Sabugueiro, Verão, 1050m (1998) watch online (quality HD 720p)

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Sabugueiro, Verão, 1050m (1998)

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Contents Colour section 1—24 Contexts — Introduction The rivers, forests and lush valleys of the centre and north are a splendid contrast to its contorted southern coastline of beaches, cliffs and coves, and even the arid plains of the Alentejo region are tempered by vast groves of olive, oranges, cork and vines.

For so small a country, Portugal sports a tremendous cultural and social diversity. There are highly sophisticated resorts along the Lisbon and Estremaduran coast, as well as on the southern Algarve, upon which European tourists have been descending for fifty years. Lisbon itself, in its idiosyncratic way, has more than enough diversions to please city devotees — firmly locked into contemporary Europe without quite jettisoning its most endearing, rather old-fashioned, qualities. Tourism and European Union membership have changed many regions — most notably in the north, where new roadbuilding scythes through the countryside — but for anyone wanting to get off the beaten track, there are limitless opportunities to experience smaller towns and hamlets that still seem rooted in earlier centuries.

Differences between the north and south are particularly striking. Life follows an easy pace, especially in the dog days of summer, when the sweltering heat restricts activity. Agriculture reflects this divide as well, with oranges, figs and cork in the south, and more elemental corn and potatoes in the north. Indeed, in places in the north the methods of farming date back to pre-Christian days, based on a mass of tiny plots divided and subdivided over the generations. More recent events are also woven into the pattern.

The entire coastline of 1,km gives on to the Atlantic Ocean. Twentysix percent of land remains arable, with a further thirty-six percent made up of forests and woodland.

It became a republic in and is now a parliamentary democracy divided into eighteen regions, together with two autonomous regions the islands of Madeira and the Azores. After Lisbon, the largest Portuguese community is in Paris, and there are migrant workers spread throughout Europe and North America.

Returning, these emigrants have brought in modern ideas and challenged many traditional rural values. The greatest of all Portuguese influences, however, is the sea. The Atlantic dominates the land not only physically, producing the consistently temperate climate, but mentally and historically, too. Indeed, the use of chillis in the East only began when the Portuguese started to import them from Mexico.

The years of isolation under the dictator Salazar, which yielded to democracy after the Revolution, reinforced such emotions, as the ruling elite spurned influences from the rest of Europe.

For those who have stayed in the countryside, however, life remains traditional — often disarmingly so to outsiders — and social mores seem fixed in the past. It certainly beats to a faster work rhythm than the rest of the country but the city nevertheless retains an earthy, typically Portuguese welcome for outsiders. But if Portugal has a natural emblem it is surely its famous beaches, the most alluring of which are in the Algarve, where you can still escape the crowds on the offshore islands around Tavira and along the west coast north of Sagres.

Other less-developed but more exposed Atlantic beaches can be found up the entire west coast of Portugal, from the surfer hangouts of the Alentejo and Estremadura to the more traditional Costa da Prata resorts in the Beira Literal.

Crowds are even thinner along the Costa Verde around Viana do Castelo, but by the time you are this far north the sea is decidedly chilly for much of the year.

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In July and especially August the Portuguese holiday month , the coastal resorts are at their busiest and prices correspondingly reach their peak. With such a verdant landscape, it should be no real surprise that Portugal also has a fairly high level of rainfall. Most of it falls from November to March, though shifting weather patterns mean you can just as easily experience bone-dry winter months and downpours in May and June.

The north A 12 of Portugal is particularly wet, and in the higher areas showers are possible more or less throughout the year. In central and southern Portugal, especially on the coast, it is mild all year round and, although it can be cloudy in winter, when the sun does break through it is delightfully warm. Perhaps the best times of year to visit are in spring ie, from February — for the dazzling flowers — and early autumn October , when the weather is warm but not too hot and the summer crowds have thinned out.

Swimmers, however, should note that the official swimming season in Portugal lasts from the beginning of June to mid-September; outside these months, outdoor pools and river beach facilities close, while some hotels, restaurants, campsites and water parks only open from around Easter to September.

In winter, in the north things can get pretty cold, especially inland where snow is common along the mountainous border areas in January and February. In Lisbon, Estremadura, the Alentejo and the Algarve there are dramatic reductions in hotel prices and, in February, the almond blossom lights up the countryside. All highlights have a page reference to take you straight into the guide, where you can find out more.

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They are expensive services, and either route still leaves a six-to-eighthour drive before you reach Portugal itself.

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