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Doom Claw (1994)

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Overview[ edit ] The premise of the show is that the protagonist brothers are separated at birth. Billy is raised by an elderly martial arts master known as the Oldest Dragon, and his brother Jimmy is raised by the evil Shadow Master as his second-in-command, the Shadow Boss. As a result, the Lee brothers oppose each other as adults; but when Jimmy is betrayed by the Shadow Master, he renounces his evil ways and joins his brother as a Dragon Warrior.

During the course of the series, the brothers recruit allies in their war against the Shadow Master and his henchmen. The futile search for their father, John Lee, is a subplot throughout the series. All of the characters introduced from the second episode onward are original creations made for the show, although most of the villains are also used in the Tradewest -produced Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls , a competitive fighting game released for home consoles.

Cast of characters[ edit ] The Double Dragons[ edit ] In the series, the Lee brothers are martial-arts instructors and police consultants, who assume superheroic identities at moments of escalated violence.

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They usually transform out of those forms by crossing swords again and saying in unison, "For Might! We are Double Dragons! Injury sustained by one is also taken by the other although this characteristic is not always consistent ; and if one has his powers deactivated by injury, so will the other. The brothers infrequently show an ability to sense when the other is in danger. They are the leaders of a small group of "Dragon Warriors" endowed with superhuman powers based on the use of a smokeless, green "dragon fire".

He regularly wears a blue outfit, and a red dragon mask when he transforms. - Double Dragon Episodes

He regularly wears a red outfit, and a blue dragon mask when he transforms. The first of the Dragon Warriors. It was later revealed he was illiterate, by reason of living in the streets after the Shadow Warriors killed his parents. Mike "Chop" Pollard voiced by Garry Chalk - A former police officer who lost his right arm in a car accident and now works as mechanic, tricked by Shadow Master into making vehicles for the Shadow Warriors.

Once he realizes his mistake, he makes the Dragon Cruiser for the Double Dragons, builds himself a robotic arm, and is made into a Dragon Warrior. Daj voiced by Ian James Corlett - A mutant half human, half feline of the settlement of mutants known as "Undertown"; an ally of the Double Dragons. Later made a Dragon Warrior himself, and the caretaker of an underground Dragon Temple.

He is the most seen of the Junior Dragons. Jason - A student featured predominately in an episode where the Shadow Master sold plasma weapons to young street gang members.

Daryl - A kid who initially wanted to become a Shadow Warrior and helped to trick Billy and Jimmy into a trap. He switched sides when he saw the Shadow Master almost kill Billy. Danny - A video game enthusiast, and the son of an archaeologist who uncovers artifacts for the Double Dragons. Friends and allies[ edit ] Oldest Dragon voiced by French Tichner - The original Master of the Dragon Dojo, who raised Billy Lee and reappears in subsequent episodes in spirit form, as an advisor.

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Marian Martin voiced by Cathy Weseluck - A police officer who helps the Double Dragons; a major character during the first season, but a comparatively minor role in the second season. Su Lien - A tai chi chuan instructor who assists the Double Dragons in their quests.

The Shadow Master has tried to capture her to learn her secrets. Megabyte - A skilled computer hacker, who helps the Dragon Masters to travel the information superhighway, using virtual reality technology. Dragon Spirit - A spirit who inhabited a sword. When the sword is destroyed by the Shadow Master, Chop uses the left over metal in the Dragon Chopper. The Spirit of the Sword then inhabits the chopper and helps the Dragon Warriors fight.

His original name was Dao Lung and he once belonged to Chen Long. Chen Long - Chen Long was once a Dragon Warrior literally, a dragon who was a warrior who owned Dao Lung; presumed dead after his fight with the Shadow Monster, but later shown alive to fight it again.

Shadow Warriors[ edit ] The Shadow Warriors are the main antagonists of the series, a criminal organization composed mostly of mutants. He has many powers which include shapeshifting and teleporting, and he is able to trap warriors who fail him in the Shadow Mural. He is armed with a katana and a pair of daggers, sheathed under his skin.

Sickle voiced by Scott McNeil - A Shadow Warrior who specializes in disguises and is armed with two large red sickles. Trigger Happy voiced by Terry Klassen - A purple-skinned Shadow Warrior, who uses a hand-mounted directed-energy blaster. He is armed with shoulder mounted rocket blasters. As punishment for his betrayal, the Shadow Master traps Countdown in the shield that once imprisoned the Shadow Khan.

Jawbreaker voiced by Michael Donovan - A monstrous pink-skinned mutant, capable of biting through almost any solid matter.

He is sucked into the Shadow Mural at the beginning of the second episode and is never seen again for the rest of the series. He is punished alongside Abobo in the second episode. Shadow Khan voiced by Alec Willows - Introduced in the beginning of the second season, he is a powerful sorcerer imprisoned in a shield by the Oldest Dragon. The Shadow Master uses the entrapped being to make himself more powerful, until Khan tricks Countdown into freeing him.

Ultimately buried alive by Daj. Their uniform consists of urban camouflage pants, gray body armor and a face guard covering the lower half of their faces.

They are armed with energy blades generated by their gauntlets. Blade, a character from Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls , has the standard design used for most of the generic Shadow Warriors on the show, while Sekka appears to wear a female variant of their uniform. As the Shadow Boss, Jimmy draws his powers from the Black Flame, causing his entire body to be clad entirely in black in a manner similar to the Shadow Master himself.

Hannibal - A huge doglike monster appearing in only one episode, "Judgment Day".