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Mansfield Park (1983)

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Richmond township schools, eleven in number, united with Mansfield this year to form a Central High. Thus, free of charge, an opportunity is given to every boy and girl in this township to attend a good High School where he may obtain not only culture in general lines, but a liberal education.

Many seized the opportunity and it is an interesting sight to strangers to see at the school door the eleven yellow wagons discharge their load of over one hundred pupils. Scientific Agriculture is one of the new branches introduced into our High School this year. Rockwell has taken this class out on several "inspection" trips to the most scientific managed farms in this vicinity. The work has been practical, including some very good posters.

All the designs found in this magazine, including the artistic cover, are work of the students. Edith Shaw Jones, and it has been a source of much benefit to all members. A blue sky, a bit of sunshine, a spear of grass, and the athletic association burst into premature bloom.

Although the base ball diamond, tennis and croquet courts did not appear in March as the enthusiasm led one to expect, they now are completed and in use every possible moment. In the meanwhile, our Basket Ball Team won their final game from Covington. Then the first Rhetorical was given by the Junior-Senior classes, and was followed by one given by the Sophomores; these accustom us to get on our feet before a strange audience and say what we mean to say.

But our activities have not been confined to athletics and societies. Perhaps the greatest advancement of the year is to be found in the records of Principal Longstreet.

We have fulfilled every requirement for a four-year High and are going to graduate a class this first year. Every class took hold of the work with vim, determined to complete the hard course of study required this year so that next no conditions would remain to be fulfilled. This made it necessary for the Seniors and Sophomores to have six recitations a day for several months, but they did not flinch, and the result is all that could be expected.

This has not come about through the effort of the faculty alone, nor of the student-body, but by each one working for the other, and both for the school. A word is due the School Board. They have purchased over three hundred dollars worth of chemistry and physics apparatus and fitted up a modern laboratory with stationary individual sinks.

New singing books were purchased, thus adding a zest to the morning devotional exercises, which economizes time and does away with the necessity of copying examination questions. But with all this completed, our High School is as yet but started. Looking into the future, the prospect is bright and encouraging. If every year equals this year in its school spirit, enterprise, and scholarship, we hope that Mansfield will soon lead all the High Schools of Tioga county.

Eight of the former and three of the latter.

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The Juniors have been glad all the year to have the privilege of being with the Seniors in the English class.

It is inspiring to be allowed to walk alongside of so dignified a trio. When we stop to consider that 91 per cent. Not so old as we will be. Five and one-half is the average height so you see we are well up on the ladder of length, too. Yes, I should say we have it.

The average length of our feet is 9. We have read many good books this year. Considering these three authors, the class chose Shakespeare as its favorite. We have been reading his "Macbeth" recently, and now we are enthused by the wonderful lines of his "Julius Ceasar. Our line of literary work has been quite extensive, but we do not forget the geometry, physics and history and the many pleas- pg 10 ant subjects studied during the year.

We all join in saying that we have enjoyed very much the privileges of the High School, the many pleasant studies, the kind and thoughtful teachers and our many friends in the Sophomore and Freshman classes. We were glad that so many students from the country could join us and help to make our class, which numbers about thirty, the largest in the school.

We liked the cordiality with which the town students welcomed those from out of town and the way in which all joined in making the school life more pleasant. Although we have no hard feelings against those of the other classes who call us "green but growing," we take pride in admitting that we would rather be green and have some prospects of growing, than to blossom out in three small petals like our Senior class.

Many of our class have joined the athletic association, which has recently been organized and all have entered in with great enthusiasm. We hope that the Freshman class may contribute their part to make the athletics of our school a success. Along with the hard part of our work, we have had many debates, which added much interest to the work. We feel as though we have done some good work this year and hope we will be able to keep up the standard of the Sophomore class next year.

Our work this year has been heavier than usual, but each one has recognized his opportunities and has shown a desire to make the most of them. This spirit has been shown, not only in the regular studies, but also in every good movement started in the school.

Mansfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - Mansfield High School Graduates 1913 - Present

During the fall our class in agriculture, under the direction of Prof. Rockwell, made trips to nearby farms for the purpose of observing conditions and procuring soil for study during the winter. These class tramps not only added interest to the subject of agriculture, but also tended to strengthen the school with school spirit because of the change from the regular class-room work.

On the afternoon of April the 18th, Rhetorical exercises were given by members of our class. We may justly feel pride in the splendid interest taken by the Sophomores at this time, Our success was due in a large meas Pg 11 ure to the diligence of our teacher, Miss Ruff, who had charge of the program.

We are pleased with the enthusiasm which different members of our class have displayed in athletics. Several of the boys have become especially prominent in the different sports; and we can also say that more officers of the Athletic Association, which has lately been established, have been chosen from the Sophomores than any other class.

We hope that the remainder of the year may be as prosperous and happy as that already passed, and if each does his best we trust this will be so. Believing that education is not gained from books alone, it was decided to bring out the social side of school life. Some interesting debates have been held, one of which was given at rhetoricals, and some very good magazine articles have been read.

The literary work of the club is in connection with the class work in rhetoric, and the school work has been made more pleasurable and interesting by it. We hope the L. The charter members of the society are: The notes we passed, - the love affairs, The lessons that we learned. The joyousness, when hope was young, And life a gay-hued flower, When days and weeks slipped swiftly as The passing of an hour.

Those little maidens fair! The teachers that we used to fear, Those days so free from care! The self-same schoolhouse on the banks, The same old school-bell rings. And look, - the very girls and boys,- Why no, - why,- what a shame, So like to twenty years ago — They almost seem the same.

Of neither fame nor fortune has She won the slightest share. The self-same pranks, the same old jokes, The courting on the sly, Sweet looks exchanged, and silly notes, When teacher is not nigh. The same old game of running bluff When lessons unprepared, The same old tales mysterious With classmate to be shared.

To find it leads back to the start — Back to the old home town; That friends of youth are friends for life Their love our labors crown. For dreams take wings! Clouds hide the sun above! But God is good, and life still sweet While we have friends to love. I thought I could afford to give that school a nickel.

In one corner, to the left as I went in, the Freshmen had a pop-corn stand. They had their booth fixed up with green and white crepe paper and on the front they had a sign, "Green But Growing. They had a picket fence around their part and had a fireplace, for keeping their ice cream warm, I suppose.

Right next to them was a real cute little booth fixed up in red and white. Up in the back they had the letter, "L. I Thought maybe it was "Lively School Cids," but some sed it was a literary society. I was so thirsty I just had to have something to drink, and of course I wanted to help them out a little. Right across from them, way over on the opposite side of the Opera House, the seventh grade had a candy booth. Theirs was trimmed in blue and white, and I thought it was real neat and purty.

Then over on the other side, next to the little red and white one, the Sophomores had another candy booth. They was all trigged out, I tell you. They was real purty too, and I bought a little candy of them. There was a place there where they told fortunes. Loron Leonard sent another boy to git the right box for him. Later on he bid on another one and got it.

They sold them by numbers fer a quarter apiece, to save time. The boys bought the numbers and then found the box that had their number on. All I saw was they had one feller that was awful sick, and once they all come out and jumped on to some cheers and tried to crow.

I was more interested in the clowns. Then they played a ball game and had a fire. Well, when they got through with all their tom-foolery, they had a grand march, that was grandly led by two Seniors, Marion King and Stephen Beach. Joe Fitch, a farmer living near this place, purchased, yesterday, an automobile.

While Aunt Samanthy got breakfast, Uncle Jim milked. While thus occupied, he heard a noise that sounded like an automobile. But to his great surprise that noise sounded as if it were coming nearer and soon was just above him. Halfway up the stairs he met his son, Joe.