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Date: 16.11.2017

A Dieu (1998)

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Since I became a pastor, this is the largest work of baptism that I have done in my life. Even though it was a big work and tough, it was done perfectly and I thank those who prayed for me during my trip to Malawi. The Baptism was done in a river called Chirewe in Mozambique. I appropriate the joint hands of Mulozowa and Matiya. The rest of members were not baptized because the were still learning.

And I want to inform you pastor that the doors are open in Malawi and Mozambique. I did not expect the extent of the work I have seen in Malawi. Let us pray for the work in Africa. On the Sabbath we met in Malawi. Our brethren from Mozambique came to Malawi. Even though I was but one person, I touched many subjects. The importance of Christian calling and our major work, true repentance, divorce and remarriage, tithing, and the Sabbath. The Sabbath was wonderful. The number was We discussed so many things with him concerning the work in Zambia.

This is also another problem in Malawi and Mozambique.

They need the magazines to be translated in Chechewa so that all people can understand. I talked with both Mulozowa and Justine if they can do that work. They agree that they can do it perfectly. So Mulozowa want the current magazine so that he can start the translation. So please send it to Mulozowa. Since this work in these three countries is big and they are speaking the same language, I beg you pastor to assist so that they can print the magazines in Malawi.

This will be safe and cheap. It will be so helpful to these countries.

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I wanted all of them to learn all the truths, I negotiated with Mulozowa that they with meet every month for three days to get teachings from our website and books because i took laptop to Mulozowa and they can use it. Next time when I will be going back I will carry laptop to Matiya and Justine.. Another Pentecostal pastor came from northern part of Mozambique miles away.

He has been visiting our website frequently. I have so many pictures for baptism and meeting. I will send them later and other in formations. Evans As requested, the magazine file was sent to Radson Mulozowa to get to of Zambia for translation. We have already produced a small amount of literature in Chichewa, but have never printed materials in Malawi before.

Anyway, I told Evans Ochieng that we would support the printing of our magazine and other literature in Malawi perhaps I should mention that Malawi is the second poorest nation on Earth according to a report that came out this month.

Nearly all of those in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia who have been affiliating or starting to affiliate with us did NOT have a prior Church of God background. We must, of course, go through those doors that Jesus opens for us. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.

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