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Date: 02.09.2017

The Dunwych Madness (2000)

We offer you to watch the movie The Dunwych Madness (2000), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Aired Wednesday, October 11, To avert a train spilling nuclear waste into the Colorado River, Parker launches the sphere despite warnings that atmospheric conditions could veer a Back-Step off the time line. The Back-Step is successful, but Parker brings back to earth a woman who has been dead over 20 years.

She wants to find the daughter she left behind, but her presence is disrupting the time-space continuum and causing catastrophes all over the earth. Parker helps the long-dead women keep her daughter from repeating her mistakes, and then rushes her back to the sphere before the earth is consumed in a black hole.

Right after he finds out that his transfer has been approved and he will be leaving in a week, Parker is sent on a Backstep to prevent the outbreak of new war in Bosnia. Parker tries to prevent the men from dying in the ambush, however he needs saving by Donovan first.

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Parker and Donovan find out that the three servicemen were not actually trying to save the refugees, but instead were trying to get the large amount of money hidden in the church. Parker and Donovan not only save the refugees, but make reluctant heros out of the three greedy men.

Aired Wednesday, October 25, When the newly-elected Colombian President is honored at a White House dinner, deadly poison is administered through a kiss. Aired Wednesday, November 1, Frank goes to visit an old military friend who is now running a restaurant in a small seaside town by the name of Dunwych. When Frank narrowly escapes incineration when the whole town blows up, a Back-step is ordered. It turns out that the town is slowly going insane, and Isaac Mentnor recognizes it as linked to his work in a bio experimentation project following WWII.

New agency member Andrew Hooter Owsley, the replacement for the recently married Dr. Ballard, comes aboard in time to hack into the CDC database for information on a possible antidote before FEMA carries out a destruct order on Dunwych. Unfortunately, terrorists bomb the Alaskan pipeline, taking out Olga as well. Parker back steps and he and Olga work together to take down the terrorists before they again destroy a large amount of the Alaskan wilderness.

Aired Wednesday, November 15, Parker rebuffs several phone calls from a voice pretending to be an old girlfriend. Parker Back-Steps to avert the tragedy, and finds himself prey in a high stakes cat and mouse game in which failure will cost thousands of lives. It turns out that the woman is actually a man disguising his voice.

The man used to be a researcher on the Back-Step project, and when he found out that he would never be able to be a crononaut, he lost it and wanted to take revenge on the man that took his place, Frank Parker. Aired Wednesday, November 22, Recurring guilty nightmares over his own survival and the deaths of his comrades in Somalia weaken Parker into delusional behavior during a dangerous Back-Step. While trying to prevent the escape of a convict threatening the life of a politician, Parker hallucinates that he is in battle and reenacts a bloody sequence of events while subconsciously attempting to fulfill the primary Back-Step mission.

Aired Wednesday, December 20, A Russian criminal named Josef, seeking revenge on Parker for the death of his brother, kidnaps the crononaut and inserts a locator chip into his neck. Parker awakens with no memory of the event and backsteps to save the life of an ambassador.

Josef is surprised to find one of his locator chips suddenly activated in North Carolina and retrieves Parker before Operation Backstep can get to him. Aired Wednesday, January 3, When Talmadge starts to display odd unconventional behavior, the Back Step advisory board appoints Ramsey as temporary chief.

Ramsey immediately removes Parker from active duty and starts ruling everyone else with an iron fist. When Talmadge dies of an undetected brain aneurysm, the team convinces Ramsey to let them Back Step to prevent the unnecessary death of their beloved leader, and the destruction of Pakistan by a hi-jacked U.

Aired Wednesday, January 10, Working in a protected nuke-proof bunker feet below the earth, Olga and Parker are spared the effects of an enhanced neutron bomb explosion which evaporates all life on the planet. Owsley survives as well, but suffers from severe radiation poisoning which not only threatens his life, but his mind. Along with a surviving Army Major, the team tries to get back to Never Never Land to Back Step and erase the disaster, but strange problems plague them along the way.

Parker and Olga work together and manage overpower Owsley who is trying to prevent the Back Step. Parker successfully goes back in time and prevents the disaster. Aired Wednesday, February 7, A Back-Step is initiated when a missile test-firing backfires into a slaughter of the top military brass observing the event.

