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Charlton Heston (1994)

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Heston said in a interview that he was not very good at remembering addresses or his early childhood. Shortly thereafter, his mother married Chester Heston. The new family moved back to Wilmette.

Career Edit Heston frequently recounted that, while growing up in northern Michigan in a sparsely populated area, he often wandered in the forest, "acting" out the characters from books he had read. He served for two years as a radio operator and aerial gunner aboard a B Mitchell stationed in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands with the Eleventh Air Force. He reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. Heston married Northwestern University student Lydia Marie Clarke in the same year he joined the military.

Seeking a way to make it in theater, Heston and his wife Lydia decided to manage a playhouse in Asheville , North Carolina, in Film producer Hal B.

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Wallis of Casablanca spotted Heston in a television production of Wuthering Heights and offered him a contract. After the play flopped, Heston told columnist Joe Hyams, "I feel I am the only one who came out with a profit I got out of it precisely what I went in for — a chance to work with Olivier.

I learned from him in six weeks things I never would have learned otherwise. He never returned to Broadway, but acted in regional theaters. Heston considered it among his favorite roles.

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He also produced, directed, and starred in a film version of it. The production gained a sort of notoriety when Dustin Hoffman spread the story that Heston, who was bald, was so vain that he wore a wig over his hairpiece, rather than let the public view his actual bald pate. His breakthrough came when Cecil B. In , Heston appeared with Jane Wyman in the film, Lucy Gallant , the story of a woman determined to hold on to her dress shop in a small Texas oil-boom community.

He voiced the role of Ben-Hur in a cartoon version of the Lew Wallace novel in Heston at a congressional hearing in Heston played leading roles in a number of fictional and historical epics: Heston also played the eponymous role in the western movie Will Penny In —71, Heston was the elected president of the Screen Actors Guild.

The Guild had been created in for the benefit of actors, who had different interests than the producers and directors who controlled the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Heston was more conservative than most actors, and publicly clashed with the outspoken liberal actor Ed Asner.

In , he starred in the science fiction film, The Omega Man. Although critically panned, the film is now considered a classic of post-apocalyptic horror.

In , Heston made his directorial debut and starred as Mark Antony in an adaptation of the William Shakespeare play he had performed earlier in his theater career, Antony and Cleopatra.

After receiving scathing reviews, the film was never released to theaters, and is rarely seen on television. It was finally released on DVD in March Heston poses for his wife Lydia at their hilltop Beverly Hills home, just after winning an Oscar for his role in Ben-Hur, From to , he starred in his only prime time stint on a television series in the soap, The Colbys.

Filmed in the Middle East, the series received excellent reviews, achieving great success on video and DVD. After the scene is reshot with Heston, Campbell weeps in awe. That same year, Heston hosted Saturday Night Live. He had cameos in the films Hamlet, Tombstone and True Lies. Heston played the title role in Mister Roberts three times and cited it as one of his favorite roles.

In the early s, he tried unsuccessfully to revive and direct the show with Tom Selleck in the title role. A Call to Greatness.