future is. Here, the joke is deconstructed, and shows the consequences of relying too much on technology and future life. The movie begins with a recreation of the "Rainbow H-B" Hanna-Barbera logo that looks almost identical to the original the "H-B" text is not slanted in this version.

Jane is quick to call the former out on this though. When the Jetsons are brought to Mr. Took a Level in Jerkass: George subverts this trope. Spacely are respectively higher and lower albeit not too much than when he first started in Plus, he has more material to work with than with commercials or shorts, giving him room to stretch his vocal chords.