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Central to the disaster is a missing computer control device, expertly lifted by a beautiful and dangerous international thief, Raven, working her way up the ladder to the man she wants dead. Parker gains her trust impersonatig and ex-KGB agent and keeps her from getting killed during her mission so that he can find who she is working for. Raven ends up working with Owsley, Donovan and Parker to take down her arch-enemy and help them recover the computer control device.

Aired Wednesday, February 14, When the rebellious daughter of the president, Deedee, escapes her secret service agent, goes to a rave and dies after falling off a balcony, Parker is sent back in time to prevent her death and figure out who is planning the crime. As soon as Deedee is returned to her original secret service agent she runs away to the rave as she did in the earlier timeline.

Parker tracks her there and just barely prevents her deadly fall. Deedee is left with a new outlook on life, and rather than constantly rebelling, she makes the most of being the first daughter.

Aired Wednesday, February 21, An Air Force major, using the code Conundrum, arrives from seven years in the future to assassinate a seemingly wonderful Nobel peace prize laureate, claiming that the revered man is actually going to start World War III.

When the operation goes all wrong, Donovan is dead, Ramsey and Talmadge are sequestered, the Air Force major is in charge of Operation Back Step, and Parker is arrested for the murder a number of world religious leaders. They figure out that the Air Force major is not who he says he is and engineer a Back Step to prevent the original operation.

Parker Back Steps and finds himself in a post-apocalyptic hell where he has to fight the devil in the form of the major. As the alien crystals in his blood stream multiply, he becomes more and more irresistable to women, including Olga.

The surprised NSA team, now existing seven days earlier, realizes that it must discern what the mission was, how deadly, and how to solve the puzzle. Left without many clues, Isaac Mentnor recalls the aid of a young woman psychic he depended upon for a mission many years before, and presses her into service despite her emotional instability.

Aired Wednesday, March 28, Due to an accident during sphere testing, Parker finds himself in an alternate reality where the United States is a didactic totalitarian regime. Innocent teenage internet reporters from our reality are rebel troops in this new reality. Talmadge is an evil dictator, Donovan is a competitive and violent admiral, Owsley wears a suit, and Olga died at age sixteen. Instead of Olga growing up to be a doctor, her wild sister Svetlana grew up to be a serious physicist and works with the rebels.

Parker teams up with the rebels and Owsley, with help from a pot-smoking loser named Ramsey, to recreate the accident and get him back to his own reality. Aired Wednesday, April 4, The U.

An overzealous battle commander launches a retaliatory missile and starts a nuclear war. Parker, who has just gotten himself in a lot of trouble sending a drunken inflammatory email to the Back-Step panel, must go back in time to prevent the disaster, but he finds that protocol in the chain of command makes reasoning virtually impossible.

He and another officer must resort to violence in order to make clearer heads prevail, while the NSA bombs the missile silo in an effort to stop the missile launch.

Aired Tuesday, May 8, After a stadium full of teenagers are blinded by a special laser, Parker goes back in time and infiltrates his old insane asylum on Hansen Island to weed out a prisoner who exerts astrological mind control over others. Olga realizes her fears of growing old alone, while Parker overcomes his fear of being back in the insane asylum and triumphs not only to save himself and Olga, but also the stadium full of teenagers.

Parker is surprised to find out that the weapon is actually a year-old orphaned boy with Firestarter-like abilities. Aired Tuesday, May 22, After a disaster in Russia that loses tens of thousands of lives, a Back-Step is not approved because it is not in the U. Olga logically understands the decision, but when she is approached by an old colleague, Misha, from her Russian time-travel research days, she gives him the formula for stabilizing the alien time travel fuel.

It soon becomes clear that Misha has aligned himself with a military figure who assassinates the current Russian government and takes over as the new dictator. Parker, without divulging to anyone what Olga did, foils the would-be dictator.

Aired Tuesday, May 29, Parker puts the primary Back-Step mission on hold as he uses precious time to save the life of a good friend in New Orleans who was wrongfully convicted of murder and is headed for execution.