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Date: 04.09.2017

Prada Handbag (2007)

We offer you to watch the movie Prada Handbag (2007), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Key Handbag Trends The major handbag trend for spring is that of the extremely large bag. Clutch bags and wristlet bags with easy-wear, detachable, wrist-loop handles, are the contrast to these extremely large bags.

However, I think we all love our handbags and there is room for variety. By autumn you may want to be pare down your bag size. Some major designers are delivering much smaller bags.

An alternative handbag might be a bag which has the richest of surface textures, especially laser cut patterns with ruching or woven strips. Designer Led Bags Naturally, no page on lower priced bags can afford to ignore the fashion directions set by Prada, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs and others. You might expect to find many of these Spring fashion bags on the high street in your nearest town, or easily obtained online. All the hard work that goes into designing and inventing new decoration, structure and surface embellishment on top end designer bags, is raining down, rather than trickling down, to the mass market.

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This spring, even high street bags follow directional fashion trends very closely, and look alike fake bag replica copies abound. This handbag selection to the left, is courtesy of Faith Footwear and the image illustrates their exceptionally wide range of handbag styles. This is a good example of how the high street pays attention to designer bag trends, such as ruching, studs, pockets and patterned fabrics.

Higher expenditure on a bag, is a clear retail trend at any level of the accessory bag market and I discuss the rising prices of bags is on the handbag inflation page. Quite a few women wonder, how have we arrived at the situation where a handbag costs as much, or more, than a very good coat or a computer.

Plenty of ordinary mortals will push the boat out for the daily thrill and the cachet of owning a luxury designer bag.

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Big bags have been a real major trend of and the look is set to continue into But I think bags have reached quite ridiculous proportions. I confess I have already abandoned my bigger handbags. I began to feel overloaded by the contents. Smaller Bags Despite the success of the larger bigger bag, smaller bags are returning. Smaller bags are being used differently, clutches are gaining new importance because they can be thrown inside a big bag.

Clutches can be small or large, but suddenly designers are producing larger clutches. They realize that a woman may want to accommodate a Blackberry phone, and hair straighteners in her handbag. However, a clutch can be used in a similar way to a wallet or credit card holder and the kept within a larger bag. Uniqueness and the use of rare exotic skins, has driven the market demand for the ultimate personal bag even higher.

Use of luxury, and ever novel materials, is another constant trend in bag products. Louis Vuitton bags also have lots of studs and a visible designer address logo plaque, as do the latest Dolce and Gabbana bags.

Even less expensive brands, like RI2K, use this name plate idea. I prefer this classier, statement gold plaque, signature logo, to the dangling logo initials, such as those on my designer bag page. In wear, I found myself tying together the loose logos initials to stop them jangling and clanking.

Frankly the weight of all that junk I was carrying around, meant that when I went out shopping with my filled handbag, I sometimes felt I had already been out for hours before crossing my threshold. The bigger the bag the more it weighs empty, and then the bigger the bag, the more we all stuff into them. Lighter looking wicker, straw, raffia and woven bags are perfect for summer.

The broken nature of the material texture creates a lightness missing from solid leathers. Plastic see through bags are also a terrific answer to boarding problems, and smarter than the small polythene bag alternatives. The bags above are: Ruching, Fringe and Tassels on Handbags Textured leather skins, snakeskin, metallic effects, crystal studs, spike studs, buckles, pockets, printed suede, woven leathers, leather flowers, plaiting, shirring, ruching, ruffles, studs, chains and mesh all vie for the consumers short lived attention span.

These fashion textures are just some of the surface effects to look out for on bag and shoe accessories as well as clothing.

A feature or Prada bags is their texture and movement. The black bag above is from John Lewis and is Alloa by Fiorelli. The brown bag to the right is from Matalan. As well as ruching, tassels and fringe add texture. Roberto Cavalli and Prada are both favouring deep fringe on garments and bags this season, the look is shimmy. Giambattista Valli has an interesting drawstring small duffle-bag with two-inch punk gold studs.

One of the newest bag trends in textures, and hot this season, is the more extensive use of laser-cut leathers to create softer more feminine, lace look patterned surfaces. More interesting effects can be achieve by using a contrast material to show through the cut outs.

See the pretty Alexander McQueen perforated bag on the luxury bag page. Bows on Bags Since bows on designer bags appeared last year, every high street shop seems to have its own bow bag version.

Bows now explode over the surface of a bag covering the whole of one side. These large bags with bows right are from Marks and Spencer This clutch style above is perfect for a special occasion. Imitations of the diagonal quilt bag are everywhere. Quilting is taking on a more modern look. Bags with woven leather strip texture as the main material of bag, are of course a take on Bottega Veneta bags, and weaving can be combined with quilting. John Galliano designed twelve new bags based on the Dior saddlebag.

My favourite is the gold herringbone saddlebag, but you may prefer the curly queen bag. Stella McCartney did a waterproof mesh bag along duffle bag lines, as part of her designing for Adidas. Still thinking casual with a luxury feel, Prada showed desirable satin rucksacks in deep jewelled tones.

Metallic Handbags Metallic handbags have been a trend this past year and this continues as a fashion trend through spring and Summer Metallic will be around most of so a metallic bag could be good buy without overloading your wardrobe with shimmering garb. In the high street, Dorothy Perkins has all the key trends. Snake and reptilian skins or patterns are featured everywhere. Whatever your price range the look alike bag picking up on a designer statement is out there for you.

Handles Handles have been an area for designers to play with in recent years. Bamboo handles have returned and they offer interesting contrast on textured or smooth frame bags. Top handle-frame handbags compliment fashion coats that rely on a great silhouette to make a fashion statement. Frame bags which are hand held help to maintain that crisp dolly bird look.

Why spend your hard earned cash on a designer fake, and be dissatisfied with the replica that looks lesser on arrival. Most counterfeit handbags are let down by their cheap hardware and materials. Go straight to a responsible online store. Many would argue that some designer bags are quite certainly works of art.

Desirable designer luxury bags include both the Yves St Laurent Fauve bag and the Marc Jacobs Christina, a chain strap bag of the moment. The former a bag that will actually hold items whilst looking good and lush to touch. The latter a cute and eye-catching work of art so pretty for holidays or evenings. Consumers of are becoming more handbag aware, yet the wider trend now for many individuals is that the classic bag has become more appealing again.

The accessories within a fashion shop only survive if they have the right stock. Boutiques are more likely to have forward looking fashion handbag trends than mainstream high street shops.

So small boutiques may be worth a look, for you to get an understanding of the fashionable bag mood of the moment. Read more about these colours and about fabrics on the Spring colour page.