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Date: 18.08.2017

Wedding Bell Blues (2005)

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In , they sang at local clubs while taking lessons from a vocal coach. In , they came to the attention of Ray Charles , who took them on tour with him the following year. He produced a single by the group, "Lonesome Mood", a jazz-type song that gained local attention. However, internal disagreements caused Elston to go his way, eventually leading to his forming the Friends of Distinction , with latter day Hi-Fis member, Floyd Butler.

McLemore sought to form another group and started looking for members to join him and McCoo. McCoo, who had studied with the respected vocal coach Eddie Beal, had appeared in high school and college musical productions and was known for her way with a torch song. McLemore found Florence LaRue , who had received training as in singing, dancing, and violin; and who won the talent portion at the Miss Bronze California contest, which LaMonte was assigned to photograph.

McCoo had won the contest the prior year.

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About the same time LaRue was approached to join the group, McLemore recruited an old friend, Ronald Townson , who at age six was singing in choirs and gospel groups in his hometown of St. His grandmother fostered his career by arranging for private voice and acting lessons as he grew up.

He demonstrated his skill as a classical artist by placing third in the Metropolitan Opera auditions held in St. After finishing high school, he worked his way through Lincoln University by conducting the school and church choir.

After graduating, he organized his own member gospel choir. Louis days, Billy Davis Jr. He later saved enough money to buy a cocktail lounge in St. Louis, which he used as a base for experimenting with musical groups. Major hits[ edit ] The group performing in The budding songwriter Jimmy Webb supplied the group with their breakthrough hit, "Up, Up and Away", a mid 7 hit that won five Grammy Awards.

The group received a gold record for their album Stoned Soul Picnic. That album included "California Soul", which peaked at 25 in February Those four singles kept the group on the Hot for all but four weeks in They introduced "Puppet Man" and "One Less Bell To Answer" as guests in the It Takes a Thief episode "To Sing a Song of Murder" in ; the latter song was used as a plot device in which its closing notes were to activate a bomb in an assassination attempt of the head of a fictitious country.

The New York Times reported the 5th Dimension show drew 60, alone.

During the last season of The Ed Sullivan Show, Sullivan dedicated the entire February 21, episode to the fifth anniversary of the 5th Dimension.

Regrouping[ edit ] In , McCoo and Davis, who had married on 26 July , left the group to do collective and individual projects. The group signed with Motown not long after, releasing two albums in Reunion and departure[ edit ] The original quintet reunited in and for a tour. Townson left the group to try a solo career, but soon returned, as the group resigned itself to the nostalgia circuit.

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In , Willie Williams replaced Townson, who died in due to kidney failure. Battle departed in , to be replaced by Van Jewell. McLemore left the group in March Band leader Florence LaRue took the opportunity to share her thoughts on the tragedy: The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in Louis Walk of Fame , inducted on March 18, The specific problem is: Louis, Missouri [6] Ronald L.

Since then, other members have included: